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    i5 6600k @ 4.6Ghz
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    Asus Z170-A
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    Avexir Core 32Gb
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    Gigabyte Gtx 690
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    850Evo 120Gb/Seagate 2Tb Hdd/Seagate 1Tb Hdd
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    SF Leadex Silver 650w
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    X-star 2710D 1440 120Hz
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    Cheap Korean Keyboard
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    Logitech G600
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    Win8 64bit

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  1. iPhone 5C 32bit Downgrade

    incidentally update my ios, lost my jailbreak before it's ios 9.3.5 pls help mate
  2. need help master... need to download a lot of my files from multiple cloud base my idm keep give me a headache... any free or paid app that can i "pause" and "resume" after... thank you guys
  3. My Logitech G13 just DIE

    very small desk
  4. My Logitech G13 just DIE

    any good ONE handed keyboard that worth to buy?
  5. NEW build for more cores

    ok maybe 3000usd right now
  6. NEW build for more cores

    thats my current pc, i need better one. budget unlimited
  7. NEW build for more cores

    pls suggest me good build for video editing, streaming, and gaming? i need something better than 6600k and gtx1080 with 16gb 3000Mhz thank you guys
  8. cheap laptop for csgo High setting

    no need high hz, just 100ish fps on high when play csgo
  9. cheap laptop for csgo High setting

    both. low pubg high csgo
  10. cheap laptop for csgo High setting

    300usd south korea
  11. Need help master!

    ok thanks again.
  12. Need help master!

    ok, i got pwm to usb can i run test using that (outside my case/ without jumper the psu) is that possible?
  13. Need help master!

    thanks master... will do! btw for that aio plus reservoir, how many liquid coolant that i need?