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    I7 3770K
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    Z77X UP7
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    8 GIG DDR 3
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    GTX 770 4GIG
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    ANTEC 620 WATT
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  1. Sparky862

    Dual Monitor Setup, Slow Windows Explorer

    No, when I disconect my TV or unplug my HDMI cable, the issue does not exist. Even with HDMI plugged in, but TV switched of, the issue is still there. Aslong as my GPU picks up 2 monitors in the GPU settings, the issue presist.
  2. Sparky862

    Dual Monitor Setup, Slow Windows Explorer

  3. Okay, I have a dual monitor setup. My main monitor in which I game. My second monitor (TV in living room) in which I use to watch movies, youtube and such. Now, my problem is this. Whenever I game on my main monitor, and I quit the game, my computer seems to be non responsive for 10 seconds. It will show the desktop or whatever screen was there before launch, but no matter where I click or what I press on the keyboard, nothing is responding. It is like my computer just freezes for 10 seconds. And this is really annoying. Because this even happens when Alt+Tabbing out of a game. After Alt+Tabbing, my computer also just freezes for 10 or so seconds before I can do anything on it. When I am NOT running a Fullscreen app, I can freely use my computer without issue. The issue only exist after running and quiting or alt+tabbing out of a fullscreen application window from my main monitor. My second monitor (TV) is connected via HDMI from my GPU. My specs are GTX 1070 G1 I7 3770k 8GB RAM 1080p 144Hz MONITOR (Main Monitor) 40" 60Hz MONITOR (TV SECOND MONITOR)
  4. Sparky862

    Low Sound

    I did indeed enable 5.1 in sound driver. There is no 5.1 to enable in Rainbow Six. As for other games, I have same issue. All sounds coming from my Center and Rear Speakers are so soft, it almost sounds distant. So other games that produce sound from center and rear speakers suffer same issue. With my DSX Xonar card, i had same issues... Only issue was that all sounds from my center speaker would sound distant. Meaning that all other noise would rip your ears of your head, while dialogs would sound so soft you can barly hear em. If there was a way to adjust my center speaker volume on my DSX card, I would switch back to that card. But DSX Audio Manager is so minimal, you cant do anything with the app. As for the drivers. I downloaded my realtek drivers from my Motherboard Manufacturer, so I would assume I have the correct drivers for my Realtek
  5. Sparky862

    Low Sound

    Okay, so I use my onboard Z77X UP7 Mobo sound card, which is Realtek. Now the problem I am having is odd to describe. When for example playing Rainbow Six Siege, sounds like footsteps are loud, but sounds from breaking barriers are so soft you can barely hear it, sounds like gunfire is so soft. When I play music on a media player, everything seems fine and the sound is loud and clear. I use a 5.1 Creative Lab speaker setup. I have tried ---------------- 1. Testing if all speakers are working correctly 2. Used speaker fill 3. Used loudness equalization 4. Used room correction 5. Boosted sound for my center speaker only Not sure what else I can do really, as everything is boosted to maximum. I have a Xonar DSX Card in my PC as well, I can confirm that I had no issues there at all. Only issue I had was that the dialouges were soft in comparisson to other sound, as if my center speaker was WAY to soft. There was no way for me to adjust the volume on my center speaker as Xonar DSX Audio Manager is minimal and does not allow for setting single speaker volume.
  6. Sparky862

    QOS On Dlink 2750u

    Okay, I want my ethernet to have priority over WIFI, but the QOS on this router is so complicated. Even if I could restrict the max download and upload rate of my WIFI it would also help. The manual is not very clear on how to do what and what all the options mean ect ect. https://www.dlinkmea.com/partner/media/product_item_downloadables/9146-DSL-2750U_C1_Manual_v1.00(ET).pdf Anyone with the same router care to help me out?
  7. Sparky862

    Using DVI Dual Link vs Display Port

    What are the diffs here?? Does Display Port give better color production??
  8. Sparky862

    Weird Asus VG248QE Bug

    This is hard to explain but I will try my best. I play Hunter Call Of The Wild. And I take it you all know what SweetFX is and what it does right?? Because this will just make it easier to understand. The bug I am having is when I launch the game, the colors all looks washed out and as if my gamma is set to max or something. My game has this bright white tint over it as if it looks like SweetFX. I press Alt + Tab to minimize out of the game, my desktop shows, and it looks like my whole desktop has its gamma set to 100 for a few seconds, before it reverts back to its original colors. When I go back in game, the bight white tint is gone, and my game is also restored back to its original beautiful colors. I do NOT use SweetFX though I did and I deleted all the files. My Pc specs 1070 G1 GPU 8GB RAM I7 3770k
  9. Sparky862

    Decent 5.1 Speakers??

    At what range do I get decent subs?? Like I said, I do not want to blow the roof off ......
  10. Sparky862

    Decent 5.1 Speakers??

    But how does the receiver improve your quality??
  11. Sparky862

    Decent 5.1 Speakers??

    ZAR1500 - 2000
  12. Sparky862

    Decent 5.1 Speakers??

    No idea how it works though, I only know the speaker to PC setup .... What is a receiver and how does it work??
  13. Sparky862

    Decent 5.1 Speakers??

    What about 7.1?? Thing is, I want it easy. Just plug and play .... not stuff with all this wiring and connecting and this wire and that wire ect ect
  14. Sparky862

    Decent 5.1 Speakers??

    Yeah sure. Hook me up with the model so that I can see how it compares to mine. Have the Creative Inspire T6300 - 5.1 Speakers
  15. Sparky862

    Decent 5.1 Speakers??

    Who would be so kind as to suggest me decent 5.1 Speakers or 7.1 speakers?? I have a Xonar DSX 7.1 Sound Card and currently using Creative Labs 5.1 Speakers. While the 5.1 Speakers produce good quality, the Bass is kind of low, and it is not really "party" speakers. Now I am not looking for something to blow the roof of the house, but something that will make the windows and walls trebble from time to time would be quite decent enough