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  1. Intel to stop supporting BIOS by 2020

    why the hate?
  2. Technical work in Europe.

    You should really inform yourself about the official acknowledgment because I know very little about it. What I want to say in the end is: I put official acknowledgment into play because you might not know that it exists. It is now your turn to decide whether you want to use it or not. I have zero information if you need it or not and do not pretend to know otherwise. Our FH/university system offers only a 3-year bachelor and a 2-year master after your Bachelor. Other degrees in engineering and the IT field do not exist anymore! What I can say however is that if you want to study in Germany then you can get credit for some courses in a very simple process. If your degree that you want to study in Germany has classes that cover the same topics from classes that you took in the US then you can get credit for them. This means won´t have to take them again in Germany. It is an option! It is totally up to you to decide if you want the credit or not. It really depends on university to university how much they will give you credit because universities in Germany offer often the same degree but demand that you take slightly different courses. The core of the degree, however, is always the same, give or take a few percent. What do you have to do for the credit? Simply ask the examination office at your German university. They will tell you which paperwork they need from you. You don't have to take tests or anything similar. You just have to provide paperwork that states which topics your US classes covered. A friend from Marocco could have gotten credit for some of his courses in his homeland but he opted not to due to bad grades. I personally switched the University and got the credit but not 100% of my previous classes. So yeah it is simple! You can also get credit if you want to switch your another field of study. For example, I study computer science but I also have to take a minor and get ~15-30 credits there (180 credits are needed to get your Bachelor and courses are between 5-9 points in general; one semester is 30 points hence 3 years). One of the minors that are possible, as an example, is engineering informatics where you have to pass ~3+ engineering classes to get the 15 points. You could get credit for these classes in your case.
  3. Technical work in Europe.

    yes! There is an official process where you can get an official acknowledgment of your foreign degree. It is officially equal to a German degree once you got that. For example, if your engineering degree will be acknowledged then you are officially an engineer in Germany and can do all the work a German one does. I believe you should get a masters degree in engineering and computer science because it is generally recommended for engineers and computer science. Getting a job with a Bachelor is possible but not recommended. You might have to take a few classes or so depending on the difference. I don't think there is a difference between German and US degrees Many people actually do that because many refugees got foreign degrees. So the processes aren't that rare at all. Here is a website: https://www.anerkennung-in-deutschland.de/html/en/index.php edit: To make it absolutely clear: You should 100% get an official acknowledgment of your US degree. Always, no exception! Even if you don't want to work in this field anymore. It is always helpful when you got more degrees and such. It will be helpful in salary negotiations because you can prove that you have more valuable skills and knowledge that the company should value
  4. Technical work in Europe.

    Well, getting degrees in computer science, engineering... is usually harder than those in let´s say economics. Hence not so many people do it. What I am saying was that you won´t have a problem finding a good paying engineering or computer science job after you got your preferable Master degree. You don't need German citizenship to work in Germany. All you need is a work permit no matter how you get it.
  5. Technical work in Europe.

    Yes, German citizenship should be your best bet because you can then stay and work anywhere in Europe without any problem. German citizens have the entitlement to a student loan called Bafög. You have to apply for that and meet certain criteria such as your parents earning not enough money... I believe you are eligible when you have the German citizenship and the criteria are usually pretty light but it depends on the state. Bafög isn't a rip off as in America. It is actually a good deal and you should definitely try to get it, as most students in Germany study with Bafög. People can get up to I believe 800 € a month depending on the income of your parents. I am unfortunately not eligible for my Bachelor but I will for my Masters if I make it that far One major advantage depends on the state but you generally do not have to pay back 100%. Bavaria caps the Bafög repayment at 10.000 -20.000 €. The rest is forgiven. Also, the interest rate is relatively low. Check the details for yourself because you can google yourself so I don't have to. I would definitely recommend to check it out if you study in Germany. You can not apply for Bafög with an apprenticeship. Your decision. You won't have a problem finding a job with either of these degrees.
  6. I pay ~350 € a year. I receive an 80-100 € new customer rebate everytime I switch the electricity provider. The only thing I have to do for that is maybe 30 min. paperwork in total.
  7. I doubt it is worth here in Germany. 0,235 cent per kW/h. Fucking green energy revolution made it rise like crazy.
  8. Passengers (2016) film: Watch or miss?

    Under this assumption yes. The problem is that I am a huge SCFI fan, so I naturally had high expectations after I saw the trailer.
  9. Passengers (2016) film: Watch or miss?

    was ok but I expected more
  10. How do you guys get your news

    From a right-wing internet site only. This sites only reports about crimes related to refugees in the huge majority of the time. That´s why I love it. I hate "refugees" and I love to read at the end of the when they sexually or violently attack people or screw other things up. It makes me laugh and smile.
  11. Dell xps 13 8th gen yay or nay

    Did you check the Dell website for this information? I checked the German dell website for the xps13 and 15 and see only 7th gen versions.
  12. Will google report me to the police if I google this

    No, they don't. Even searching the word child sex on google is illegal in Germany. My uncle did it ~10 years ago on a PC of his friend. His friend wanted the word removed from the list that google suggests because it was already entered. I had to remove it in the end. Nothing happened.
  13. German Talk

    Ja irgendwie bin ich aus dem ganzen Videospielen raus. Das Interesse war früher sehr groß aber außer bisschen LoL geht nichts. Möchte nicht böse sein aber ich habe das Gefühl dass man Lehrgänge immer sehr gut besteht da sie wollen dass die Leute gute Noten haben und sie somit wieder Kundschaft kriegen. Gibt es auch schwere Lehrgänge oder nur so pippifax Lehrgänge? Ich weiß nicht inwiefern sich Lehrgänge lohnen. Ich habe das Gefühl das ist eher Zeitverschwendung. Stimmt das oder haben auch welche schlecht abgeschnitten?
  14. German Talk

    Bei manchen an der Uni muss man ja heutzutage aufpassen dass man nicht wegen Verführung minderjähriger angezeigt wird Käme für mich nicht in Frage da viel zu jung außerdem lebe ich komplett sexlos.
  15. German Talk

    Stimmt. Ich ignoriere jegliche Jodels bezüglich Freundin, sex oder ähnlichem. Null Interesse an sowas aber ich bin mit 31 auch ein sehr alter ersti Student Ich helfe eher gerne anderen.