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  1. Anybody been following the Syrian Civil War?

    Not really because my government and also the media puts out propaganda on a daily basis. I quit listening to their lies.
  2. How to get paypal money faster from ebay

    That is actually not true. I sold multiple items on eBay, recently an item for 480 € and I always could instantly cash out from PayPal. I might be because I use PayPal a lot or nobody had any complaints yet. I always cash instantly out when I sell something on eBay with PayPal help. I don't trust them because they are way too buyer friendly.
  3. of course, they take their cut. That is how such sites operate.
  4. why do people watch this shit and give him money

    disgusting stream. Where was the warning sign?
  5. Any idea how to decode it ?

    come on give some more information or it is not going to happen
  6. Do you get paid enough?

    civil service in an electric company that is owned by the city. My job was to sort the incoming mail and put the outgoing mail into envelopes. The other part was to help in the marketing department with whatever they had to do for me there. It was a relaxed job but that´s all.
  7. Logan Paul is Getting Punished

    do people really care about this shit? Aren't there enough real problems in the world out there?
  8. Do you get paid enough?

    Well, my job didn't require any skills and the pay was therefore ok. I still think I deserve better that´s why I quit and study computer science
  9. I have a question for Germans

    Not concrete plans yet. Switzerland would be a dream, but I am very flexible and open-minded. Basically where I get a great job opportunity. I have to first finish my computer science degree which I just started. That will be a lot of work but I think I can do it with my dream in mind
  10. I have a question for Germans

    wow. Where are you from? Many foreign students also want to live here so you are not alone. I have my issues with Germany that´s why I literally have a countdown on my running PC
  11. I have a question for Germans

    I have read that the average German price for electricity is 0,28 € per kW/h. Keep in mind that 50% of your total energy bill is only taxes. It is fucking robbery but all these fucking lefties want green energy... The best you can do is ~0,23 kW/h if you choose a cheap electricity company through an internet comparison website. That is one reason why I can´t wait to leave this fucking country. Just ask if you have any questions regarding Germany
  12. Please don't do ads like this.

    You must be joking. This is true for small YouTubers but certainly not for the big ones like Linus.
  13. I can only speak for my country (Germany). I know that our universities do not charge more for foreign students and that´s why my teacher probably said it. Most Bachelors are in German but there are some now in English due to foreign demand. My university, for example, has recently proudly announced that they have ~7% foreign students and that they plan/hope that it will go up to 10% in the next years.