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  1. Step 1)  Learn SQL and Database Design for coursework


    Step 2) Manager sees oh I see you've completed course abc


    Step 3)  Added duties on top of normal day to day tasks


    Step 4)  Why do I do this to myself?



    In all seriousness I have enjoyed learning and getting more technical acumen though I will be repaying my tuition one way or another lol.


  2. We thought Death Note was over.




    We thought wrong...

  3. TacoSenpai

    Millions of people still use 123456 as their password

    Shit someone found out I use naruto as my password now they'll know I watch anime.
  4. BCNF (Boyce Cod Normal Form) is a pain in the dick.



    That is all I had to say about that...

  5. I stopped using screen protectors. Most are a hassle to apply and air bubbles get annoying. Plus fingerprints get harder to wipe off.
  6. I know where you are going with this (going into privacy settings, customizing feed, and being careful about what you upload) but just as a general rule of thumb with ANY social media nothing is private at all. Please for your sake and anyone else's keep that in mind. Once its out there its out there.
  7. TacoSenpai

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    I mean don't forget they originally started as a card/toy company then a love hotel chain.
  8. TacoSenpai

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    Sony censors what Nintendont. Sorry I had to take the opportunity. Honestly if Nintendo did a commercial like that it would be hilarious little throwback to the Gensis vs SNES days.
  9. TacoSenpai

    Anime fight yell out skill question

    Because how else would we ever get this gold?
  10. TacoSenpai

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Getting that Jojo on.
  11. Turns out my mother had the last gen ipod nano released.  She doesn't use it anymore and i gave her my 2nd gen ipad mini for free when I stopped using it.  I'm one of those weird people who likes having a dedicated music player.  The small size and FM radio are nice too. I know its never gonna happen but if Apple did bring it back I'd actually love that.20190414_215621.thumb.jpg.c1325be5ce771ae68e8894b2a7b61530.jpg



    And this might be sentimental but while its purple in a way its a reminder of my mother when im just listening to music.  


    1. TacoSenpai


      I take it back with JoJo albums purple is the best looking color




      Next you'll say well of course Joeseph Joestar's stand is purple hermit

    2. floofer


      My old Nokia N97 had a radio transceiver, so you could listen to your music on the radio without a 3.5" or bluetooth or whatnot. Really convenient and I wish they had them in the iPhones. 

    3. TacoSenpai


      @floofer yeah that is a bit of a ding although I guess it wouldn't work anyways without speakers on it anyways.  But I can live with it.  

  12. You see the mistake with Luigi is that it wasn't a "death stare"  it was a drift stare.



    Yes I did steal that top comment from the video


    1. BLLDoesTech


      mHm, I like it

  13. TacoSenpai

    Youtube forced to step in.

    I have a better one.
  14. Please send help I'm now addicted to these



    1. BLLDoesTech


      mHm, i likey 

    2. Cyberspirit



      If it wasn't midnight, I'd fire up Forza and travel the whole map sideways. xD