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  1. Teddy07

    YouTube changes copyright strike system

    I rather upload my videos to d tube instead of youtube. Youtube can destroy your channel at any moment
  2. I have bought clothing from wish and I am quite happy. Just don´t order too much in one shipment due to tax.
  3. Teddy07

    My girlfriend's birthday present.

    stop buying expensive stuff for your girlfriend. She has her own money. She can leave at any moment and your stuff is gone.
  4. I am glad I do not use social media because the censoring seems harsher than in North Korea at this point.
  5. Stupid idea because most restaurants fail. Also just order your food
  6. Teddy07

    RX 480 worth it?

    You should keep in mind that RX480/580 were probably used for mining especially if the guy sells more than one. There is nothing wrong with it but you should be aware of the fact. Search on google for tests with this specific card if you are worried about temps.
  7. Teddy07

    RX 480 worth it?

    ~30% faster https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/AMD-RX-480-vs-AMD-R9-380X/3634vs3532 Your call if that is worth the price
  8. Teddy07

    What are you doing this valentine's day?

    I hope not this abomination called Star Trek Discovery
  9. Teddy07

    Im not sure If my WIFI has been hacked

    Dude wtf, you brainfucked me with your post. It took me half a minute to figure out that our nickname is different because I first thought if I really wrote this post and already began to doubt my memory. Then I checked the dates and began to think I am crazy. At least I saw your nickname
  10. Teddy07

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    I soon participate in an exam about operating systems where hashing is a small part in the security chapter. You helped me to better understand the topic because I had a few fallacies. So thank you very much Starting to learn tomorrow
  11. Teddy07

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    Ah right the salt but this also causes the problem where to safely store the salt. If someone has access to the database then the salt is at risk too. ok, but the hacker would only know if the hash function is correct in his case? I mean he would have to test it for a ton of cases to be sure? Thanks for your informative post
  12. Teddy07

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    Let's assume that a hacker got access to a database and got all login and passwords (hashed). I assume the 2,5 are needed for every cracking every single password since the hacker doesn´t know the hash function? Or does the know enough after a few cracked passwords so he doesn´t need to crack the rest with brute force? We recently had a class about security but I forgot to ask this question. I think I gotta visit his office because it interests me.
  13. I am really looking forward to such phones once they drop the prices in a few years
  14. Teddy07

    is this too good to be true?

    Not really my star fish friend! The computing power could have been too low to utilize additional 2GB.
  15. Teddy07

    is this too good to be true?

    I did some research and I still think it is a regular price. The 4GB version performs also better than the 2GB version.