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  1. In regards to the S12II-B model showing better crossload than the NEX-G, it's not an apple to apple comparison if you are comparing a 520w [LINK] to a 750w [LINK]. As we all know, group-regulated PSUs are inheritedly bad in regards to voltage regulation and crossload scenarios, because the load of one rail can influence the voltages of another. If you put zero loads (or no extra loads) on the minor rails, the voltages on the 12V tend to drop harder as you increase load to it, which also cause the voltages of the minor rails to increase (usually the 5V). This is true the other way around. Since the 12V rating is higher on the NEX-G while having similar minor rail rating (1A difference), it's understandable that the voltage drop on the 12V is greater as you are seeing the limitation of the design. Anyways, the NEX-G and S12II-B / M12II-B 380-620 are a bit poor when talking about v.reg / crossloads when comparing to a DC-DC / Indy regulated PSU in the grand scheme of things, so even if the GB platform is better overall, I wouldn't say it's a drastic difference. NEX-G vs HCG-620M (Seasonic GB / S/M12II-B) vs Cooler Master G550M vs Corsair CX650M
  2. Actually, the molded types of adapters are what considered to be unreliable, which the Bitfenix Alchemy seem to be. Here's more info on them: http://www.jonnyguru.com/forums/showthread.php?p=130311 The safe ones are typically the crimped ones (which comes in both sleeved and bare red/yellow cables) [LINK]; although, as you have said, there are many cheaply made adapters that with poor quality control and thin wires.
  3. Sounds like something from the primary stage of the power supply may have failed, in which since the primary side is galvanically isolated from the secondary side (the side of which your components is hooked up to), I would say that your components is likely fine. But yeah, you'll need to contact Corsair and request a RMA. @Corsair Blake may be able to assist you with this.
  4. Aurum 92+ is essentially an updated version of the previous Aurum / CM in that it offer better efficiency. It's what the Antec Earthwatt Platinum is based off of. Aurum S is single rail Aurum / CM but with a medium speed Yateloon sleeved bearing rather than the Protechnic FDB The Aurum PT updated version of the Aurum Pro. The Aurum Xilenser is what the Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 10 550-750 is based off of but a bit modified from original fanless design. This the design the NEX650G / 750G should have been based off of TBH.
  5. Ah, Argentina. Prices tend to be rather high due to import taxes. So your budget is approximately 1200 ARS looking at the EVGA 430 W1 unit, correct? http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-660114896-fuente-evga-430w-80-plus-pci-e-8pin-430-w-gamer-_JM I couldn't find the EVGA 500B, but I found the Seasonic S12II-B 520w model for 1779.99 ARS. Are you able to get that? http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-614794222-fuente-pc-seasonic-s12ii-520w-reales-80-plus-40a-atx-gamer-_JM
  6. Can you provide any links to stores you are able to buy from, so we know what's available to you?
  7. There is. While it didn't have the "2" within the model number, the Seasonic X *60 models were the KM2 models rather than the X 650 KM3.
  8. Yeah. They are pretty quiet; although can get on the "loud" side at heavy loads (80% and above - it didn't bothered me but it sure did with some of my colleagues...), but the OP shouldn't need to worry about that with his system.
  9. lol, you may have looked at the 750w+ models, as those has the 10 year warranty. But quite honestly, 7 years is plenty either way. https://www.hardocp.com/article/2016/09/26/msi_geforce_gtx_1080_gaming_x_8g_video_card_review/11 That's with an overclocked 6700k @ 4.7GHz - measurement at the wall, so the relevant power draw after the factoring power supply efficiency is around 300wDC with that GPU overclock they has put on it. Anyways, the G2, G3, and RMx are all excellent power supplies. If you aren't too concern with noise, you would be fine with getting any of them. Enjoy your purchase on whichever you get.
  10. 7 years as well. https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=220-G3-0650-Y1
  11. Corsair updated the warranty for the RMx to 10 years from 7 years, while the 550/650 G2 / G3 is 7 years. You need to get the 750w+ G2 / G3 model to get the 10 year warranty. According to the 850w review, the fanless / eco mode is effectively useless. It had the fan turned on at around <100wDC, and when it spin up, it goes up to 1500RPM. The RM650x and the EVGA Supernova 650 G2 would be quieter options, they are both semi-passive whose has a longer passive mode as well as a more relax overall fan profile (especially the RMx).
  12. The EVGA 650 G2 and G3 uses two sets of cables with two 6+2 pin PEG each - totaling four PEG cables for a dual GPU setup. This setup should be fine, as it uses thicker 16AWG wires on the PEG cables than the ones found in the NEX-G / G1 series. The G2 / G3 will offer you better build quality, lower audible noise (well, maybe comparable noise the G3 - but it does offer a HDB fan that's less susceptible to bearing noises), and due to it superior, modern design, it will perform vastly better in line / load / crossload regulation, ripple suppression, and transient load response. I would much rather used one of those than the G1 units; however, it just a matter of spending £100 to replace something that already works and having to redo all of the cable managements (the cables will not be compatible).
  13. While the NEX650G is based on a mediocre FSP Aurum platform, it isn't such a poor power supply that you should feel that you'll need to immediately to spend up to £100 to replace it. It should be fine for your system with an 250~300wDC power draw. Anyways, both of the G2 / G3 aren't bad power supplies; however, unless you need the shorter profile of the G3 (which doesn't seem like it if you got the NEX-G / G1), I would go for the G2 simply because it is quieter and slightly cheaper.
  14. What's your budget, and where you are able to buy from?
  15. Are you planning to put two of them in SLI? Because your rig can be power on a quality 450w.
  16. You really like the Seasonic G don't you? Anyways, seeing how he had stated the S12II-B 620 cost $20 more more than the CX450M where he is from, chances are the Seasonic G 550 would cost even more there. As such, he probably isn't able to get it for $70 USD. I'm assuming he is from Australia / New Zealand, which on top of my head the Seasonic G cost $110-120 AUD / NZD - over his $70 budget. I could be wrong, of course.
  17. The CX450M is a good budget unit that will be perfectly fine for your system.
  18. The Masterwatt Lite is replacing the CWT GPM / GPK based Bv2 models as you have said; however, that doesn't mean that it is a direct rebrand of that platform. The MWL is made by a completely different OEM, so you can't really used that as a reference point to determine the quality of the power supply, because not all companies set on improving itself over the previous iterations. While it is true that such a system can be powered by even a quality 400w PSU, just because you see that the Ex2 475w only went out of specs after 350w doesn't mean that it would be fine, as it's v.reg went out of specs in a control, static load. In a modern day rig that is very 12V heavy, the PSU will be subject to large dynamic and transient loads, in which the voltages will likely behave more erratically and drop harder in this sort of design - giving the PSU less of a window to stay in specs. Now if you are saying that by going for a larger 600w model will provide it enough margin to make up for the shit that been put out, there's a few example of this from other brands but CM at one point in time took a PSU, updated some of the components, and had it marketed as a higher wattage unit; however, it had tested to have the same electrical profile as the lower wattage unit where both of them touch ATX specification at the similar loads (and out of specs on the higher wattage unit). This shows that there's a limitation that's not just cause by the components that determine rated output but as well as the design itself. Anyways, will the Cooler Master MWL be so bad that they will put out some POS into the market? Probably not, as I hope they had learn their lessons with the garbage they had release in the past. However, since there is no information on it other than it being built by Enhance Electronics, placed in the entry level segment, and will be group-regulated as well as this is a new PSU that he may be able to return, I'm not giving them any benefit of the doubt an would recommend getting a known modern PSU.
  19. Just because the specification shows that it had the relevant protection with a MTBF rating of 100,000 hours doesn't mean that the power supply is serviceable nor does it show it capability. Considering how the Cooler Master have a track record of releasing poor units in the past, those factors alone does not shows whether or not it capable of running his build "without flinching". In fact, the Cooler Master Extreme 2 475 market to have all of the same protection as the Masterwatt Lite (OVP / UVP / OCP / OPP / OTP / SCP) with an MTBF rating of 100,000 hours, and yet it fail to stay within ATX specification at 380wDC in voltage regulation and at 430wDC in ripple suppression. On top of that, it had burned out when trying to deliver that showing that the so-call OPP is either set too high or non-existent. http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/cooler-master-extreme-2-475-w-power-supply-review/7/ So even if it did have OPP, it doesn't mean anything if it's not working the say it should. That's only one example of what Cooler Master had release. Since the Masterwatt Lite is new and there is no review on it, the OP should have look for something else.
  20. "HEC vs CWT" is among one of the least things you can say about a particular unit. It's like saying Delta vs CWT. Delta is a better OEM than CWT; however, I much rather get the Corsair CX550M over the Antec VP550Pv2. HEC is capable of producing some good quality units provided that their customers (BQ, EVGA, etc) is willing to pay / ask for it. Anyways, in this case, the BQ Straight Power 8 is based on an old, lower quality group-regulated design, which the CX550M is superior. I would also go with that over the Seasonic S12II-B 620 unit.
  21. No problem, and yeah, the HX Platinum offer a better FDB fan than the rifle bearing fan in the RMx. It also has a switch for to toggle between single rail and multi-rail mode (a set of protection), where the RMx is only a single rail design.
  22. Sample variation. It can differ depending on where the thermistor is placed, where it may have shifted slightly in another sample. This can cause a slight change in the fan profile; however, it had shown that the PSU of this design had been very quiet throughout. You can saved quiet a bit of money by going for the non-i HX750 Platinum. It's pretty much the same PSU internally, but you would lose support for Corsair Link.
  23. The HX750i had been retested by Aris in his updated Hemi-anechoic chamber and sound meter equipment on his certification program, which it got the highest rating for low noise: Lambda A++. https://www.cybenetics.com/code/pdf.php?id=GGT I suspect the EVGA P2 would be there as well, while the 850G3 is ranked Lambda B.
  24. 850 G3 http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/evga-supernova-850-g3-psu,4930-5.html 850 P2 http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/evga-supernova-850-p2-power-supply,4454-5.html HX750i https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Corsair/HX750i/6.html Note that the at it's loudest, the fan ramped up to 1000RPM max, unless you over load it. It also have an FDB fan so it is less susceptible to bearing noises. Both the P2 and HXi should be quieter than the G3.
  25. A bad sample. But the Supernova G3 isn't quietest power supply, that not only the passive mode is short, the fan would ramped up over 1000RPM minimum when it does eventually turn on. If you are looking for a quieter options, the Supernova G2/P2 is indeed superior in that category. Another alternative would be the Corsair RMx / RMi or HX