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  1. 144Hz question

    Visually there is no difference other than finally being able to see the bass turd that shot you. Other than that it's all the same.
  2. Because Arizona is hell and no one there attends physical locations in the blazing heat.
  3. Truly free video cutting and renderer software?

    The other one is Hitfilm Express. It's pretty featureful.
  4. Isn't Hitting 144hz

    Is the number displaying more than 60? If it says 144+ but looks the same then it's fine. You won't be able to tell just by looking at it because the human eye can't see more than 30FPS.
  5. is EVGA really the best brand for a GPU?

    EVGA's policy is that everything is under warranty even when you overclock. Other companies will stiff you. Plus, their Kingpin models I think are guaranteed a performance of above 2ghz. Not the highest but they pick the silicons to give them an average of that, plus some boost higher. MSI is good on rewards. Not so much on software. But their models have some of the best performance.
  6. Sennheiser HD558 - $59.98 (Best Buy)

    Depending on where you bought them some places have a policy to refund or credit the price difference.
  7. What's wrong with my RX Vega?

    Buy a coffin, bury it in your backyard. It's brick. RIP
  8. [HUMBLE BUNDLE] Humble Monthly

    It's a Steam copy that's gimped down to only 2 champions from their roster. To put that into perspective, $12 for 2 champions or free to play with 1 champion. Full roster is $30 and they probably don't have a "pay only for the ones you don't own" system. Disappointing.
  9. Could someone answer in terms of (ambient temperature +- <degrees> = acceptable cooling level) for liquid, AIO, and air cooling?
  10. AOC

    Not a fan of AOC since they partnered with G2A. I've always wanted to try an LG monitor though. Good pricing, such colorful.
  11. Should I Replace My Laptop?

    If you hold out for coffeelake you might get some notably good performance/optimization that will add to its longevity. The other way is to buy some of the older stock (skylake laptops for example) that are getting clearance prices, which is probably the better option for value/performance.
  12. High CPU usage from explorer.exe

    https://lmddgtfy.net/?q=explorer shell alternatives windows 10 Also, have you tried restarting the explorer process after your computer starts up? Lower its priority? Set affinity to 1 core?
  13. If it's any good then AMD/Ryzen will drop in price to compete. But it's not going to be anything particularly new or special. If anything, Intel saturating the market with multiple models like Call of Duty iterations every year is already making prices better for us.
  14. I was never able to see who was shooting at me in this game. You just fall over dead and that's the end of that.
  15. When people post deals on burgers and steaks, do you tell them how you prefer tofu because you're a vegan?