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  1. Are there any mATX boards with the last PCIe slot being a x16? Yes, I think PSUs in the front are just odd...
  2. mATX boards don't have a x16 slot for the last 1, so a 5 slot case is pointless, I learned that after posting it...
  3. Here is a .step and a protocase file of it... mycase.step mycase.pda
  4. I have a CAD file I did of a case, if I kunk it, will you guys tell me what you think... I can export as .step/stp.
  5. Edward78

    Facebook's new secyrity check, so what now??

    I will try next time...
  6. Edward78

    Facebook's new secyrity check, so what now??

    I thought you typed the letters on the keyboard, nope...
  7. What are you supposed to do???
  8. Edward78

    Windows XP, color blind users?

    I am asking for someone else.
  9. Edward78

    Windows XP, color blind users?

    https://www.thewindowsclub.com/computer-software-color-blindness which ones are good?
  10. Edward78

    AndroidTV volume control app.?

    We play vids./streamers, when commercials come on it gets sort of loud, is there some way to control the volume besides the TV?
  11. I watched a youtube video about apps & they had 1, but I can't find it in my history. Any decent apps for it?
  12. Sorry, strange habit. This would be cool for lots of games.
  13. Will it work for PC, says Xbox???