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    madscientist56 reacted to airdeano in 8350 for $34.84 ?   
    i got the same alert and went to "check it out" and PCPP was down due to "maintenance".
    remember to reset your alerts.. all 15 of mine were tripped. database prolly got corrupt.
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from Giggitygoebbels in Is the Surface RT 32GB worth it for $199   
    I'm on one right now and honestly unless you need to be able to run desktop apps (you have to jail break it if you want to so that) then its not really worth it.
    Its just not compatible with much tablet stuff I can't even put the mobile version of Google chrome on mine.
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    madscientist56 reacted to ManOfDisguise in Why I won't tell my parents about Christmas.   
    I dont know whats more stupid to get. Iphone 5 or XB1?
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    madscientist56 reacted to tristan1035 in Build-Off Week 18: Eco-Friendly Build   
    :blink:  I really hope you're trying to be funny, otherwise there's something wrong with you. 
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from TheSLSAMG in Flashiest Case For $70 or under   
    not bad...we may have a keeper
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    madscientist56 reacted to Air tree in How far away is this?   
    But, But i like sleeved cables
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from bcb5000 in Corsair h100i or swiftech h220   
    get neither! 
    The cooler master glacier just came out! Its the same thing as the h220 but it has cooler master branding and it costs less! I read about it on toms hardware here are some links:    
    Newegg page:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103196
    Tome Hardware Post:http://www.tomshardware.com/news/cooler-master-glacer-240l-swiftech,24798.html
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    madscientist56 reacted to lachyman in No $300 card Nvidia ?   
    If you want $300 NVidia, 760 Hawk is the way to go, the 760Ti should come with the 750s in October, but the 7970 is a better value, it has the performance of the 770.
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from JujuShinobi in Again a price bump in DDR3   
    DDR4 will be in general better than DDR3 it will have lower latancy and be MUCH faster than DDR3 and it will boost apu preformance by a lot.
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from Vitalius in Do you think Cherry mx blues are ok for gaming?   
    I would recommend Cherry MX Blue keys to anyone with their first mechanical keyboard. They are on the lighter side but it really depends on your personal prefrence. 
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from lioton2000 in hd 7970 ghz or msi gtx 760 hawk   
    The 7970 still beats the 770 but its its close. Honestly if I were you I would just wait until the 9000 series comes out unless you need to buy right now.
    Also you should check out gpuboss.com Its what I used to compare the 7970 and 770. I rely on them to compare lots cards.
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from dOug in Blue & White Shinobi Case [repost]   
    wow, great build. I guess you really don't need the highest end most expensive parts to have an amazing build, Great Job
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    madscientist56 reacted to Lays in hd 7970 ghz or msi gtx 760 hawk   
    ?????????????????????? 780 "woops dat ass" so to speak.
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from jeffrey_rodriguez in Project "Cheappy"   
    Nice build ! Its nice to see some who can improvize to fit things like that H60.
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    madscientist56 reacted to iAsuno in Why does AMD & Nvidia Make Reference Cards   
    please use the edit function.
    1. custom PCBs can affect the cooling and performance of a card. they design it for better power management and other things that most people don't know (i don't either)
    2. they use the exact same chip. the partners buy these GPUs from AMD or NVIDIA and then they go and do whatever they want as long as AMD and NVIDIA allows them to.
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    madscientist56 reacted to NinjaStyle013 in Why does AMD & Nvidia Make Reference Cards   
    They exist as the base for companies to build off.
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    madscientist56 reacted to Nicktrance in Cheapest case with good cable management ?   
    Also Fractal Design core 1000
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    madscientist56 reacted to marto in Cheapest case with good cable management ?   
    Form factor? How cheap is cheap? What's going into the build etc? It's hard to make a recommendation based off no information.
    I would recommend a NZXT source 210 as a low cost, one size fits all type of case though, It has a clean aesthetic which I like and if it were a tiny bit more feature rich in terms of removable HDD cages and perhaps a tiny bit more cable management room it would be perfect
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    madscientist56 reacted to Lavi in Cheapest case with good cable management ?   
    Check ebay craigslist etc and see what you can get second hand. Cases don't wear out and any damage is easy to spot on them.