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    Canberra AUS
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    Game texture art, Photoshop, 3ds max, Airbrushing, paint texture art. Car restorations, Sign design, Art Art and more Art.Gaming, New( PC case Modding ).
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    Hi My name is Ken Byrnes. I'm all about things arty. I have spent many years doing all kinds of art Starting from the age I could hold a pen and paper. I'm a Self tort Pro Airbrush artist and have been for many years I went back to school in 2004 and got a advance diploma game art design, Self tort as a photo artist, And texture artist. And now working as a Artist / Painter / Fabricator. for a sign shop.
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    Artist / Painter / Fabricator.

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  1. Hello everyone here is my latest build. Hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by.
  2. I think we have been forgotten about again.
  3. ZenModz

    DOOM - ZenModz

    Yer I would say it has something to do with this forum looping the links. No free rides!
  4. ZenModz

    DOOM - ZenModz

    Voting is up so please head on over and Vote for your favorite Case mod or Scratch build, links can be seen below. Cooler Master Australia/New Zealand Yesterday at 9:40am · Case Mod World Series "People's Choice" Voting Starts Now! Vote for a chance to win Cooler Master gear. Click the links to see the prizes. Ends June 24. Click here to vote: TOWER MOD: http://bit.ly/TowerMod2016 SCRATCH BUILD: http://bit.ly/ScratchBuild2016 ‪#‎CaseModWorldSeries‬ ‪#‎ANZEdition‬ http://mod.coolermaster.com/en-us/infohub/103
  5. ZenModz

    DOOM - ZenModz

    Thank you DarkShadowUK
  6. ZenModz

    DOOM - ZenModz

    Hi and thank you Old_Chicken I was wondering where you had gone to. And thanks for liking and following the build. and for not swearing too much
  7. ZenModz

    DOOM - ZenModz

    Cheers JBIZZL3Y Very happy to here that i have inspired you in some way. and I'm looking foreword to seeing what you do. Ken.
  8. ZenModz

    DOOM - ZenModz

    Hello DOOM is done! Hope some of you enjoyed the build, for me it was a lot of fun.
  9. ZenModz

    DOOM - ZenModz

    Cheers, JBIZZL3Y Not long now, had to make some quick changes, And now just waiting for the CPU to arrive to fill the loop.
  10. ZenModz

    DOOM - ZenModz

    The DOOM Gore is set on extra High. 18+ only. Or if you have a weak stomach.:sick:;) Only got till Sunday to have the rest of the build done. now I'm feeling :sick: Thanks again for stopping by.