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  1. TallZXDriver

    The P51 project

    Sorry there hasn’t been any updates, I had the cornea transplant so I haven’t really felt like working on it. I started work on the paint job for the top of the case. The checkerboard pattern was harder than I thought it would be and ended up uneven in a few places. I may wether and blend it a little with a really fine grit sandpaper then add a clear coat. I am already trying to figure out exactly how I am going to cool this so I can plan the rest of my mods. I am debating using just a 240 rad in the top and using it as an intake then having one exhaust fan on the back. That way even though I am under powering the radiator a little at least it’s pullung in cool ambient air. I could technically put another 120 where the exhaust fan goes but I fear it would make things look crowded and cluttered. I will probably start with a single 240 and if I decide I need more cooling later I can always add it and plumb it in. I am probably going to use a slightly thicker than normal rad in the top too.
  2. TallZXDriver

    The P51 project

    I had that thought, but if I am going to go with a digital readout anyway I might just put a temp sensor for the cooling loop in a homemade gauge. I just wish all the temp monitors and such didn’t look so janky. Now that I actually have the front panel cut I Am going to mspaint out some layouts and see what I like best.
  3. TallZXDriver

    The P51 project

    After something like 9 years its time to start thinking about retiring my old rig and starting something new. My inspiration for this rig is going to be one of my favorite WW2 era airplanes, the P51. I am starting this build by heavily modding a Raijentek Styx case. At this point I am not sure exactly what hardware I am going to go with since there isnt really anything out there right now that I am super excited about. I also found out last week sometime this year I am going to have to have a cornea transplant, and considering I kind of wanted to build this rig to try out some VR stuff, and I am not going to have as much funding as I originally thought I might as well put the best stuff I can buy into after I have healed. So in the meantime I am going to spend my spare time making everything exactly how I want it. My Styx case came in and naturally the first thing I did was take it apart and discard about 1/3 of it. I chose the Styx because it is the right size, color, and its assembled with just screws so its easy to take apart. I have some obstacles to overcome like I want to delete the weird CD slot but I am not sure exactly how I want to do it yet. I want to replace the front panel with a wood panel. I also want it to somewhat emulate the cockpit and controls of an aircraft. I wanted something to emulate the gauges inside of a plane I decided to try installing a hours meter since it would get me the look I was going for and its a statistic that might come in useful. I wired the hours meter into a molex connector using the 12v pins and did a rough install on my current setup. The idea worked perfectly, although what I did not expect is the hours meter makes a loud ticking noise like a clock which makes sense to me now. I don't think it is something I am going to put on my final build because it would drive me crazy. Next I had the wood cut for the front panel. I wish I could lay claim to this craftsmanship but I deferred to a guy I work with that has the correct tools and skill to do it properly. I installed 1/8in spacers on the panel. I am hoping once I install the brackets from the original front panel of the case this will give me some increased airflow either through or out of the case, I haven't figured out exactly how I am going to configure the fans but the airflow is one of my chief complaints about the case. I have bought a momentary toggle switch with cover as well as a led to mount to the front as my power switch and light. I want to do more with panel but since my hours meter was a failure I am not quite sure what to put here. I am tossing around the idea of cutting out the USA star logo and backing it with some modders mesh. I would also like to implement a fill port for the water cooling loop on the front. If anyone has some ideas for here I would love to hear them, as it is quite plain right now. After I get this laid out and test fit I am going to stain it. The only hardware I have bought so far is a Seasonic 850w focus platinum. I got it because 850w should feed anything I can put in a mATX case and the Focus is a little bit smaller power supply. This is what I have so far... I will update this thread as I make progress.
  4. Dont know what I would do with this huge thing... But count me in.
  5. TallZXDriver

    Need advice on getting stains off my laptop

    Was I the only one that thought the answer was going to be stop watching porn when I read the title?
  6. TallZXDriver

    Corsair C-70 Military Green

    I am thinking about having some parts of mine sent to be hydrodipped in camo. I am thinking multicam.
  7. TallZXDriver

    The "Phalanx"

    Everyone seems to always find that. I threw the sticker on there to annoy a buddy. It has since come off but those are really the only pictures I have and I am too lazy to take some more.
  8. TallZXDriver

    how to improve a build

    Cable management, could also probably benefit from an aftermarket CPU cooler. The stock ones are loud, and you will get better temps.
  9. TallZXDriver

    My useless powerful rig !! :(

    I remembered playing it a long time ago. I just assumed they had probably released new ones since then. I think the only thing I ever did on that game was crash.
  10. TallZXDriver

    The "Phalanx"

    Some updates from today: I ordered a 2x5.25 bay to mount my hard drives in. I decided to go with an air cooled one so hopefully I will get more positive air pressure in the case. I also didnt trust the stock 80mm fan in the bay cooler to be quiet so I ordered a Noctua 80mm fan to install as well. I went ahead and installed it on my rig just to see what it will look like. I am not going to move any drives to it until I am ready to disassemble and start modding the case. I also ordered the bulkhead adapters I need and am going to go to the store tomorrow and get some sheet metal and supplies to start on the internal case mods as well as a solid window to go on the side. I think I have decided to go with true glass on the side instead of plexi. I am going to get everything built and painted before I disassemble my PC so hopefully I can have minimal down time. I think I have decided I am going to pull the mesh out of the hard drive bay and paint it OD green as well.
  11. TallZXDriver

    My useless powerful rig !! :(

    You really didnt tell us a whole lot about your setup. Not sure which graphics card your using but it sounds like a radeon 4000 or 5000 series card? Both are older cards, expecially if you are trying to run a modern game.
  12. He said in the H220 video they were releasing it out of order since there was such high demand for it.