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    I love gaming and building PCs.
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    An Italian programmer
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  1. NickB

    Newegg Support

    As a followup, I finally contacted them. They're giving me a store credit refund which is fine with me, I'll replace the current card with an MSI one. I do have to send back the old card too.
  2. NickB

    Newegg Support

    I'll try, thanks a lot for the help!
  3. NickB

    Newegg Support

    I only have a replace button
  4. NickB

    Newegg Support

    The fans turn on and off under load, like every second its on, then off, then on back and forth. The buzzing happens when the fans ramp up. I'm thinking of getting the replacement and selling it as brand new maybe.
  5. NickB

    Newegg Support

    lol the RTX 2070, the only RGB option is static and the Aorus software is incredibly slow. I should but my fans are still bad, I'll see what I can do.
  6. NickB

    Newegg Support

    It was brand new so it's weird I cant get a refund.
  7. NickB

    Newegg Support

    The fans have spotted working and make a weird buzzing sound. The order page only has a replace button but I'm trying to get a refund so I can buy an MSI card instead. The Gigabyte software is absolutely awful.
  8. NickB

    Newegg Support

    I just got a defective Gigabyte card and I'm trying to get a refund but contacting Newegg is almost impossible. Should I use the replace button or is that not a refund? Thanks.
  9. I have 2x4GB sticks running at 1600Mhz and 2x4GB sticks running at 1800Mhz. I was planning on running them together but one of the 1600Mhz sticks died. Can I run 3 sticks with different speeds? Note: Its DDR3. Thanks!
  10. NickB

    Gigabyte RGB Fusion Software

    I got it right off of their support page for my card.
  11. I just got the Gigabyte RTX 2070 Windforce 8GB and their RGB software only has a static option when their website shows other options like breathing and spectrum cycling. Also, when the fans go from 0% to max is does a weird loud buzzing sound for a few seconds. Anyone know anything about this? Thanks!
  12. Does windows 10 allow us to upgrade the CPU, Mobo, and RAM without having to do a fresh windows install? I really want to upgrade but I don't want to go through reinstalling windows from scratch or going through old drivers and uninstalling them. Thanks!
  13. NickB

    Laptop has 2 display adapters

    Yeah windows automatically re-installed it right away thankfully. Thank you so much for the help.
  14. My laptop has intel graphics for apps and an nvidia card inside for games. How does it know which card to use when? And if I uninstalled intel graphics and reinstalled them will it still work properly with both GPUs? Thanks@
  15. NickB

    Help me pick a laptop

    Without a GPU I’d be surprised if I didn’t