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  1. Pretty easy with adobe premiere pro if sou can get your hands on the software. You can it even encode in H265 which makes the files even smaller. I currently do it with old vhs tapes Donˋt know if there is a better way.
  2. There are certain things that you simply have to refuse and not get involved.
  3. Some people can hear very high noises. I am the only one who can hear a device that sends out high pitched noises in order to scare away animals.
  4. The boxed 10900k which you linked first is nearly sold out. The only ones avaible have a higher price compared to the Avengers Edition
  5. You could also add a link to the 10900k tray and 10900K Avengers Edition because the latter one has a good availability and price.
  6. thanks I deleted my post to avoid confusion. edit: the english link is the UK version which uses pounds...
  7. Must be a local thing. The price in Germany continued to slowly decline to ~550 € but not much stock is available.
  8. Amazon tried it a while ago in Germany. They denied access to ebooks, audiobooks and other stuff but the courts already decided that customers need to have access to their bought stuff or get a full refund.
  9. Your decision but it is pretty easy. I did it with a vice. I was even so skilled to drop the cpu onto the concrete floor and a bit of gold plating came off. It still works flawlessly
  10. don´t forgett to delid. I upgraded from 6600k to 7700k and it doesn´t even get hot with delid desipte overclock.
  11. I like it Might consider a RX6800 as replacement for the rtx 3070 when Nvidia still struggles with availability issues. You gotta buy asap in any case because they will sell like hot cakes
  12. water cooling is a waste of money for a ryzen 3600. Just go with air cooling and buy a tier higher with the saved money if needed. The mainboard seems also a waste of money. Buy it only if you need the additional features. 750 psu is fine but 650w would do the job equally well
  13. Yes I did it all the time but keep in mind everything is deleted then.
  14. Pretty sure there will be some salty rtx 3090 owners
  15. Might consider buying used to get maybe one tier higher. I think GPUs are excellent for buying used as they rarely break or degrade.
  16. Gotta use a VPN server in a not so well developed country (east europe, south America, Asia ...) because companies prefer sue in western countries.
  17. Don´t worry about too many if statements. All that matters it that it works. It remindend Yes, it is slightly slower but generally speaking, doesn´t matter compared to other inefficiencies. Compilers also got pretty good nowadays at optimizing code. It reminded me of the following developers screenshot from the game Star Citizen. It shows nine nested if loops. Sorry for the bad quality but I did not make it:
  18. It is getting ridiculous. I used to run my GPUs for F@H but the power draw has come to a point where I can not justify it anymore. Germany has the highest electricity costs in the world with ~0,28 Euro per Kw/h.
  19. imagine being upset about such trivial stuff