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  1. Will hurt the wallet, but if so which one? I'm thinking either a 240 or 120 because that's the only sizes that fit in the air 240
  2. Kinda want something beefier as I would like to run the cpu at atleast 4.3 16/7 (hours a day)
  3. Can you recommend a good air cooler that wouldn't look like a massive dump thru the window and still will be easily transportable (since I go to a lot of LANs and have divorced parents) and can handle an ok oc
  4. Just looked it up and am curious if that massive thing even would fit
  5. What this guy said *thumbs up*
  6. Not even thinkable atm, how much I now would like to have it, I do not have the funds for it, that's why I would like to know any good aio or air cooling solutions.
  7. Go for the i5 and a R9 390 (non x) beats the 970 in most tasks and games aswell being more optimized atm for Dx12
  8. Hey guys, so I'm building an matx build in the corsair air 240, and I'm wondering if I should go aio or with an air cooler. Please say why and your personal opinions aswell as if you can, link me some good ones I will be running the i5-6600K with the asus rog gene (matx) mobo, and as stated before the Cors(air) 240 case (see what I did there?)
  9. Un-install it everytime you're gonna play cs:go. It's a hassle but totally worth it, unless gaben now fixes it which is quite unlikely
  10. Brb, going to find a corner and starts crying... *Sits in a corner crying about being a win7 home-premium peasant*
  11. Thank you for the info, will only have 1 gpu for the most but if I ever decide to wc I'll probably get another one so then there's no problem Thank you for all the help btw! What's the problem? I know that they're one of the best AMD card manu's but if you know someone who makes backplates for them or if they even sell separately I'll take the sapphire card right now, but I will most likely jump on the msi 390x bandwagon.
  12. Will probably go for the MSI one as you recommend, but does it take 2 or 2.5 slots tho? And how hot does your card get?
  13. It is the tri-x version you're talking about now right? Kinda sad that it doesn't have a backplate, if there isn't another card (better or almost same) that takes 2 slot spaces and has a backplate could you please direct me to it.
  14. The I has been noted, should I then go with one 250gb and then some 1 or 2tb hdd? And I will go with the 2x4 gb or 2x8 gb with expansion in future if I do heavier work. Skylake is not that much more here in Sweden (it would be cheaper with Devils canyon but the that's the only real difference and it's not by that much, roughly 50 euro).
  15. Go on pcpp, people fit G1 nvidia cards (over 300mm, but no pp config on the h100i tho...) so it will prolly fit length wise but I'm more worried width wise
  16. Will they fit in the air 240 tho? the MSI will most likely (length wise, not sure about width wise) but I have no clue about the Sapphire card...
  17. I shall break it down quick for you: Skylake just because it's the latest and prices are almost the same, want to use up the ram slots cause of looks (is it really dual channel tho and not quad channel as it has been with earlier sockets?), storage is quite simple: 1 for OS and photoshop and such programs, the other one for games and then I have a 2tb external for bigger games which I just move stuff over (will get a 1tb or even maybe 2tb ssd later on) 3.5" drive cage is a small pain in the case but I might re-consider it and get some bigger 3.5 hdd's instead of more ssd's for storing heavier apps and games. Thank you for the 850w tip tho
  18. I'll probably go with the 390X because the upgradeablity for 1440p but then what manufacturer should I go with?
  19. I sadly don't know the US law system, only the swedish one, but I wish you all the best, and good luck with this, you can do it!
  20. So I have some trouble deciding about my gpu, I already now that I do not want any nvidia card (except 980ti but that's out of my budget lol). I just don't know what to get between the 390, 390x or maybe even extend my budget by a bit and get the Fury (non x), also need help with what brand to buy and such. Been looking at the asus strix card aswell as the MSI cards. My specs: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Ttb3pg Might be getting a second one in the future and if so, would I need a bigger psu? I will be playing: GTAV, BF4, CS:GO and the new NFS which will be releasing soon.. I play at 1080p atm but will probably move up to 1440p/21:9 or even 4k but that won't happen in the next 6 months at least.
  21. In GTA, yes. However in real life, no.
  22. No screenshots, but Wifi wise I use around 110-120gb a month on my tablet. I don't want to know how much I use on my pc...
  23. Thank you, will look into skylake more then!