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  1. I think the whole concept is questionable at best because tech advances so fast. 4 cores were for example just 3 years ago top noth while now it is considered entry level. Also new tech has gotten so cheap (mainboard, RAM, cpu) that upgrading is barely or not even worth it
  2. I am not from Canada but it sounds strange that a bank would replace a credit card because of one questionable transaction
  3. I was recently surprised how cheap cpu, ram and mainboards are. Often not worth upgrading old hardware. Just buy ryzen...
  4. Maybe you should rethink your internet usage
  5. don´t care about updates. Used galaxy s2+ for seven years and never had security trouble
  6. good questions compared to some other questionaires
  7. Ipads are a pain in the ass to repair compared to other devices. Not sure if you really want to do it
  8. You can get a mainbord and 16GB ram also for very cheap.
  9. I agree, because I just bought a used one for 160 € I just had a very similar situation. The problem is that your system has no upgrade path except the cpu. No That does make no sense performance wise and would be just for looks. Save the money of the AiO and buy a current cpu instead... It would give you more performance. 7700k is not worth it at this point because it is old gen but you would need also a new board and ram. Then you are stuck again because you can not upgrade the cpu. Also the prices, even for used 7700k are high. I just bought a used one for 230 € but that is another story There is only one way forward, buying ryzen system because a comparable intel system is out of your price range. You can get a ryzen 2600, mainboard and 16GB ram for ~280 €. The processor is slightly faster than an 4790k while having more cores for the future. It also has many upgrade paths for the cpu in the future. Cheapest solution would to to sell your cpu and buy an 4790k but you are stuck and can not upgrade anymore, depends on how long you want to use the PC. SLI is burning money at this point. Just combine the money of the 2x1080ti and buy a 2080ti or 3080ti in a year. You will need a better cpu for that because even a 7700k will be the bottleneck.
  10. Why? Have you checked the load? Don´t let intel or amds marketing fool you. They just want you to spend money. For comparison: I am running a 1070ti with an i7 4790k and see no point in upgrading the cpu.
  11. It is very unlikely that a manufacturer will update the bios that many times. Manufacturer stop their updates in my experience after ~1 year, maybe 2 if you are lucky. I update somewhere after the first year just in case I want to upgrade my cpu in the future.
  12. I think the whole concept is stupid. I am born 1986 so I am supposed to be a millenial but I don´t feel like one.