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  1. Amazon refunded my order twice

    Keep it! It is amazons responsibility to contact you. A similar thing happened to me. I did order something for my dad and they accidentally send it twice. My father was honest and send it back. The company refunded me the price of ~ 80 € because they thought my dad canceled his order. It is not my responsibility to watch for a companies mistakes.
  2. I didn't find the original article, but this website discusses a possible defense. They argue with the knowledge of child porn: Perhaps the most significant defense to child pornography charges is that the defendant did not know that what he or she was downloading or accessing was child pornography, and the possession or receipt of the material was accidental. Since possession of adult pornography is legal, individuals may sometimes unwittingly access child pornography material without meaning to do so, or they may be downloading a movie or TV show from a file-sharing website and mistakenly receive something illegal. In these circumstances, the best defense is that the elements of the crime have not been met because the necessary state of mind for criminal activity was not present. Additionally, defendants charged with child pornography may argue that, although the material was on their computers, they did not download it. For instance, when a computer has multiple users, such as in a work setting, illegal material may be downloaded by one party and then incorrectly attributed to another. Source: https://www.justia.com/criminal/offenses/sex-crimes/child-pornography/
  3. depends. It is not illegal to have child porn on your pc per se. It is illegal having child porn on your PC and knowing about it. That is a difference
  4. Who would buy this?? – Surface Book 2 Review

    I thought about buying one because I wanted a tablet for the university. I think I will buy a tablet because the price of this thing is soo high.
  5. Moving On.

    Agreed! I would describe it in my case as a mixture between being bored and addiction. The boredom, in fact, made me aggressive.
  6. Moving On.

    I am also moving on! I got rightfully perma banned in LoL. I raged a lot because I didn't really have fun playing the game but I still continued to play. I was, in fact, glad that I got banned because I can now leave the game behind. I just regret having wasted so much of time. It kinda changed my life because I focus now on more important things and quit playing video games completely. I really play a LOT before.
  7. I also quit. I considered playing older RTS games such as C&C (1995) again a bit
  8. Well my 4790k is still good and I don't plan to change it until at least 2020. So yes a 7700k is a very strong CPU
  9. Ethan from H3H3 needs to be saved from a MacBook

    No it´s not. I don´t even know this guy.
  10. Meaning of life

    It means being as good as I can in the thing I do at school, work.. as I can
  11. Amazon Leaks New Intel CPUs

    I would love to build a new pc but there is sadly no point. I kinda want the newest stuff in terms of CPUs but there is just no point because my 4790k is still great.
  12. My friend had the exact same attitude until the divorce came and he had to pay child support. He can pay his bills and a few small things but that´s about it. I would recommend a baby phone and good headphones.
  13. Is the gaming community toxic?

    I got a perma ban from LoL. The game didn't make much fun anymore but I continued to play. That is why I raged a lot. I was really happy about the ban because my first thought was "Finally am I done with this game forever". I was kinda relieved. LoL was the last video game that I played. I just don't care much about games anymore. Maybe it is my age or I am just burned out from playing a lot That is why I don't play games anymore.
  14. Tunnelbear acquired by McAfee

    I did purchase the 2-year plan and I am happy so far. I can watch BBC content even tho they blocked some (bigger) VPN providers.
  15. Twitter suspending accounts

    I miss another option in the poll [x] don't care fuck twitter