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  1. ty HPwebcamAble and Rck010 now i know what to go for
  2. im not sure but i may have started a war i just want to know what to buy (First games desinger/gamer) 1080 1070 980ti should i even look at the 900 series or go for the 1k thats all i wanted to know ;____;
  3. i do like to crank up the graphics if i can atm i try to go wtih 1080p but higher would be good too my games are almost anything that looks good (i got around 200 games on steam *the sales kill me -.-*) the fps im ok with 30-60 i would love it on 60fps but i really dont mind it on 30ish anything below that and i start to get annoyed at it and my budget is around £500ish but im not getting the founders since 3rd party most likely will be better **p.s. first thinks first it has to be for games design modelling rendering etc after that its a gaming pc
  4. i need to upgrade my gpu i have a gtx 260 and i cant decide on what to get im waiting for everything to come out in june but for gpus it has to be nvidia because ati is too far away (october i think) i do games desing (maya/max, zbursh, photoshop etc.) and ALOT of gaming (not as much now since i have a 260 i cant even open dark souls 3) what would be the best card for me 1080 1070 980 ti all i know is i will be buying one of them when they come out since sli is a waste of money imo ty for the help
  5. hmmm ill have to rethink my design but i got a good idea where i wanna go with this thank you all for the tips now its time to work on some sketches
  6. ty for the reply now i know what to add to the design
  7. hi i have a question about watercooling a motherboard i want to make a complete custome case that is going to be water cooled what i wanted to ask is if i put a motherboard inside a box that has a waterblock attached to it will i have to worry about the mossfets etc getting air since it will be enclosed or will it be ok p.s. are all atx motherboard cpu sockets in the same place? if not is there a website or diagram i can look up thank you
  8. country UK (£ GBP) i do alot of gaming well as much as i can do with what i have and i do work on it 3d and photoshop so it has to be able to render and atm im not having much trouble with the 3d yes its a bit slow and i would love it to be faster but its not a major thing the main reason i want to upgrade is so i can play games more (dark souls 3 came out AND I CANT PLAY IT) so i was thinking about upgrading i didnt know what i needed to upgrade my cpu and motherboard were expensive at the time so i really want to know are they obsolete or are they still good for what i need which is 3d and photoshop work and gaming and ty for the quick reply and the helpful list 19_blackie_73
  9. hi i have a question about my pc here is my spec psu thermaltake evo blue 650w case fractal design define r4 (i upgraded my case some of the fans of my old one stopped working and i hate led lights) so i know my pc is old i think its abuot 6-7years old and i do need to upgrade it but i dont know where to start i dont want to spend another £1400 on a new pc if i can reuse some of my current hardware iv been looking up some info about cpus but tbh its all lost on me i know i need a new motherboard cpu and graphics card but the thing is i dont know much about cpu and motherboards so i really dont know what to get (i just went with a RoG motherboard becasue it said gamer etc) and i think the ram is ok but im not sure i do alot of gaming and i work with maya (3d software) zbrush and photoshop so it needs to fit these needs i wanted to know should i buy a new pc or upgrade what i have and if so what is the best way to look for what i need becasue i really dont know what brands are good and what i should keep away from thank you for your help
  10. its a thermaltake evo blue 650w and no i didnt overclock my current one (i dont know how) so i plan not to do the new one
  11. well im looking to start around the end of this year or the start of next year my current pc cost me 1400 that was inc the case which i have now i do want a good graphics card in it (maybe 2 idk much about sli and how it works) so an example of my build would be graphics: nvida gtx 980 (or above depending on what is out since i do alot of 3d and photoshop i do want a good graphics card) cpu will be a i7 to go with the 3d work that i do motherboard that will go with the cpu i do like RoG motherboards but i dont know much about motherboards SSD (i currently run 3tb hdd (3x1tb) i think my powersupply is good enough but if not then 1 of them currently i have ddr3 12gb ram so if that can work with the motherboard awesome if not then need to get that well as you can see its a mess atm im sorry i dont know much tech computer stuff all i know is what i need to make my work and games run i dont want to go over 2000 is the best i can say
  12. from uk and budget is around £1000-£2000 depending on the cpu and motherboard etc its both for work and gaming i do 3d (maya zbrush) and photoshop plus alot of gaming i wanted to know if it was possible because when i first built my pc the cpu was the most costly part of it
  13. hey i have a question i think i got my pc about around mid 2009 and i want to upgrade it so i was talking to my friend about cpus and motherboards becasue i dont know much about them and he said its best to get a new cpu if your getting a new motherboard so i wanted to ask is my cpu ok and can i get a new motherboard and just put that in or do i have to get a new one beasue it cost me alot of money when i got it and it seem fine but i really dont know spec: cpu: intel i7 920 2.37GHz (checked it online its 4 cores) motherboard: rampage 2 extreme (part i want to change graphics card clip is broken and i just got anew fractal define r4 so there are cables not plugged in e.g. usb) graphics card: nvidia geforece gtx 260 (i know this needs changing i just want to change the motherboard first) Ram: 12GB power supply: no clue ps i want to get a cpu cooler too so im not sure if you needed to know that if im missing something please let me know thank you