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  1. Register it on their website for points. It should run fine. Just a little loud.
  2. During sales the Honor 8 hits around $289.99. It's the best or one of the best phones in that price range.
  3. The are alright cheaper ones, but this is where the quality notably starts to stand out.
  4. In Canadian dollars that's about $7 now, right? You can find deals like the Lenovo Flex. IPS, touchscreen, backlit keyboard, bluetooth, and you might be able to find one with an SSD too.
  5. At the same price the P10 Lite has better specs/perf. At say $200 for the honor and $300 for the p10, the honor is a better value. Here we can get the Honor 8 for the price of a P10 and it outperforms both.
  6. So your best bet is a $500-$600 ryzen build with a gtx 1050 or rx 560. Laptops start at $800 with dedicated graphics and the heating from rendering, plus throttling, wouldn't be efficient in that price range for them.
  7. ^Best on Amazon. For the other site it's Thermaltake. Those are the only ones I'd be considering in that price range.
  8. Yup.
  9. It doesn't matter. 1050 ti is fine. A 470/570 for the same price would be better performance.
  10. If you can afford a 1060 3gb you can push for the 6gb. The real budget card is the 1050 ti. Skip the 3gb altogether.
  11. It's probably due to bitcoin miners or something. Put yours up for $400 and see if someone bites, then buy yourself a 1070 or VEGA equivalent.
  12. Do you live in an igloo?
  13. The difference is real. I was surprised when I heard it in a game that I didn't even think utilized it.
  14. Good headphones for music tend to be good for games. They're just missing the surround features, but you can emulate those in a program like Razer Surround.
  15. How? That behavior doesn't happen for me.