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  1. Was hoping some could explain what it means to have 4Gb of Virtual Ram on my server, I m new to using my own hardware just trying to learn
  2. I am the recycling option, A tech teacher at my school who teaches Ace-it computer programming Offered me as many as i want cause they were salvaged from a company that was upgrading their own. I m just taking the Re-use approach
  3. WOW thanks for the Ideas, I did not know there was a such thing as a tv tuner card tho lol good to know eh
  4. Hello I m MrKnight, Thought i would make a forum post and see what sorta replies i get, I recently was able to obtain several of Sunfire X2100 Mark 2's from my Highschool and looking for ideas on what to do with them Let your creativity go wild
  5. address is at Linus Media Group 18669 52 Ave Simple as googling it
  6. Found the address its at Linus Media Group 18669 52 Ave simple google maps works great thats the office and i m going if i can figure a ride i live 29mins away