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  1. Try converting your Cover/Profile Photos into a .PNG format... it should work then.
  2. @Berlihm Also, please follow your own Topics, so that you'll get an Instant Notification when other members respond to your own Threads/Posts.
  3. I wonder if ViewSonic XG2703-GS is going to be any good. It has the same panel as Asus & Acer, w/ identical features, so a direct competitor, but wayyyy too overpriced, (MSRP is $1217 USD, March '16) probably will come down in price upon release though. For now I'd say definitely get either the Acer XB271HU (since it seems to have somewhat better QA, and overall build quality). Thinner bezel, stand looks ugly but from amazon reviews... seems like sturdy and high quality. Or the Asus PG279Q... but as you already know, try to get it directly from Amazon or Newegg, or a brick-and-mortar Store, because there is a good chance you'll get a defective unit that would need to be RMA'd back for a Replacement... and it's better to just Return it and re-purchase it again, imo, since you would probably get a Refurbished Replacement Unit if you RMA it, especially if from 3rd Party distributor, or just call Amazon/Newegg and specifically demand a Brand New Replacement unit, with fast shipping. Or just wait a week or so until TFTCentral finally releases their Pro-Review of the XB271HU to compare it directly to their Review of the PG279Q, which they will surely do. Those guys do a great and thorough job reviewing high-end panels. Related links for reference: http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/asus_rog_swift_pg279q.htm http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/news_archive/35.htm#viewsonic_xg https://twitter.com/TFTCentral/status/677506192516714497 Also, I put together a Monitor Guide in October, check it out, maybe you'll find it useful... here
  4. Thank you, MG2R, on your advice and a couple of great suggestions for doing the Guide properly.
  5. Edit: @sirtoby & @manikyath I tested it out again, though I'm a total newbie when it comes to Command Prompts / Batch Files but... Hmm, perhaps one minor quirk, which also seems like a Livestreamer+VLC limitation (or a Batch file code issue?) is that we still can't watch: Currently "In-Progress Past Broadcasts", as they're being Archived in 3 mins chunks delays. It only works fully on Twitch site directly, like usual, w/ Flash and all. Livestreamer simply does not recognize an Archived Video ID file as a Past Broadcast until the Broadcaster finishes Live Streaming for the night. And if Twitch or our local POPs are having buffering and freezing problems on Twitch site directly, and the Streamer, let's say casts for 7-8 every night... we have to unfortunately wait just as long so that the Broadcast finishes... then gets archived fully! Otherwise, the 2nd Batch File seems to work just fine for watching Live or catching up on yesterday's & older Broadcasts. just don't try to watch In-Progress Broadcasts, it won't work, just shows it as Live, not from the beginning of the current archive, from what I understand. But I hope I'm wrong, maybe someone can find a simple workaround solution, or perhaps it is indeed a Livestreamer / HLS limitation? :huh: Guess we still can't dump the Twitch site, all together, just yet... :rolleyes: Edit: Oh, and I don't think I can even see the new HTML5 Twitch Alpha Player yet, guess I need to get off my good ol' trusty Firefox v34 and upgrade to FF v40, which would break half of my Firefox Addons' functionality. :wacko:
  6. Thank you so so much, @manikyath & @sirtoby !! I think this Batch code is complete and works perfectly fine for both Live and Past casts now, awesome! :lol: Good work guys. Now lets hope Twitch dumps this horrid Flash Video Player all together and moves fully to HTML5... before that Youtube Gaming website lunches. Hurray for competition!
  7. Thank you for this helpful and easy to understand Batch File Guide! Not sure if it was mentioned in here but is it possible to play Archived Twitch Videos (aka: Past Broadcasts) in VLC with this same Batch File code?? Past Broadcasts don't work for me this way at all, only Live Broadcasts work fine w/ this Batch File. Hmm... The only way I found to do it so far is simply by opening: Run.exe and typing in, for example: "Livestreamer.exe www.twitch.tv/linustech/v/10082916 Source" and it auto opens Livestreamer and VLC and plays the Past Broadcast from the Twitch url that you paste in. Works for Past and Live Broadcasts as well! :lol: PS: I really like the "Skip Forward" button in VLC, as during Past Broadcast playback, it "quickly" fast forwards, and esp if I hold down that Skip Forward button for a bit. Unfortunately we can't just Time Shift to any point in time in a Past Broadcast, nor can we Rewind, as far as I can tell. But it's only a few minor quirks. VLC Twitch playback is still awesome for when Twitch site itself starts going ape shit laggy and starts pausing & freezing. Oh also, if you increase the "Current Playback Speed" from 1x to like 8x or 16x or even 32x it kinda works even better to skip even faster forward in the archive. But that gets a bit CPU intensive for some PC's, so be careful w/ pushing an HLS Stream in a 32x speed. Anyways, if you do find a way to playback Archived Broadcasts via this Batch File, do share with us please, thank you!!