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  1. 0oGOkuo0

    Cpu future proof intel or amd

    are intel cpus right now(like 6th to 9th gen) still performs like the old i series cpus 2nd to 4th when it comes to performance and ipc, or like my grandma used to say “old is better”??? cuz some says that older i series had great potential(higher ipc,high oc capabilites and whatnot)
  2. 0oGOkuo0

    Cpu future proof intel or amd

    thanks for the answer that clears things up
  3. 0oGOkuo0

    Cpu future proof intel or amd

    so this means intel i series 2nd gen still kicks ass?? wow talk about my grandma
  4. Hello im just curious,many times i go to steam and find requirements for certain games and i notice that why steam recommends older intel cpus than amd ones, like for example mortal kombat 11 recommended cpu is i5 2300 while in amd side its ryzen 5 1400?? such a huge gap for intel, does that mean intel cpus tend to have more juice over the years and last longer than amd side?? and still powerful enough to play games even after lets say 7 yrs ahead?? pls elighten me
  5. 0oGOkuo0

    Hardrive health

    I have a hardrive sitting on my closet with my important files(man of culture files,if you know what i mean and other serious back up files)and my computer was long gone broken so i want to test it if its still working,just wanna make sure at the very least the bearings are still working and spinning... any ways to do that???
  6. 0oGOkuo0

    RAM and what not

    well thats better than nothing
  7. 0oGOkuo0

    RAM and what not

    for example i bought a QVL RAM with 2666 MHZ rating, that means it will run at default 2666 right or 2667(i just read it in the website)2667 and i can overclock it manually to 3200 manually or use XMP???
  8. 0oGOkuo0

    RAM and what not

    and i can just use XMP and set it right to the speed that i want like 3200MHZ?
  9. Guys Im trying to find the Compatible RAM for MSI B450M BAZOOKA PLUS some says it should be on the QVL list if not, it will have problems and it bothers me,my CPU is Ryzen 5 2600, I tried to search all the shops 3200 MHZ RAM they have but the mighty QVL list dont have all of it but i found one a kingston 1x16GB 2666 MHZ But i want the 3200 MHZ. so its this QVL a gamble or i can "Fully" ignore this list, since ryzen is so picky with ram i might change to intel i5 8400/9400F which is more open to RAM compatibility......... since ryzen 5 2600 has 6C/12T and i5 8400/9400F has 6C/6T and they all both at the same price ryzen has the upperhand it will be a bummer to switch to intel.... plss help
  10. 0oGOkuo0

    MOBO Testing

    Hello again I manage to make a list of PC parts that ill be buying tommorow and Im buying the parts far from my home and assemble it myself so my question is.... how can i test a motherboard if its dead or working properly(sometimes they give DOA to customers... maybe)so i want to test the MOBO and the parts there on the spot.... i dont wanna go back to the store to return and exchange it,its too far(parts there are pretty cheap compared to others and has more variety) thanks in avdance for the answer.
  11. 0oGOkuo0

    MEMORY QVL Compatibility

    i searched some tech youtubers that used msi b450m bazooka plus and copy the model number of the RAM they used to the MSI mobo site and searched it on the QVL and it turns out none of it all was on the list.........
  12. Sup guys do i really need to find the ram i want in the list just to make sure it works on the motherboard,Im planning to buy this MSI B450M BAZOOKA PLUS but i search every RAM(not literally)on my preferred store to see if its on the list but no prevail, good thing the QVL on the mobo site has search function, just type the RAM code like F4-XXX-XXXX like that but meh this is really giving me anxiety the said store is far from my place but they offer to meet up a place where we can transact and bring me the parts,thats convinient right but since i cant test the parts on the spot i have to gamble....and i found a RAM close enough 1ST picture was from the store i highlight the RAM code and 2nd pic was from the QVL,close enough right??? tell me atleast this will work? Edit:I did find one though A kingston 16GB single stick with 2666 speed but i want 3200 and found nothing thats on the list, FUCK IT, AMD has some limited RAM COMPATIBILITY i might have to switch to INTEL BOARDS if that the case guys can you suggest a good h310/b360 brand and model???
  13. 0oGOkuo0


    Sup Guys What is the best combo in terms of performance, I want it to maximize FPS as possible and still (If not fully,atleast by a little)utilizing the GPU..... RYZEN 3 2200G+RTX 2060 or RYZEN 5 2600+GTX 1660TI Thanks for the reply
  14. 0oGOkuo0

    Memory Oc

    ok thanks that clears things up ill refund my 2400 and replace it with 3200
  15. 0oGOkuo0

    Memory Oc

    so i should have bought 3200 RAM instead so it can run 3200 immediately.