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  1. As far as I know PhysX deals mostly with 3D engines and simulations, wouldn't have guessed it would affect premiere at all, but regardless I did it anyways and issue remains..
  2. Can confirm all these are enabled, first thing I checked.
  3. Grasping at straws here as I can't figure out why on earth Premiere Pro can't even scrub through a 1080p timeline on an i9 9900k, 1080ti, 32gb ram machine. I usually work with MacOS, not used to W10 on a technical level, this is a new machine we got for the office (no IT department yet so I'm stuck trying to figure this out). If anyone has any tips and/or solutions to try, please do speak up.
  4. We haven’t overclocked yet, it’s running stock. I just installed all the drivers from the Gigabyte website and that’s it. How would I go about updating the BIOS and chipset? I didn’t think I’d need to considering the whole OS was reset anyways.
  5. So, we upgraded our rig yesterday from a i7 5820k with an ASUS X99-A motherboard to a i9 9900k with a Gigabyte Z390 board. Hardware wise everything went smoothly. Now on the the software bit, aka Windows acting up. After the upgrade, we reset Windows to remove the drivers and any remaining junk from the previous components. We installed all the drivers needed, re-activated windows (surprisingly without hassle) and went on our merry way, everything was working fine and the machine was stable. Now this morning I’m sitting here sorting through files moving stuff from one drive to another. Ya know, super intensive stuff. Windows explorer, however, is just not having any of it today, constantly freezing, crashing or erroring out, none of which in a consistent manner. I’m grasping for straws as I don’t even know where to start looking for answers here. The files in question are being moved from one external drive to another, both these drives have been in full working order, both NTFS as well and both connect via USB3. The only error code I’ve gotten, and only gotten once, was 0x80070079 saying “the semaphore timeout period has expired” and googling it only gives me guides to fix network adapters and related drivers. If anyone can provide a clue as to what’s happening I’d really appreciate it. It only seems to have its little crisis when attempting to move large amounts of files (not necessarily large files though), for example I can move photos around in clusters but If I try to move a folder with 83 photos (around 700MB) it’ll just freeze early on in the transfer. Full spec list: i9 9900k GTX 1080ti Z390 mb 32gb ram
  6. Right so I run a dual boot set up of macOS Sierra and Windows 8.1 using Clover as the bootloader. Specs are as follows: So ever since I created this setup I've always had some minor issues with windows (ironic considering MacOS gave me 0 issues other than no sound at first). I've managed to fix these little things here and there but there's one thing that to this day still annoys the shit out of me. For some reason Windows is ALWAYS an hour behind. I've tried it synced to the internet servers, I've tried to set it manually, I've even tried to manually set it two hours ahead but nope, nothing fixes it. Day light savings time is off and it actually adjusts the time properly (as in it's still exactly an hour late on DST and off DST as I've had this set up for two years now). I checked the BIOS and MacOS and both have the correct time. If someone has any clue what on earth this is I'd appreciate some help. I'll post a screenshot of the settings just in case. http://imgur.com/a/DBnTW
  7. They're great monitors but I'm looking for something wireless. Im not discarding monitors but I'm not necessarily looking for them either as I don't intend to do any professional sound editing with them. Appreciate the help though
  8. Also, those Sony look hella clean
  9. No best buy in the UK sadly, but yeah ill do some store browsing before making a decision for sure. Thanks for the suggestion btw, really appreciate it!
  10. Minimalistic, discrete, that sort of style. Something I can use indoors, outdoors and at the gym. Not really a fan of gaming headsets, they go way too overboard with the whole "gamer look". Yeah I've always thought that myself about Beats in general but apparently the reviews say the sound is much more balanced, hence me even considering them. What Sony ones do you suggest then?
  11. Mac OS (hackintosh) for work and chill and Windows 8.1 for gaming on my desktop. I used W7 then laptop died so switched to Mac, W8 was a complete mess at the time so yeah. W10 is still a buggy mess when I tried it so I decided to stick with 8.1 on my desktop and skin it to look like 7. Not the best but fuck it, rarely game these days anyway. So TL;DR Laptop - Mac OS, Desktop - Mac OS & W8.1
  12. I'm looking for wireless headphones, preferably on-ear ones, with good quality sound and battery. I want to use them for desktop work/music and media consumption, walking around and that fit snuggly enough for when I workout. I've googled some lists and all that BS but I much prefer a personal opinion. I've looked into the Beats Solo 3 Wireless since they've got very good reviews as far as sound is concerned (which surprised me tbh, wasn't expecting that from Beats) and fit perfectly into what I'm looking for, however the price/value is a bit shite (although the W1 chip to pair with the iPhone is a huge plus). All said and done I'm just looking for options and opinions if any of you have some. Thanks in advance
  13. I do actually think it would be a cool combo, LMG has this sort of "test technology to its current limits" sort of vibe lately so Adam could fit in one of those projects.
  14. Here's an update on the situation: I noticed a hib(something).sys occupying like 13gb of ssd space, researched on it and turns out its the hibernate/fast boot function of Windows that could be disabled so I disabled it and, somehow, it fixed the problem. Go figure I guess.
  15. Checked and on the Boot tab everything seems fine, however on the General Tab the "selective startup" option was selected. I selected the "normal startup" option instead, rebooted but it did the same thing AND when I checked msconfig again the "selective startup" option was selected again.
  16. I can boot into both OS just fine, either normally or in safe mode. Literally EVERYTHING works, Windows just reboots once before booting normally for some reason.
  17. Hi. My Windows 8.1 has been doing this for a good while but I ignored it given the fact that I rarely use it but I guess it's about time to fix it. Every time I boot into Windows it reboots instantly (no login, no nothing) and upon rebooting it boots normally. Every time. I'm running a Dual Boot between OSX El Capitan and Windows 8.1 using Clover, so basically the computer boots into the selection screen, I pick Windows 8.1, it reboots back to the selection screen, I pick Windows again and it boots fine. OSX works fine, everything works, and so did Windows in the first few months but then this started happening and I got 0 clue why. It also went into test mode but with a quick google search I found a fix for that. They're probably related issues so I thought I mentioned that. If anyone's got any clue on what's going on I'd appreciate some help. My rig is as follows: Intel Core i5 4690k Gigabyte z97x Gaming 3 Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming 16gb DDR3 ram (Kingston Fury something) A metric shit ton of peripherals: 250gb SSD from crucial (split into two partitions for each OS) 2x 1Tb HDD from seagate (one in NTFS and on in exFAT) I cant remember if the PSU is an XFX 550W or 650W All the cooling came with the case (NZXT Noctis 450, 2 intakes on the front, 1 out in the back, 1 out in the top)
  18. those also create static (don't they?)
  19. Won't that cause a static problem? the last thing I need on my hands is a dead board
  20. So around a year ago I built my first custom tower and now I'm moving away to the UK from Portugal and I'm a bit afraid of anything being damaged during shipping. I'm removing the mechanical hard drives and shipping them in separate encased in bubble wrap and I'm also removing the GPU. The one part I'm not sure about shipping separately is the CPU cooler. It's a Hyper 212 EVO (big surprise there right? such an unusual choice) and I'm scared that if the box is tossed around or something, the weight of the cooler might damage the board. To sum up, should I ship the cooler separately or not?
  21. Been there, done that. It's not the move to Android part that holding me back (quite found of Android tbh), it's the loss of a key element in the Apple ecosystem that's holding me back (no iphone=no iMessage and FaceTime and whatnot on the other devices). Thank you for the honest opinion
  22. Thank you for the honest opinion Yeah I guess I will, although I really wanted to try out Android ahah only way I would was if I could get a second SIM, I'd keep the 4s and get the s7, best of both worlds.
  23. I do have a windows machine but I don't really care much about that whole drag and drop thing, iTunes does it well enough for me (plus the whole Home Sharing thing has come in handy a lot). Thank you for the honest opinion though