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  1. I just have proofs that M$ collect personal data. And worst- they sell that data... Recently I build new rig, install W10, create M$ account with 100% fake information (let say it's "user X"), than install and register needed software (with same "user X") and start using it mainly for browsing and other simple tasks. On this PC never, NEVER was used Gmail (don't even have a youtube profile) but I receive mails like "Dear "user X", it seems that you are using old version of our software- will you consider upgrading your programs to last version?" in MY Gmail account? Try to explain me how the fuck someone connects new hardware/software owned by "X" who never, repeat- NEVER uses Gmail with my Gmail account? There are ONLY ONE thing in common- my IP address. There are no problem if someone knows that I own 5 PC's, but to make connection like that you need to know too many personal things... OK, we don't care about what M$ collects and believe them- just like you... But they SELL your data to others- can you believe THEM?
  2. Are you 100% sure? If answer is YES than you are an idiot...
  3. mstef

    Windows and Changing Platforms

    Of course NOT. You can change your mobo and so on- just use you current SSD (or HDD) with already installed W10. You'll need to change all drivers and you'll have to activate your W10 again- that's it, you DON'T need to install older Windows and upgrade... But it's preferably to do a clean install of W10...
  4. mstef

    Does an SSD boosts your FPS in games?

    He will see BIG difference in every every other task besides games, but today SSD is a must in a system like this...
  5. mstef

    The US ranks 55th in terms of LTE download speeds

    It's sad to be right - you are fucking liar. And believe me, I don't give a fuck about your list... PS: If you don't have unlimited data plan (or at least data cap is over 50 gigs) there are not even 1 reason to use 4G.
  6. mstef

    The US ranks 55th in terms of LTE download speeds

    It's a problem to use 10MB of your traffic? Just say "I'm a fucking liar"...
  7. mstef

    The US ranks 55th in terms of LTE download speeds

    Did I ask for theoretical speeds? Just make a test and post it...
  8. mstef

    The US ranks 55th in terms of LTE download speeds

    Did you know that 38MB/s are somewhere around 300Mbps?
  9. mstef

    The US ranks 55th in terms of LTE download speeds

    Maybe 85+% of territory of my country is covered with DC-HSDPA and I'm getting 30++ in cities and around 25Mbps outside them with 3G- who needs 4G?
  10. mstef

    Linus imposter on 9gag?

    Why? Or you maybe think that there are only one Linus Sebastian on the world?
  11. mstef

    What windows for low end laptop?

    Seriously? Are you ready to bet €5000 on your words? I'll provide an low end laptop + 2 ssd- on one you'll install and optimize Win 10 Pro, on another I'll install and optimize Win 7 Ultimate (yes, Ultimate on low end laptop). If you manage to cut in half resource usage I'll give you €5 000... But lets make it interesting with 5:1 bet- if you win I'll pay you €25 000... Next week I'll be in Austria and it's not problem to visit Belgium for a day- just give me an address and you'll have a chance to get nice amount of money for literally 3 hours...
  12. mstef

    PC problem

    Roughly said- Windows in idle uses 15-20% of ram. More ram- more usage. If in some moment you have shortage of ram Windows will release some of these 7gigs, but with 64gigs this won't happens... And it's good idea everyone to remember something- used ram is useful ram, empty ram is useless ram. In fact ram is fastest way to access something- I bet that with 7gigs used in idle PC runs very fast... Problem is ram management, not ram usage.
  13. mstef

    Computer not connecting to WiFi

    This is your Wi-Fi adapter, just find drivers...
  14. mstef

    Computer not connecting to WiFi

    Yes, there is a way- it's called "Device manager"...