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  1. Woohoo, thanks! it worked!
  2. When I format it, it said: FAT(standard). I hope that provided extra info? Edit: It uses FAT32
  3. Hey, Noob speaking her! recently i've downloaded Chromium OS to my USB, and i've done some thing not right, so I wanted to install a new, fresh version. Now I've formatted my USB, cleaned everything, but it's still showing 1,8Gb instead of 16Gb. Can this still return back to 16? long storry short: Less Gb available due to instal Chromium OS, can it get back to normal?
  4. Ihave about the same one, and I can confirm, it can
  5. jej, now i'm happy, i just was scared, because I just got this one
  6. Ok, thanks for the advice! it's because i need to write that from that image in which Chromium OS came from
  7. Hey! I want do write Chrome OS on my USB, trough Win32Diskmanager, but when I want to do that, there comes on that program that it can corrupt it, should i be scared? It only happens with this usb. any advice? thanks in advance! -Obvius1
  8. Ow, why can't I murder anyone damned... Sorry Donald! And because I didn't find it myself and maybe I should have.... Thanks!
  9. Yes, those e-mails are in my inbox. That computer also still recieves my new mails. but eventhough the 2 live mails are syneced, my new one can't recieves the old ones. I have an account, but now can't upload it won't get uploaded anymlore. It's than just on my laptop. So it also,doesn't recieves any online content that I upload to One Drive from another divice. and I will try it out! Thanks already!
  10. Hey everybody! I've switchen to a new computer a while ago, and now I want to transfer those mails, from my old laptop to my new one. Any idea how I can do that? I've already tried to just all copy and past them to a hard drive and than putting them on my new laptop, but that didn't worked out. It were all files from 0,01kb or something in those lines. Thanks for help! greets Obvius1
  11. I'' far from an expert, but wouldn't it be handier to buy some extra storage, because isn't 250GB isn't that much though (at leest not for me) maybe buy an extra HDD?
  12. Hey everyone! I'm in the proces of installing Chrome OS on my 10year old laptop, but for that, through the video I watched, I need to go intro the Bios and then change the boot mode from UEF1to Legacy, but I can't find an option for that! Any help? the laptop is an old MSI EX6000 with this specs: intel Pentium duel cpu T2390 @ 1.86GHz Windows Vista installed 3GB of memory( I think, i'm not 100% certain of that though) My USB with the Chrome OS installed on is already plugged in In the pictures you find Some photo's from inside the BIOS sorry for bad spelling! Still learning english, feel free to correct me!
  13. maybe should have looked better, think that i found it, still thanks!
  14. hi! I' looking for a gif, which I saw regularly popping up on YouTube. I is gif there was a black guy, falling back into a group of friends, and everybody is shouting "OOOOOOOOOOO" it's mostly used when somebody made a pun to another one i think thanks!
  15. OK, thanks for help!! Will probably then go buy a mega pack at the store
  16. OK, so this means I can't actually then play them anymore (if I keep my account)? I know, saw some video's about it, they are awesome!!!!
  17. Hi! I'm right now on the fence of buying a PS Vita, but one second handed (because it's cheaper and now I have a good deal with a friend). My question is: He has this mega pack (already used & put on memory card), which I also would like to own. Can I then still use it evendo the PS Vita will be changed to my account? Sorry for bad English & for not knowing this maybe obvious question! Thanks!
  18. actually, it does support it, never underestimate me boy But I will be on the hunt for one! thanks everybody!
  19. thanks for the replies! can't find any switches for setting it to channel 1 or 2, maybe it is, because it is indeed a cheaper model, we payed around 80euro for it (around 85-90$) on what price point does they become like good ones? but still, why does this only happens while using laptop and not phones? our connection is also one of the only ones on that spot with the Wi-Fi-app.
  20. hi! Since around Christmas my router (photo's and everything attached) Is always going down. But this only happens when I use my laptop, not while using my phone. Could it be a problem with my laptop? when I connect with my laptop, it's still up for around 5-10min, and then we have to go and reset it again because it's down... (Ã wired connection is not an option!) Thanks in advance! Obvius1 This is my router: The thing that also has to do something with Wi-Fi, but idk what: any questions? down below!
  21. I think I will give up my Imac idea, maybe an other project the next holliday... maybe an hackintosh thanks for all your help!
  22. but it wont be a new one, it will be an older one