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    Pc building, gaming, drawing and skating :D
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    Constructionmachine Mechanic


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    Asrock z97-e
  • RAM
    2x4GB Corsair Dominator
  • GPU
    GTX 690
  • Case
    Inwin 901
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    seagate 1TB, SSD samsung 120GB
  • PSU
    Coolermaster 850w
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100i
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    Razer blackwidow
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    Razer deathadder
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    win 8.1
  1. So like I mentioned in my post, I have been considering the Asetek 645LT, which is built for this case, and I can fit all reference cards and dual fan cards, but the huge one with 3 fans might be a problem, seen other people having issue with it hitting the tubes underneath by just 2mm. Reason I was asking because Im not wasnt sure if air cooling with the l9i will be enough for my use. I will mostly do gaming.
  2. I will consider the 2060 super then! What style do you think is better for this build, blower or dual fan. I hard 3 fan gpu might not fit in this case if using liquid cooling. If I decide on going for the i5-9600k and the 2060 super, would I need to do some tweaks? seen some people talking about delidding(im a noob) will that be neccesary? Thanks alot!
  3. Hey! Im going to build a new itx build and been having my eye on the Dan A4 case, but after alot of research I cant come to a conclusion what parts and cooling setup to go for. I have been looking at the noctua l9i and the Asetek 645LT, but still not sure what to go for. For the specs, I have been thinking of getting either 1080 or rtx 2070 and i5-9600k that I want to overclock to 4.7ghz. I am using a BenQ xl2546 240hz monitor, I mainly play CS:GO and its important that I am able to maintain 300+ fps, now since CS:GO is heavily cpu based game I need to overclock in other to keep stable fps. Any recommendation to what setup to run, and maybe u have other suggestions to what parts I should get? Thanks!
  4. Daenny

    IN WIN 901 BUILD

    ok, thanks for ur help mate
  5. Daenny

    IN WIN 901 BUILD

    Thank you for ur answer, but atm i dont think i can invest that much into a gpu. Since here in norway pc parts are expensive as F compared to other countries. What u think about the gtx 780 or gtx 780ti? dont mind if the performance is the same as gtx 690, i just want the pc to be less noisy and lower temps. Im a noob when it comes to pc builds/hardware, but out curiousity when u said why gtx 690 what did u really mean? is it that bad or?
  6. Daenny

    IN WIN 901 BUILD

    Won that gpu in a counterstrike competition a while ago, so i thought why not use it in this build. Maybe u could recommend a better gpu, that doesnt heat up like the 690, id prefer a gpu that got the geforce led logo on the side of it Thanks, glad u like it I totally agree! Yeeaaah that glass panel.... i wish case manufacturers would make cases with similar glass panel. Makes a pc case look alot better.
  7. Hello folks! This is my first pc build, after a few mistakes here and there i finally finished the build. I chose this build because i wanted a PC that was small and nice looking, i chose this case since it looks elegant. The airflow is not great in this case, ut i think there is possible to do some small mods and changes to make it alot cooler. I hope u guys like this build, and I would really appreciate if anyone could suggest away to make this builds airflow cooler, since my gpu heats up fast, up to 80+°C when playing bf4 on ultra, 80°C might not be a huge deal, but the annoying thing is the pc sounds like a jet taking off when playing games like bf3 on high settings.(Exuse my terible English, im Norwegian ) Specs: GPU: GTX 690 SLI GPU 4GB CPU: i5-4690k MOBO: ASROCK z97-e PSU: Coolermaster v 850w RAM: 2x4gb corsair dominator HDD: Seagate 1TB and Samsung SSD 120GB AIO: Corsair H100i Sorry for terible pictures,