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  1. I just saw a video about this game on youtube and it looked really fun. Is this game worth buying today? Are there still any players?
  2. ddr3 1600 16gb ram the game is on an NVME ssd and Im using a corsair water cooler just forgot the model
  3. I currently have an i7-4790 (Non-k) partnered with a 1080ti. My problem is that my fps on rust barely gets above 60 and when I'm at our base its always 40 below. Im wondering if I upgraded to an i7-4790k version how big will the improvement be? I found a deal on a Intel Core i7 4790K with Asus Z97-A mobo + G.Skill 16GB DRAM 1600mhz for 200$ Is this worth it?
  4. What fps should I expect if I'm playing rust at 1440p Fantastic. I'm only getting about 60fps. Specs: i7-4790 1080ti 16gb of ram I want to atleast play on 144fps for my monitor.
  5. I know this is a bit of a lazy problem but whenever I turn my pc on my main monitor doesn't turn on with it. It displays "no signal" and i have to turn the monitor off then on for it to display while my 2nd monitor turns on with my pc. How do I make my main monitor turn on as I turn on my pc?
  6. Can I turn on OC Genie even if my cpu is non-k (i7-4790)?
  7. nevermind it was in the manual
  8. I’m quite new but are these string silencers?
  9. How do I remove this? I want to put a Vesa mount there. Yes I know it’s dirty.
  10. what is i get a m.2 to sata adapter will the bios recognize it?
  11. Yes If you mean that if it's working, it is i initialized it, created a volume, and transferred files before formatting my whole pc
  12. I’m sorry but I have no idea of what you mean by “Put your BIOS in UEFI mode... drivers” Is this what you mean? (picture)
  13. How can I boot from a m.2 ssd that is connected to my motherboard by a pcie to m.2 adapter? I can’t see it on boot settings P.S. just say if you want context