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  1. It seems like a good deal? I mean Swiss earn double the income than we Germans have and social security as well as taxes are also lower. Is the customs even that strict? I mean the border is not far and you could sneak it back
  2. I donˋt use or follow social media but it seems like people are looking to find the perceived smallest mistake and try to start a shitstorm in order to get attention
  3. Maybe but there are many on eBay in the 200-300 € range when I bought mine
  4. I agree here. An average employee has to save up money several month in order to afford an 800 € card. It is very unlikely in this case. Only 300 Germans are currently selling used 2080 and 2080 tis for comarisons sake.
  5. Even if you succeed I doubt there is a better OS than android for your tablet.
  6. Women don´t like crybabies. Stop complaining and start working on yourself first. There is no excuse for being out of shape.
  7. I think it is a worthy tradeoff. I mean it is still pretty good hardware and a new monitor is helpful in editing because you need to see the differences and details
  8. I am a total newbie. It is my first project and I am trying to upscale 3 hours of old VHS tapes with adobe after effects. Thanks for the hint because I have an Intel and didn´t know this might speed things up. I will do some research
  9. I would definitely use an AMD build here as they offer more cores for a cheaper price. The more cores you have the faster it renders, as I am sadly experiencing right now (20 hours... ). Can you waith another month? AMD is releasing their 4th gen. processors in around a month or so.
  10. Why are you doing a new build with last gen parts? The platform (mainboard) is also outdated as @Smit Devrukhkar already mentioned
  11. I don´t want to be bothered with such topics when I read the "TECH news" section. I am surpised that the moderator did not close it.
  12. Yes, eBay might not care but the police and the lawyers will. I personally had one case where a buyer didn´t want to pay until I threatened him with police.