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  1. 30MB and i have transfered from one pc to another at the full speed without any issues, Just when writing to the NAS (Which is a DS216J) However i do believe that this is the NAS's fault as the CPU Usage goes to 90+ whenever i go to try and read/write to the drive
  2. Hi everyone, Just a follow up on my situation, I managed to get a 1gb switch and this has improved my file transfer speeds however im topping out at 30mbps. My drive in my NAS is a 2TB WD Red so there shouldnt be a limiting factor, Right? Please let me know if there is a way to check that everything is running properly
  3. With the router being limited to 10/100 is no issue, my internet is only max 16mb down, With the router however all of the models ive seen with 5+ 1gb connections are stupidly expensive. Do you recommend getting a 1gb switch for my Lan connections and then keep the router i have as wifi and internet?
  4. Hi everyone, Just a quick question about networking that im not 100% sure about. I currently have all of my networking going through my router which is very old and limited to 10/100. Would getting a 1gb switch fix my issue and make everything 1gb or will having my 10/100 router on the same switch bring it down to 10/100. Just checking if i can go and get a cheep switch or have to go and get another router.
  5. Have you consitered getting a premade custom pc?
  6. Im not at my pc now im at work, but i believe that the name of the ethernet driver is killer ethernet, Its onboard "Gaming" Ethernet. Ill give that a shot when im home, can you think of any other ideas? I cant test if its the board thats dead because idk wnyone with a 1150 Socket Mobo
  7. Hi Everyone! Looking for some help with me PC not being able to connect to the internet. Other devices conntected to it via wifi and ethernet have no issues. So far i have tried: - reinstalling ethernet driver - uninstalling AntiVirus - Forcing me default gateway as the routers - Netsh int ip ect Ipconfig shows no default gateway and i have no valid IP. If anyone knows a way around this then please let me know. Thanks for reading
  8. Wireless is a very good option, Didnt even think about that. And it would mainly be connecting it to peripherials. Mon Speakers ect and usb's as im constantly using them.
  9. Yeah thats the whole reason im planning on getting rid of it all and starting fresh. I do like the power of a desktop but i hardly use it. Yeah thats the one problem with a laptop you are stuck with that you get, Have to find a good one first. Cant really ugrade them. If i go down the route of the laptop. Do you think getting a Dock would be easier (Thunderbolt dock) Or just have 3000 cables coming from the laptop? Worth saving the $200+?
  10. So you think its better to get somthing smaller and have a laptop? Do you have any recomendations for a laptop?
  11. Ill most likely do that, see if anyone takes the bait and see what goes from there. Do you think getting a low powered laptop and then having a e-GPU would be better or get a baller laptop and go from there. Basicaly like a blaze stealth and then the core or somthing beefier.
  12. Would it be best to part it out and sell it as a bundle, And its always fun making a new setup though, And the portability of the laptop is a bonus as well
  13. HI Everyone! Just wanted to see if anyone has done a similar thing to what im planning. Curriently im contemplating selling my gaming pc and trading it in for a clean setup. Basically a laptop with a dock at home that connects to ethernet and a mon ect (Maby with an Ex-GPU as well) I curriently have a decent gaming rig: - 4790k - 780ti - + usual goodies inside I hardly use the pc to game anymore as i dont really have time for it and im more into writing now (I do prefer chicklet keyboards as well) Do you believe that its worth selling my currient setup and moving to a cleaner setup as mentioned above. Thanks for reading
  14. Welcome to Australia 1.2MB Down and 600kb up..... I cry myself to sleep with those numbers