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    I love gaming and building PCs.
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    An Italian programmer
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  1. Does windows 10 allow us to upgrade the CPU, Mobo, and RAM without having to do a fresh windows install? I really want to upgrade but I don't want to go through reinstalling windows from scratch or going through old drivers and uninstalling them. Thanks!
  2. NickB

    Laptop has 2 display adapters

    Yeah windows automatically re-installed it right away thankfully. Thank you so much for the help.
  3. My laptop has intel graphics for apps and an nvidia card inside for games. How does it know which card to use when? And if I uninstalled intel graphics and reinstalled them will it still work properly with both GPUs? Thanks@
  4. NickB

    Help me pick a laptop

    Without a GPU I’d be surprised if I didn’t
  5. I need a laptop with a touchscreen, 1tb SSD, 15inch minimum screen, no GPU, and a strong processor. Ive had awful experiences with HP and Dell’s Alienware in the past so I don’t know if I trust them anymore. Budget: 1200 max Thanks!
  6. Any kind of screen movement would cause flashes and lines to go across the screen. Sometimes the laptop would need a full restart.
  7. We have the money for a ssd thats included with the laptop, and we've only had bad experiences with HP. I'll avoid HP for a long long time.
  8. 1200$ max. 1tb ssd, fast processor (maybe i7), touchscreen, and 15 inch minimum screen. Not for gaming so no gpu.
  9. 20 gigs of ram, 1tb ssd, and i7 though. I don't want a graphics processor. This is for my parents. I need a strong processor with 1tb ssd and a touchscreen.
  10. I'm thinking on getting this Lenovo Ideapad 320 on Newegg but it had no reviews and seems great when looking at the specs. I also cannot find anything on it with those specs. https://m.newegg.com/products/9SIAE4N7946616?ignorebbr=1 Does it seem legitimate? Is it a good fast laptop? Thank you!
  11. NickB

    GTX 970 Chip Brand

    I'd rather not mess with it since I'm trying to sell it lol.
  12. NickB

    GTX 970 Chip Brand

    Unfortunately there is a backplate, the card is the ASUS Strix GTX 970.
  13. NickB

    GTX 970 Chip Brand

    It doesn't say the brand name next to it.
  14. NickB

    GTX 970 Chip Brand

    How can I check?
  15. NickB

    GTX 970 Chip Brand

    What's the brand for the RAM chips on the GTX 970? Thank you.