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  1. Ok I'm pretty sure you've hit the nail on the head there @Radium_Angel. Played some MW2 spec ops for an hour, turned the pc off via shutdown and it wouldn't post. The same half on state I previously described. Switched the CPU power and 24 pin to run from a unbranded 300W PSU and it posts right away, tried it a few more times and success every time. Switched the CPU power and 24 pin back to the originals and it went back into that half on state again! Just goes to show a fresh brain always helps, thank you so much for you input. I'd never thought about the voltage being flaky or it wasn't able to supply enough amps at 12V but there you go. Replacement PSU coming tomorrow, downgraded to an RM850x, never used the smart stuff anyway on the RMi series and 850W should still be plenty. A little disappointed I don't have an excuse for a new build though. I'm looking at the 38GL950G Monitor and there is no way my current system will be able to drive that so a rebuild is round the corner anyway. Thanks once again.
  2. Ok I have another PSU to test when I get home. Will keep you updated. EDIT: @Radium_Angel so, I get home and its working completely fine again, not sure if leaving the PSU power off all day has done the trick? will stress the system then see if it starts happening.
  3. This sometimes happens when a UWP app is being rendered at the same time as a game across multiple monitors. This may be of some help? Wonder if its the videos that autoplay on facebook?
  4. yeah I get that, but at 4.8 it seems to run happily and still hits the mark you'd expect, I think I got very lucky with my CPU as at the time there was a site selling '4.8GHz validated' 6700Ks at almost double the price, meanwhile I could get 4.9GHz with very little effort, 1.4V I think. Of course to be on the safe side I didn't run at those clocks outside of benchmarks etc.. In regards to physical damage I've checked everything except the socket itself (haven't had the time to drain, dismantle, rebuild etc.. quite yet). (profile pic is my PC) Hard to see how there could be any damage to the socket though considering the CPU has been in it from day 1? Anything's possible I suppose.
  5. I suppose if all else fails I can try using a 4S Lipo I use for racing quads up to it. I could do with an excuse for an upgrade
  6. I'll see if I can find one to borrow or rip out of an old system at work, even if its a 350W unbranded and I can get it to boot consistently I guess its a step forward. Its strange how it doesn't explain the first couple of instances of this happening, Block pressure etc... perhaps unrelated? EDIT: @Radium_Angel The PSU is spec'd as having multiple 12V rails, maybe a different socket on the PSU side for the CPU power may be worth a shot?
  7. Ahh that's another thing I did try (stock clocks I'll add that too) also a result of a CMOS reset, sorry there's so much info its easy to miss the odd bit I guess. Shame I don't have another PSU to try. so you are saying it may not be able to deliver the full wattage at 12V? Its possible but i find it hard to believe as even after a 6 hour gaming session yesterday after I did get it to post it was seemingly completely fine.
  8. Oh wow, no 1.36V now I will edit to clarify.
  9. Hello all, So this one has been really bugging me despite my experience in PCs, for all those who fancy a challenge perhaps, Not at home at the moment but will provide as much detail as I can. Specs: CPU - 6700K @ 4.8GHz (completely Stable) GPUs - 980Ti (2x SLI) (Moderate OC) RAM - 16GB Dominator Platinum @ 2666Mhz Mobo - ASUS Z170 Deluxe PSU - Corsair RM1000i Cooling - Custom dual loop hardline loops - 2x 480 EK rads (the really thick ones, the 'XE' series I think?) - full cover EK blocks on the GPUs along with the Supremacy Evo for the CPU All items were purchased around their time of release so they are getting on a bit now. So, approximately a year ago I experienced a hard shutdown out of nowhere, everything just immediately lost power, monitors went black (but were still turned on), led strips lost power, fans stopped spinning, everything. Immediately i thought of overheating as it had all the same characteristics except one major factor, there was absolutely no throttling or slowdown of any kind leading up to this loss of power and had been running like this for a good number of years with no issues. I thought little of it, Turned the PC back on, adjusted the fan curves to be a tad more aggressive and continued to monitor temperatures. What was odd is before I adjusted the fan curves I was seeing maybe 60deg C under load which is nowhere close to causing this kind of power loss due to overheating. Anyway, I ignored this and put it down to one of those things we as PC enthusiasts just have to put up with as it continued to operate just fine after this event. I can rule out an unstable overclock as shutdowns aren't usually an instant loss of power and I can also get a stable 4.95 GHz although I'm pushing more voltage than i'm comfortable with 1.48v I think it was. Anyway, that was years ago when the parts were new, backed off the clocks to 4.8GHz and voltage to 1.36V and it has been fine until this. Fast forward 6 months and the same thing happened again this time the PC would not post, I can't remember the error code but I remember it relating to the CPU / RAM, ultimately the fix for that was reducing the tension of the CPU block so there was less pressure on the CPU which was very odd as the EK Supremecy EVO block requires tightening all the way until the thumbscrews bottom out which results in the correct tension on the socket so this means the CPU would only run with less than ideal pressure.This has been happening for the past 6 months maybe once a month where adjusting the pressure would cause it to boot and function normally. However I couldn't post anything in the forums for any advice as I couldn't manually reproduce the issue whatever I did. That is until last night, the PC shut off instantly like it had previously but this time rebooted and refused to post, and nothing I did previously worked and other general troubleshooting steps. The PC would only boot into in a very odd state where nothing except the LED strips and the PSU was powered on (fan spinning). Things to note: Error code / Q-code '00' (so no error code as such), No error beeps, no power to fans, no power to RAM (No LEDs) In my experience this is exactly what it can be like when the 4/8 pin CPU power plug is disconnected so out came the multimeter however all 4 positive pins were reading 12V when the PSU was running so that rules out the PSU (unfortunate as that's one of the cheapest components). Things I have tried that Do Not work: Reset CMOS, Unplug USB Devices, Adjusting CPU Block Tension, Reseating RAM. The ONLY thing that seems to solve this now is leaving the PC turned off (at the PSU) for approx 15 mins and then attempting to boot. However, as soon as the PC shuts down (via the normal windows shutdown procedure or otherwise) it will once again be stuck in this state detailed above if I attempt to boot again without doing another 15 min power cycle. In between me being able to actually use my PC I have updated the BIOS also removed all overclocks as an attempt to resolve the issue but no change. Wishful thinking I must admit. If anyone can shed any light on this it would be much appreciated. If any more info is needed I will try my best to provide it. I also plan to video this when I get home so I will post that when I can. Many thanks.
  10. Thank you very much for the suggestion. There were some Driver updates, no significant changes removing these. Disabling Windows Defender (have no other AV) didn't make any difference also unfortunately. Funny you should mention Hardware utilisation as this is something I was slightly concerned about ever since i got into PCs ~10 years ago but something I'd just accepted as being normal (low utilisation). I have a heavily modified (for my use) version of a hardware monitoring Rainmeter skin running on my other monitors so I can look during gameplay: https://www.deviantart.com/abu46/art/mii-system-skin-2-206965499 This uses Afterburner monitoring as the source for all info (unlike default which only uses Afterburner for some info) so is spot on in terms of accuracy. (Tested this against other monitoring software) When playing most games the GPU utilisation looks fairly normal: fluctuation between ~60-100% depending on the scene etc.. (both in single GPU and SLI) RAM utilisation is fine too, pretty much exactly what you'd expect. However CPU utilisation is only at about ~20-40% in the majority of cases which I find very strange although I do know most games don't utilise all cores but I have every core broken out on my rainmeter skin and utilisation seems to be consistent across all cores. Due to the above I can only assume the GPU/s are the limiting factor. The only games where this doesn't seem to be the case is GTAV which has a fairly high CPU utilisation (approx 60%) and CS:GO which is usually at 20% CPU and 40% GPU. It's like my system has more to give but the game isn't asking for it? The twist on the whole thing however: this is the same when fps seems to be ok. The only thing I've noticed recently is the GPU clocks will go down to 1100 MHz for no apparent reason during gameplay which seems to be the base clock. They are the EVGA SC+: https://www.evga.com/products/specs/gpu.aspx?pn=3cdfab4c-0eab-44b7-8f32-2a6780a37c4b This is down from my overclock to approx 1470 MHz or my usual day to day overclock of roughly 1350MHz (no point going for benchmark numbers with these dinosaur GPUs any more ) I have looked into this previously and it seems to be throttling due to 'power limit' although it isn't even asking for its rated max and increasing power limit on afterburner to max doesn't change this. Not 100% sure but I believe this may be the same during the times I'm getting a 'normal' fps also. I also think this can't be the cause of a 50+ fps drop as I didn't get +50fps after the overclock haha. One thing I can rule out however is temperatures. everything is running at approx 60-70c under load: Custom twin water cooling loops, x2 480 rads (45mm thick if I remember correctly) with Corsair SP120s
  11. Hmm, Possibly. That article seems to suggest its the mouse movement that causes worse performance in the examples given but my comparisons were done standing in the same place on a map looking at the same thing with no movement. Not to say it isn't the cause of course. will keep my eyes on updates to see if any pop up. Looks like I have a pending restart for KB4486553 Will test performance now and after restart. It hadn't even crossed my mind that Windows updates could be the cause of such a huge performance loss. Ever since the early Win 7 days i don't think I've seen anything like it. Thanks for the heads up though I'll let you know how I get on. EDIT: performance before and after the update seems to be almost as bad. 120 fps now in apex which is a drop of 30 but at least it feels smooth. Keep in mind this is a fresh install of windows as of 12h ago. EDIT2: all 'Update for Microsoft Windows' have been uninstalled. still bad. EDIT3: All updates uninstalled, no difference, reinstalled no difference. the only things i have done since I tested and confirmed it as working were create this post and uninstall updates. This just keeps getting worse to diagnose.
  12. Hello all, Not troubleshooting per say but the most appropriate category I think. Or can it be avoided to save me a few hours time? First I will list my specs (should help show why this is a VERY strange issue) CPU: Intel i7 6700K @4.8GHzGPU: GTX 980Ti (2x SLI) (moderate OC) RAM: 16GB Dominator Platinum @2666 MHz (Speeds same before and after issue (e.g. problem isn't a result of an unstable OC)) Also had these parts from release dates and it has only just started happening. Recently I have been noticing out of nowhere my performance in games would deteriorate dramatically for no apparent reason, for example got home after work last night and everything was unplayable. This did also happen ~ 4 Weeks ago which unfortunately resulted in another windows reinstall. Symptoms of the issue: The 3 games Ive actually compared performance are CS:GO, CoD BO4 and Apex. I will list my before and after FPS values (working / problem) below CS:GO - 200fps / 65fps (with terrible 'Stutter') CoD BO4 - 180fps / 80fps (with terrible 'Stutter') APEX - 150fps / 90fps (with terrible 'Stutter') All games remain on the same graphical settings. As you can see this is a huge drop in these cases seemingly out of nowhere. How I fix the issue: Reinstall windows from USB through UEFI Boot menu Finish installation Restore everything I had running manually as I did before the reinstall Done, fps restored! But why? Notes I'd like to make: It can't be a background process slowing my PC down as I reinstall the same list of programs as I had prior to the reinstall. This has happened AGAIN since my last reinstall only 4 weeks ago. Other Troubleshooting steps I have attempted (all of which had made no difference at all): Checked for Viruses. (none found) Checked for malware (nothing found) Tried disabling SLI (No difference) Used DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to completely remove graphics drivers and reinstall latest drivers Removed overclocks to check for a possible instability causing the issue Re-applied all waterblocks with new paste, replaced coolant (didn't bother doing this the second time as it made no difference the first time) Tried using less RAM (no change but worth a try I guess) Tried disabling EVERY unnecessary process except the game, launcher and core windows processes Tried the power setting to 'high performance' (a classic one but still worth trying) Making sure every single possible driver is up to date. The only thing I refuse to try is the windows Restore / Refresh just due to the amount of issues it has caused in the past (breaking programs, deleting personal files). I can perform a clean reinstall in a similar amount of time anyway. I can't for the life of me figure out why this is happening especially with all the steps I have taken to try and solve this. Any ideas are welcome. An interesting one to say the least.
  13. I have attempted to enable nvidia surround However I keep getting display connection error when I select all 3 displays. All 3 monitors are identical and were purchased at the same time (iiyama GB2488HSU's) and are all identical when opened up in CRU (custom resolution utility) and have the same resolution and refresh rate. (1920x1080@144Hz) At the moment I have 2 980Ti's in SLI and all monitors are connected to the top card with 3 DP cables. (I have also tried a single card and still no luck) Any help will be much appreciated.