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  1. no fucking idea what you are writing in this thread
  2. YouTube monetizing algorithm problematic

    Am I a bad person if I don't care?
  3. These kids seem to flood the forum with this crap recently. Oh and the grammar
  4. The problem is that the CPU makes barely to no points. at most, maybe 60.000 points while folding with a gtx 1070 for example will earn you ~700.000 points a day.
  5. Uber loses licence in London

    LOL sounds like the mafia to me
  6. Do You Work From Home?

    I am curious. I have heard good things about this job. I assume it is well paid?
  7. What it comes down to : Why pay for something that I can get for free? I know it is morally wrong but I honestly don't care. We have a saying here in Germany which goes something like "every man for himself next"
  8. Nothing. Black Friday doesn't exist in Germany and I also don't need anything. I only buy stuff that I need for the most part
  9. why won't you take your time and wait for intels 8000 cpu series in a few weeks?
  10. Disappointed for missing opportunity

    Happens. Companies carry mostly to US customers first so countries like the EU and other comes second.
  11. Glad I quit playing games except for a bit LoL. The industry pisses me off more and more
  12. I am not paying for film and music simple as that. I have most of my mp3s and the rest comes from youtube downloader
  13. 2nd Largest UK Police Force Still Uses XP!

    similar shit here in Germany. Try to tell them that you want to make a report because of internet crime. Their mind goes probably like i n t e r n e t, what is that?
  14. Does anyone else feel like we are being scammed by f35s

    I don't like the design of the F35. I am really looking forward to the new MiG 41. They even claimed it can fly in outer space but we will see. Damn so many interesting projects. I have I can work in the arms industry one day.
  15. Opinons on the current LTT

    I have said it in a few threads but I unsubbed from LTT. I don't like the new content but I still enjoy his forum. I have no illusions that I am in the minority but that is fine. Life changes and we can´t keep everything we liked.