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  1. It would need to slowly go up. I'll figure something else out.
  2. It absolutely needs to gradually raise in RPM over a set amount of time. again, this isn't going inside a PC case. I need this for controlled testing.
  3. It would need to be through USB. The fan is for a project I really can't talk about that has nothing to do with a PC.
  4. That gets me a PWM output, But will it supply enough voltage? Also, I put all my points in hardware, Coding and I never got along. I can generate a signal, but how do I control it?
  5. I really can't go into much detail here, but I have a very specific project i'm working on. I need a way to control a fan (most likely an older AMD Cooler Master stock fan) not by temp, but to ramp up linearly on a timer, And it needs to be controlled by software. I can't find an easy way to do this with a Raspberry Pi, and I can't find any fan controllers that would let me do this on Ebay/Amazon. Could anyone offer some guidance?
  6. It just came in the mail yesterday so I think I'm just going to return it. Wasn't too concerned with USB mics after i've had a CAD U37 for years. Guess I wasn't ready to upgrade after all.
  7. Hello lads, I recently picked up an Audia-Technica AT2020 USB+ on eBay and first impressions have been less then stellar. The mic sounds the way it should when I am literally a centimeter away but backup to about 3 inches and I'm barely audible. This happens in Windows 10 and Kubuntu, I don't have a Windows 7 ISO to test, It sounds the same playing back in windows/Linux and from the built in monitor itself (tested with AKG earbuds and Senheiser HD4.40's) The last thing I want to do is return it, but I'm genuinely at a loss. I've even tried plugging the mic directly into a phone charger and listening to the monitor that way. nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated! demo of what's happening: mictest.wav
  8. Considering I just upgraded to it from a 750ti last January, I think I'm going to keep it for a while 750ti aged like fine wine, I don't think I could ever part ways with mine.
  9. that's the problem now is it's almost impossible to work in, I've spent days trying to fit a Quadro 400 in as a display adapter and virtualizing Windows with the RX580, but for the life of me cannot get everything plugged in. I guess I'm just trying to justify dropping the $150 on something that doesn't exactly age like the rest of the machine. TL;DR: I have no room
  10. So this is an interesting question that I never thought I'd ask myself, About 5 years ago I was gifted an NZXT S340 Elite for my birthday. Beautiful case only shattered the window once really dressing up my turd of a Pentium 4 G2020/750ti build. But I've graduated, got an actual job, and proper ATX board with an RX580 Strix and enough storage to justify a separate Freenas server, Have I outgrown my case? Would the LianLi O11 dynamic be a reasonable upgrade from here? (I promise it looks better in person, S8 Camera is not doing any favors here. Also a slightly outdated pic, Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro and Zen 1 do not play nicely with each other. they constantly disconnect and freeze requiring a restart to fix)
  11. You can find USB microphones under $50 all day, I personally daily drive a CAD U37. It's a bit expensive on Amazon now, But goes on sale all the time. I picked mine up for $35, been rock solid for a few years now.
  12. Sounds to me like a board failure, I would suggest contacting Gigabyte about that since it's only a year old, Either that or trying a different board if you have a friend on Ryzen as well. (Thank you AMD for backwards compatibility!!)
  13. Honestly, Since I can still access Gravity, I think I'm just going to back it up and re-install. This poor pi routinely racks up over 100 days of uptime. Best use of a pi ever.
  14. Neat that i'm on a different screen, But still not helpful when I can't change the password. Since when did raspbian stop booting to a command line? I'm confident i've never changed this either, Still default pi & raspberry
  15. Before you go throwing money at the problem, Try using another mic in the same port first, soundcards in 2020 are a hard sell.
  16. Before you click off immediately, Try hearing me out. Obviously I've been all over the internet trying to find a solution to this, But I seam to having the opposite of everyone else. Started my night off with deciding I should update my PiHole server, no problem right? SSH into the thing and can't remember my password. So I just grabbed an HDMI cable to reset it... But for the life of me can't figure out why I can't get to the terminal?? It's like it's getting stuck booting, But the PiHole API still works just fine.(See pics). I can get into the web interface just fine, But why in gods name can't I get into the physical terminal? I've tried rebooting it with and without my PADD display, Did the same thing. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  17. This is the first time i've needed to use it. If it runs in a browser then i'll just use Sandboxie. And in all honesty i'm most likely going to use a Live CD, Figured I should make a thread since I can't find anything online that discusses this:
  18. Hello friends, I think it goes without saying Zoom is one of the most sketchiest conference programs being used today, And as I have a job interview this Friday, I would like to get it running in a VM first. I've tried pushing my camera both with the Virtualbox extension pack and as a standard USB device, neither work on Windows or Linux (Not pictured because my PC BSOD when I kill the VM but I also tried Manjaro), Camera is a C920 Pro, Works fine on my base system, Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Looks like no sliding server rails was a blessing in disguise, my unit barely fits in my rack. Didn't even think to measure it first. Either way, glad it worked out in the end.
  20. Well I tried to be fancy and go with proper sliding rails, But my wallet is telling me generic bottom supporting rails are the way to go. I get that this isn't consumer grade hardware, But why the fricc are 4 2.5 foot long strips of metal going for over $100 used. I swear this whole industry is nothing but a proprietary cash grab.
  21. Hello lads, Despite knowing nothing about servers besides a FreeNAS system in a corner, I bought a Lenovo Thinkserver RD640. And it's been leaning up against a wall for the last week. I want to mount it in a rack but the first set of universal rails I bought on eBay didn't work (did get a refund though!) Since I've now learned by trial by fire, How are rails categorized? Do all brands have their own mounting hardware? The only listing I can find that specifically mentions my machine is almost $100. Would RD540 rails work as a substitute? This is a pic of the first set next of rails to my machine. I have no idea what I'm doing. I got it for a good deal and I'm only using it for Minecraft and FreeNAS.
  22. Hello folks, A friend of mine has requested that I build him a budget gaming rig for $300. The cheapest way to do this is to buy and old Dell and throw a GPU in it, and that's exactly what I did. I already bought a Dell Vostro off Craigslist with an i5 3450, a 2x4g of ram and a 1tb HDD with only 1681 hours on it for $140. Pretty good deal if you ask me. Problem is it only has a 300W PSU with a single 6 pin PCI-E power cable. My first though would be a 750ti but that's severely bottle necked by it's vram last time I had one last January. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Obviously I have money in mind, But Texas is about to go under lock down and he's still a friend. I'm already unemployed so $100 profit here would be nice but I'm not terribly strict on that. Update: Decided to go with a NEW RX460 for $89 shipped. Friend agreed to up the price to $350 if I throw in two extra monitors.
  23. Alrightey, I've been trying to solve this for two days now. Really not stoked about the "progress" i've made. I had KDE Neon, Ubuntu, and Windows 10 installed on an NVME drive in my laptop. Last night, Ubuntu got corrupted which took away GNU+GRUB preventing me from loading any other OS. I've tried every live CD I own trying to re-install something with a boot selector. I eventually gave up, Completely formatted my SSD and opted to re-install starting from scratch. I have a Windows 10 backup on a separate partition on my 1tb Steam HDD. For whatever reason, Despite all my old data still being there, TLDR: I don't have a MedialID.bin file for the old backup, Windows refuses to detect anything older than when i installed this instance. This is really infuriating.
  24. Yeah, the ticking is just loud enough to drive you mad. Minecraft music at full blast is is then.