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  1. The warranty ended the end of 2014(3 year warranty) and i used it already changing a dead pixel and replacing the keyboard in the year i bought it. and thanks for the video Before the shutdown 10 minutes earlier i got a skyforge.exe stopped working after the eventlog 6008 there is an event of Error: Initialization failed memory dump - ID48 (10 seconds before the registered event) So the critical is the Kernel-power ID 41 In these event logs i got the first reboot.. then a reboot when initializing the bios.. and another reboot when loading windows... so (3 reboots in total) Adding more information about my GPU - I don't see any artifacts on the screen and in-gaming the performance is excellent and no slowdowns before the reboot occurs... Thanks for the help guys! I appreciate.
  2. Hello everyone, My Problem: Notebook reboots itself without warning. Event log: 6008 I’m from Brazil (sorry for my english) and i have the same notebook as MSI Laptop GT Series GT780DX-406US (its sold in a different brand here). Motherboard : MSI MegaBook GT780/GT783/GX780 Series (MS-1761) Bios Version: AMI (08/15/2011) CPU: I7 2670QM 2400mhz (With turbo boost disabled on bios) GPU: GeForce GTX570m 1.5gb (MSI) (stock clock) Memory: 2 x 4gb Kingston 9905428-089.a00g HDD: Samsung SSD 840 250gb OS: Windows 8.1 (with all the recommended updates) Story/Progress: My computer started to reboot itself without warning and keeps rebooting like 1 or 2 times… then it boots on windows. The event log i got when it happens - ID: 6008 (screenshot attached) And when it reboots when booting windows i got the kernel power ID: 41. The reboots happened when i was gaming… so i thought it was overheating issues of some sort. I cleaned the notebook inside changed the termal paste(twice) on the GPU and CPU (my cpu i already disabled the turbo boost because it overheats) I did some stress tests and the temperatures is normal bellow the TJmax) Then the other day i booted and started using chrome, watching youtube videos and reboots itself again. I thought it was GPU issue but the computer was still cold and gpu temperatures was in 47 degrees Celsius. I Did some benchmakrs with furmark, aida64 stress tests,etc. The computer worked fine in the time i was stress testing.. when i stopped and started doing other things, the computer started rebooting itself again. I formatted my SSD with a fresh windows install, kept rebooting… i changed to another HD(optical) with one memory Stick at a time.. at first i thought it was fine ( i played like 6 hours of League of legends and 1 hour of skyforge) in the other day i booted my computer and started playing skyForge for 1 hour then i left my computer AFK for 30min(still in the game) i resume playing after 1min the computer Rebooted itself. ( It happens connected in the power and in the battery) I already sent to to the technical assistance of my reseller, they said they were not sure and thought it is a memory dim and the graphics card (invoice: R$2000 ~= 750 USD) to buy another 4gb stick and a GTX570m to replace. I refused the replacement of those components because it was expensive and i think it’s not worth for a old notebook like mine. So now i’m trying to troubleshoot again.. and asking the internet for help. I already stress tested the memory, cpu and gpu all seems to work fine, only sometimes it rebooted when doing furmark. Any ideias or suggestions of what can i do?