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  1. 8-Bit Ninja

    Installed SSD... My GPU broke...

    Shot in the dark but could be something to do with memory bandwidth and you're mobo disabling certain Pcie slots when additional drives are installed. Unplug the ssd, see if it boots, if it does plug the ssd back in but plug it into a different sata port, if it doesn't boot move the gpu into a different slot and try again.
  2. 8-Bit Ninja

    Striped Drives In Windows 10

    Basically I had 2 1tb hdd's striped together in windows 10, they were used for game storage, decided to switch SSD's but unplugged both drives before I reinstalled windows onto the new ssd, however since plugging both drives back in I have been unable to find them within windows, and attempting to initialise the disks results in an error saying "The system cannot find the file specified". Any ideas?
  3. 8-Bit Ninja

    Striped Drives In Windows 10

    they're in raid through windows (in hindsight I should have just done it through bios)
  4. 8-Bit Ninja

    Striped Drives In Windows 10

  5. 8-Bit Ninja

    Striped Drives In Windows 10

    same issue, just get "The system cannot find the file specified"
  6. Long story short bad adapter, catch fire, burn connector. I don't really want to replace the motherboard and I'm fairly good with a soldiering iron, however I cant find a 4pin female cpu power connector online anywhere, I live in the Uk and was wandering if anyone knows where I can get one? Much thanks
  7. So 4 days ago forza wouldn't allow me to get past the main menu, i couldn't fix it so i uninstalled it with the plan being to reinstall it, however i am unable to reinstall forza, every time i try it gives me this error "0x80072F8F", I've tried absolute everything at this point including completely wiping and reinstalling windows on my pc with no success, any ideas????? thanks
  8. 8-Bit Ninja

    Can not get forza horizons 4 to install at all

    tried resetting windows, setting the time and date automatically and manually but still nothing
  9. 8-Bit Ninja

    Pc won’t post with new cpu

    So I decided to put the i7 4790k I had into my media pc (currently on an i5 4430) a ran a bios update and confirmed the bios number (2108) to be the latest bios. However the machine won’t post with the i7 in, I can confirm the i7 to be working having taken it out and tested in a friends machine and it will post fine if I put the i5 back in. Some sites say the only way to get the bios update to work properly is by using the windows bios installer, however I can’t find a windows 10 version and the windows 8 one won’t work. Thanks
  10. 8-Bit Ninja

    Pc won’t post with new cpu

    Yes the cpu is supported it’s a 750 watt EVGA psu il try a cmos reset now and get back to you
  11. 8-Bit Ninja

    4K is it worth it

    4k is just higher resolution, its nicer for gaming but not a necessity, its like owning a normal car and asking if you should upgrade to a super car, if you can afford it, and you think its worth it go for it, otherwise don't. Resolution is a personal thing for many people
  12. 144hz is better for competitive gaming, a gtx 1060 6gb will be able to run fortnite, cs go, dota, siege etc... at 144hz, but newer/ more graphically advance will likely require you to use g-sync and lock it to 60hz. In a nut shell only get the more expensive one if you mainly play competitive games
  13. 8-Bit Ninja

    4 x 4k 120hz monitors

    before you go any further, these aren't 120hz screens, they are 60 hz https://www.rtings.com/tv/learn/fake-refresh-rates-samsung-clear-motion-rate-vs-sony-motionflow-vs-lg-trumotion
  14. 8-Bit Ninja

    Smashed S7 Edge screen

    the display requires replacing as well as the glass
  15. 8-Bit Ninja

    Cpu diode temps

    you could also try aida 64
  16. 8-Bit Ninja

    gaming software that lets me control my fans?

    have you tried searching for your laptops drivers and installing those?
  17. 8-Bit Ninja

    What is causing this sound?

    It doesn't mean the drive is damaged to the point of failure, I've had drives last years sounding like that, just take care to have important documents backed up and you will be fine
  18. 8-Bit Ninja

    First Build Newbie

    i would recommend a 7200 rpm hard drive for games, an 8700k would be a better investment purely for the higher clock speeds compared to the 8700
  19. 8-Bit Ninja

    Green Screen Crash 2400g

    turn off xmp see if the issue stays
  20. 8-Bit Ninja

    Upgrade or Build a new Computer?

    i7 4790 + 970, both used of course, and you would need to sell the 4460 + 370
  21. 8-Bit Ninja

    Deathadder Elite light left and right clicks?

    I went through two death adder elites in a week, i found the right mouse click was so light that resting my finger on it would cause it to click, tbh they are just really poorly build mice
  22. 8-Bit Ninja

    Coole Master Hyper 212x Issue

    no those are to let you mount your own fan to the cooler, the part your looking for are 4 black circles, about 1.5cm across and 2cm deep
  23. 8-Bit Ninja

    Coole Master Hyper 212x Issue

    that was poorly worded, they come with the cooler, just not in the container with all the other mounting hardware
  24. 8-Bit Ninja

    Coole Master Hyper 212x Issue

    i found mine under the table i was building the pc on, they don't come in the box with everything else
  25. 8-Bit Ninja

    Coole Master Hyper 212x Issue

    mine was a haswell i7 but same mounting system