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  1. i dont know what stock is tho.... ='( i think i read its like 1.25? i wont lie tho, if i could get the 4.3 under control, with maybe the cooler master t4 (case is to small for 212....) i would be ecstatic, even thought about the h50? the intel only liquid cooler just to shut it up at night... but i want to get it under control first and figure out whats going on.... thank you for the multiplier tho, gonna have to look at that. since i posted this thread its come down to 49, but it will randomly jump to 60 and slowly slowly come down. seems to be hovering at 50... still high for idle...
  2. So i recently purchased an I5-2500k and an asus p8p67 rev 3 motherboard from a friend for 75$, but i have had nothing but issues since buying. I am running at abnormal temperatures, and have nooo idea why, I have reseated the heatsink 4 times, 3 with artic silver, one with lepa thermal paste. the lepa did fairly well at first but after a week of not useing the pc, i booted the pc up and was running mid 60c-80c.... the lowest i had the cpu running at idle is around 42, but that doesnt last long. So after some minor research, and useing task manager/open hardware monitor, i have realized this cpu is running at 1.36? volts.and is clocking in at 4.3.... this processor is only rated at 3.3-3.7 turbo. so my new issue is, what are the stock specs i need to input to bring this thing back to stock, because i have noooo idea. Before yall ask, room stays around 80ish degrees F. house is set to 78 but my main pc and my devices boost the temp up a bit. Im hopeing my stock cooler is still sufficent to bring this back to stock, all i built this pc for was to run overwatch on like low/med, maybe some gta on med, and mostly just use it as a youtube and twitch stream machine (just an entertainment pc, since xbox is gonna stop supporting the 360 soon) The Picture is my latest application of paste useing the smear pattern with a small xtra blob in the middle to oooze out (bout the size of a BB) and it is brand new atric silver 5. Also, if i have to redo the thermal again........ how much paste does intel like? my main pc is running a fx 8350 with a 240mm lepa AIO (where the lepa paste came from) and i have had noooo issues with that, i run max like 40 degrees. I5 2500k asus p8p67 = $75 msi r9 270x 2gb = $100 Cooler master 430 elite = laying around 8gb Crucibal Balistics = $28 240 gb adata SSD = $57 Corsair CX500M = $35 a beat of a machine for the price, if i can get running.... Thanks yall for looking, hopefully yall have some good info for me. ~Thanks~ ~Heavy~
  3. I am running ar 21.7gb of ram and im sitting here idleing..... i have nooooo idea why, i have run malware bytes, virus scans, my task manager is saying i should only be running a few gigs, not 20+... i cant seem to find out why its alll being used...... any ideas? im looking ar my resourse monitor and all the usage is no where to be found.... will add picture tomorrow
  4. Now that i info i guess i am starting to understand, I look at the math when it comes to CPUs, i felt as tho my 6x3.3 was a pretty decent CPU compaired to a 4x3.5, i just dont know enough about intel to understand why its better, i have herd of hyper thread, but just havnt been exposed to intel to truely understand the price and point of intel, my amd has done just fine so far, and the price has always just made sence, numbers wise As you said multi threads, sadly i guess their is much much more to gaming than, just haveing the required ghz, ram, and video that i do not understand. man computers are confusing.
  5. i dont disagree with swapping to intel yes i will swap later, and i dont mind bottlenecking my 970 with a 6100 a little bit, but i feel my mobo at this current time will be the biggest bottleneck, more than the 6100, which is why i desire to upgrade the mobo, at the least. my current 750 north and south bridge i know is a huge bottle right now for what im even running, Im Guessing at this currentt time the 970 msi mobo (69$ ) would be a decent upgrade with slight potential until i can swap to intel........
  6. Long story short, i am trying to prep for fallout 4, and assasins creed syndicate w/o spending $1000. and have some parts that will still be strong parts in the years to come
  7. I can not use of them, they are to big for my case
  8. I do plan on upgrading the CPU, just not at this very second, like i said, i would like to get a board to potentialy upgrade to the newer CPUs or even the fx 8300s when the come down in price a little more. But i do not have an xtra $350 to competly swap to intel, yes, my cpu will be a slight bottleneck at this time, but will be upgraded later, just my curent mobo will be much much more of a bottleneck than my cpu for the 970
  9. so here is what i currently have ~Mid sized tower ~AMD FX 6100 3.3ghz ~hyper x blu 1600mhz 8gb x2 (16g) ~nvidia gtx 640 2gb ~450W psu (not much of anything psu wise...) ~gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 (link to Current mobo below) ( http://www.newegg.co...8-564-_-Product ) this is what pretty much matters. I also recently purchased this as an upgrade, to prepare for a future MSI gtx 970 100me http://www.newegg.co...N82E16817182323 I plan on doing light overclocking, and would like a user friendly setup, i hear MSI does an amazing job with beginner overclocking. I would also like to set myself up for some of the new CPUs comming out soon. I do plan on SLIing 2 970s in the future. I thought about cheaper mobos ony because of what era of components we are in, we are starting the next era of ram, and video cards, along wiht new cpus, so i have thought about just a decent cheap mobo to get me a few years til the new stuff is cheaper/ have more variety. I am looking to purchase a new mobo, but am unsure of brands andcstomer support, any feedback would be welcomed. Soo this is where i stand, I was ready to pruchase the MSI 970 Gaming mobo for around 100$ (missed out on it for 80...) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130790 but Newegg came out with a deal on the 990fx mobos, the one around my price and fits my needs is the gigabyte 990fx http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128514 but the reason i am not all over this board is because i have herd and read weird and bad things about it, alot of DoAs, overheating issues, and the weirdest one, was that the board does not like fx series CPUs, people have stated that the VMA cant handle multi core CPUs to well and bottlenecks the crap out of them? This is why im here to ask the questions, have yall had any issues, do any of you use this mobo w/ fx series CPUs and have had/ have not had issues? last but not least sticking with the 970 series, i also noticed this gigabyte board and MSI boards, the msi i've done some research on and herd some good things and bad things, i would lean more towords the MSI( i do like my components maching, but is not 100% necessary) for the price and again, the ease of overclocking i have herd. But i am willing to give the gigabyte a chance, but for 10$ more i could just get the 990fx... Giga: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128651 MSI: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130679 The audio boosters are not a deal breaker for me, but if they are with it, thats a positive, if not, if i truely care i could always buy a pci audio card later. ~thanks everyone who checks this out and leaves some feedback~
  10. i have my windows 8 cd key, a Verified OEM windows 8 cd key.... 8.1 was a free upgrade, rathan than make the customer need to completely restart their computer just to give me a cd key anyway, why dont they just give me the cd key now.....yeah its 90$ but they are going to give me a free key anyway, just help the customer, and just give me the key now, rather than need to restart my computer, and be loose everything i just got done putting back on my computer.... like fuck microsoft.... also blackadder, i somehow do not have an 8.1 cd key, even tho i have windows 8.1 on my computer.... tech support was doing the remove device thing, and found i have no cd key for 8.1, but still somehow have 8.1 upgrade
  11. ok heres one for you! all you tech guys, AND CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLES!!!!! YES CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I just spoke to a microsoft rep.... he couldnt help me..... but here is the logic why he cant help me.... I have a VERIFIED OEM windows 8 cd key.... windows 8.1 was a FREEEEEE upgrade.... still with me? My computer is currently a windows 8.1 computer with no product key (how that happened, even the rep didnt know) In order to be able to use my windows 8 product key, i have to factory reset my computer, for the 4th time..... I asked the rep, since my windows 8 key is a verified key, and 8.1 was a FREE upgrade, why cant they just give me an 8.1 cd key..... they said no....WTF??????? how does this make sence!?????? Any microsoft reps out there able to help?
  12. ive seen aloooooot of videos about the msi 970 4gb latly, all the the people stress tests, and performance compairisons, are getting around 1550, and the temp only goes to like 61c? these cards can clock for alot, and run very well, one of the reasons im looking at the msi 970 100me,
  13. I personaly am going to go with the msi 970 100me, only because the MSI will fit my case, ive herd alot about the g1, but its to big for my case (by about 1/2 an inch) i also like the looks of the msi, and ive herd great things. i hear its stays super cool with the system they have, and overclocking is stupid easy. But thats what i have come across, i am rather new to the computer world, im still learning, but thankfully alot of people know what to do As i said, im going with the msi, because i like the looks and options, but another thing to concider is, how much room do you have, as i said i have a mid towner, the 12+ inches will either barly, or will not fit in my case, but the 10.5? inches of the msi will. keep that in mind the regular msi gaming would work too, i just like the looks of the 100me, i am full razer acessorys, so green just continues the flow http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127850
  14. as i said around the 100$ range, im in florida, about 10-12 miles from ocean, (yeah salt water air... destroys our bare metal the cars we work on..) but what do i plan on, honestly, im doing upgrade only for fallout 4 (yes mods) and assasins creed syndicate, sadly they havnt posted requirements, but i seriously think the 970, should have no problem, unless ubisoft fucks up again.... would like to stream more heavily in the future, but short summary, basic gaming, nothing to crazy. but want the ability to expand if desired for any reason. What i have is probably suficent, but if i could get a decent mobo for a good price, i wouldnt mind upgrading from this maxed out card. this is what i have atm, and i dont know much about intel, i also am not in a position to shell out $400 more dollars on a differnt cpu and mobo just because, the graphics is a legit upgrade and the mobo is a pondering thing, i will admit i have looked at new cpus, but thats because i think i might have damaged mine, but i might also just be reading the specs wrong, im still new to this world, but i know enough to atleast assemble a comp and get it running, the rest im still trying to learn.
  15. So here is the pc i currently have http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883258020 i spent 600$ 2 years ago, wasnt to bad back then, and i didnt know to much back then, now i feel like i know alot, but until i spend the money and learn whats good and whats bad, i just dont know brands yet. so here is what i currently have ~Mid sized tower ~AMD FX 6100 3.3ghz ~hyper x blu 1600mhz 8gb x2 (16g) ~nvidia gtx 640 2gb ~450W psu (not much of anything psu wise...) ~gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 (link to Current mobo below) ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128564&cm_re=ga-78lmt-s2-_-13-128-564-_-Product ) this is what pretty much matters. I also recently purchased this as an upgrade, to prepare for a future MSI gtx 970 100me http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817182323 So i am looking to get an upgraded mobo, mine isnt horrable but would like some updated features and ability to upgrade in the near future. I would like to stick around 100 or less. My buddys have said msi are pretty decent and some of the features arnt to bad, but i have seen mixed reviews. I am just unsure of what brands are good, or just what boards are good. looking for 2-4 slot ram, strong north and south bridge, some usb 3.0 and ability to expand. atleast 1 acessable pci express slot out of the way of the graphics card/ cards. 2 slots pci express x16 would be nice, but not truely necessary since i feel when i finaly upgrade in a few years DD4 will be cheaper and more accessable. Would also like ease of Overclocking, am starting to check it out, have learned alot, one thing i learned about the msi gtx 970 100me, is the ease of overclocking, and the power it can put out. this is roughly what im looking at. but am just unsure. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130679 Thanks for taking a look, and let me hear some input, i have no prob doing reaserch, my big thing is just what brands are good, i watched the video about asrocks, asus, msi, and gigabyte cheap showdown, and i felt all were decent, but all have bad reviews, good reviews, and i am just truely unsure. If someone happens to read this and just know exactly what mobo would fit my needs, had good luck sort of thing, kinda what im looking for, but if i can just get some even brand input, or a like brand series (unsure if mobos have series, like graphics cards) to look down, that would be awesome, just any all around assistance, thanks yall ~HeavyHERO93~