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  1. LuisC

    Feenix Gaming Bundle Giveaway

    Keyboard & Mouse: Cooler Master Storm Devastator Combo (some blue LED lighting in the keyboard starts to fluctuate less than 2yr old) Headset: Steelseries Siberia v2 (fake leather from ear cushion started chipping 1yr+ old, the silver wire from the fitting thingy got cut off) they're both great for the money tho
  2. hi, so i built a new pc and have w10 installed about 2 months ago. this symptom (stated at the title) started from the moment i installed w10... im just enduring it up until now. i started complaining since im doing more file-related stuff now instead of "just-gaming" this my situation: -running on windows 10 (of course) -when clicking file explorer, saving documents or opening the file explorer to upload/attach file(s), the windows explorer takes a while to respond. about 2-3 minutes. -its not always the case, sometimes it works just fine.. but most of the time, i wait. -i don't encounter any problems in running and saving game progress tho. so here's a screenshot of me trying to save a test file and the other one is me trying to attach photos for this post. thanks for suggestions!
  3. LuisC

    Nvidia Drivers Washed out Colors

    i experience this same problem. im using DVI. will it the solution in the link work even if its not HDMI? its really annoying... i tried installing the driver a couple of times now.
  4. if u'll invest on a better GPU instead of skylake, I would advise taking a look at any R9 390 or r9 390x sapphire brand would be good.
  5. thanks for the info sir... it helped a lot.
  6. im curious about dell's monitors, whats with the different series?? E, U, P, S.... are there more? I browsed for some, and its really confusing. and which series or specific model should i pick based on my conditions in playing games.. -IPS panel is a must -under 300$ -1080p full HD -less than 8ms lag? or delay?? is it? I'm playing at: -GTX 970 -intel i5 4460 (no OC) I prefer the ff: -about 24 inch display -dell brand -with display port -g-sync enabled?? ORRR... should I just save up for g-sync monitors? sorry... noob pc builder here. its my first time actually. dell monitor counterparts suggestions are also encouraged. Thanks guys! ​ PS.. when u suggest a model, pls explain a bit why you chose that specific model
  7. thanks a bunch guys, now i've got better prospects!!
  8. hi... im planning to build a pc, (first time building one actually) and i need some advice in choosing the parts I need. so here's the gaming performance/situation I'm gonna be having for the planned pc - 1080p - vid option is high with AA or ultra w/o AA - 1920x1048 screen resolution - no overclocking on CPU and GPU as much as possible - 1 monitor - air cooled. it should be fine if I'm not overclocking right? I particularly need help on the parts with "*" *CPU: Intel i5 (I'm not exactly sure what model will fit my need) RAM: Corsair 8GB DDR3 1600mghz will be fine right? *Mobo: msi mobo's for mid-tower cases? I have no idea on what the exact model tho. And, is MSI a good choice for my situation? or should I go for the ones in asus side? any suggestions on the exact model that would fit my need? *GPU: since I'm not gonna be overclocking, I want to go for a reference model NVidia GPU's since its cheaper. tho I still need an exact model suggestion. and is NVDIA really worth my money? *Storage: I'd prefer a 1tb SSHD is it a good choice? i need a brand. *Power supply: is a modular/not-so modular 750w corsair good and worth it? suggestions in monitors and pc cases are deeply encouraged as well.. setting the monitor aside, my budget is $1000 and also, if possible, suggest parts where there are video reviews. haha. Thanks in advance for your help and time.. peace out!
  9. LuisC

    Help on in-game lag

    Greetings everyone, I'm new here.. help. so here's my situation: I play Tera, Eden Eternal, League of Legends & Warframe. I encounter this "slightly-to-moderately annoying lag" on tera and eden eternal (w/c is not hardware Demanding) even with 30-40FPS on the lowest possible graphic settings. whereas, in LoL (maxed graphics w/ AA) and warframe (med-high wo/ AA), I don't encounter this issue. I'm guessing, my Hardware cant handle MMORPG's coz its getting old, or... I really have no idea. I'm running on the ff: OS: newly clean-installed windows 10 CPU: AMD Athlon™ II x4 635 2.9Ghz (old) RAM: 8Gb ddr3 1600Mghz RAM (1 old 4GB, 1 new) Motherboard: asrock N68C-S UCC (old) HDD: Seagate 500gb (old) GPU: AMD Radeon R7 250 whereas old = 3-4yrs thanks for your time ​