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  1. MGTOW 2D waifu army

    1. Teddy07


      Movement is getting more and more traction :)

  2. How hard is it to get a job without experience?

    The overwhelming majority of relationships have an expiry date. So why do you want to base your decision on a person that probably won´t be around in a few years? Are you serious? It is good that you think ahead but don't look too far in the future.
  3. IT helpdesk will kill your soul. You will lose faith in humanity.
  4. Yes, for example, the new data protection law. Every stupid website informs me now about their data protection, cookies.... Annoying as hell to press yes I accept
  5. bored

    That is a really smart strategy. I would do the same but I can, unfortunately, barely keep up with all the classes I have. I need to do classes again because I have no time to learn. I am so slow No way I can make it with a side job.
  6. bored

    Is it worth it? I want to work also hard and a lot after university.
  7. bored

    learn to program
  8. What do you guys think of NoFap?

    got a problem with me? MGTOW 4 life
  9. Rant: Watch Collecting

    I don´t get why people wear watches in 2018. We got smartphones a long time ago
  10. Encrypted FIles

    You need to find out which program encrypted your files. I think there is only a very small chance to get your files back