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  1. Ah thanks, I should think its safe to assume the B450 will have that too then. Which fans are you running?
  2. You will run in to clearance issues with the second fan. Take a look at this https://noctua.at/en/how-big-is-the-nh-d15-and-how-much-clearance-does-it-provide-for-ram-and-chipset-coolers The Thermaltake Silver Arrow IB-E Extreme Rev. B is a good alternative with 44mm ram clearance: http://www.thermalright.com/product/silver-arrow-ib-e-extreme-rev-b/
  3. They do 3 versions: Black with 2 black fans. Black with 3 RGB fans. White with 3 RGB fans. You do pay a bit extra for the 3 fan versions.
  4. Phanteks P400 Air is around that and has great thermals.
  5. I am trying to figure out some way to build a system that is able to switch off ALL its fans during low temp/idle states, not for noise, but because I think its cool more than anything. So far I have: Corsair RM650x - Built in 0 speed fan mode EVGA RTX2070s Black - Seems most EVGA cards switch off fans at low temp/idle state. Obviously this leaves the CPU and chassis fans to figure out which seems to be a whole lot more confusing. I am looking for a B450 board. The Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO specifically mentions a fan stop feature on it's product page, this feature alone would be enough to make me purchase the board since there isnt much to choose between all the B450 options for my use, but thats a whole other discussion. Do the BIOSes on other boards such as the Asus ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING and B450 Tomahawk allow you to set the fan curve to 0RPM or is there a minimum limit? I am aware that some PWM fans will ramp up to 100% when they receive a 0RPM signal though I plan to use the Arctic BioniX P120 which they say will switch off at <5% PWM. There are 2 questions: Will the mentioned ASUS & MSI boards allow a 0RPM setting on the fan curve? Will the Gigabyte feature allow it to work with fans that dont accept 0RPM signals maybe by switching off power entirely? Hopefully some owners of these boards can help out. Much appreciated!
  6. Could be particularly bad for hit & run type situations. Speaking for myself, a string of emojis is a lot harder to remember than text.
  7. Yup, its been perfect. I was just as wary of the brand but they seem to be gaining popularity in the UK and I havent seen too many complaints. No idea what the after sales/warranty service (apparently 2 years) would be like so keep that in mind, I just took the risk for the price really. Worth mentioning it has the same panel as the Pixio 95hz monitor.
  8. electriQ 27" 1440p 95Hz IPS for £160. Impossible to find better bang for your £££. I've had mine since July and it absolutely amazing apart from the OSD, but who cares at this price. Planning to buy 2 more for a triple monitor setup. Being 1440p might be a caveat for your RX580 though. https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/electriq-27-qhd-1440p-95hz-freesync-hdr-monitor-eiq-27mq95fshdru/version.asp?
  9. If you can get it the Thermalright - Macho Rev.B is great value, performs within 1-2 celsius of the NH-D15 at half the price.
  10. Far better to go with B450, the value of the R5 3600 just disappears with x570. You are much better spending that £/$70 on other components with a tangible performance improvement.
  11. My brother has MX Browns on his keyboard, in my opinion they feel like worn toggle switches, not satisfying at all. My experience is limited though since I've only tried a switch tester and not any other switches on a full keyboard. Its all personal preference. Every switch exists because there is market of people who like them.
  12. The 3d Connexion cad mouse is pretty decent. I've found the dedicated MMB button to be surprisingly useful, and its massive, though expensive. https://www.3dconnexion.co.uk/nc/buy/shop/view/ListView/step/one.html
  13. Tried a few of them, not a fan, especially for volume control.