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    Make Anime Great Again
  • Birthday 1991-11-07

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    AMD Ryzen 1800X
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    Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 5
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    32GB DDR4-2400 G Skill Flare X
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1080
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    NZXT Noctis 450
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    512GB Samsung SSD+4TB Western Digital 7200RPM
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    EVGA 1000W GQ 80+ Gold
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    28in 4K Asus Monitor
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    Noctua NH D-15
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    Logitech G502 Protus Spectrum
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    3D Premium Surround Sound Onboard
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Come back to me when the first shuttle for Reach leaves.
  2. The cancer is strong with this one.


    @PCGuy_5960 @Jtalk4456

    1. BLLDoesTech


      ah, Ceeday...


      good editing though

    2. Jtalk4456


      i see some prostate cancer, a bit of breast and lymph node cancer, a bit of everything

  3. LordOTaco

    What are you doing this valentine's day?

    High School DxD marathon with a fat wallet and scotch. All is well.
  4. "By curtailing frivolous and "fighting" words, the Party seeks to narrow the range of thought altogether, such that eventually, thoughtcrime will be literally impossible"
  5. LordOTaco

    Activision-Blizzard Fires 800 staff to cut costs

    I guess not enough people had phones...
  6. LordOTaco

    The Verge: How we built a copyright strike

    Using a "copyright claim" system to censor and get rid of anyone critical of your "journalism" and articles....now why would anyone..
  7. LordOTaco

    Steam Lunar New Year Sale

    I picked up XCOM 2 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Good deals.
  8. Thinking about investing in a three year subscription to Nord VPN anyone here have any experience with it?

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. LordOTaco


      Thanks for the replies everyone I feel confident that Nord will serve me well.

    3. Cyberspirit


      Do they charge upfront or, monthly for the 3-year plan?

    4. LordOTaco


      i think it is upfront

  9. I've actually been using Brave as my choice of browser on mobile (android) and personal pcs.  Haven't fiddled with any add ons or extensions but I really like it.  The native ad-blocker works really well too and I'm surprised how well it runs on mobile.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. iLostMyXbox21


      I wanna get the source code for the chrome app and modify it for privacy 


      edit: privacy and optimizing 

    3. firelighter487


      @LordOTaco i mean like chrome and Safari (and i believe FireFox too but i don't use it) have, where it syncs everything over to all your devices. 


      (in safari's case only Apple devices but you get the point) 

    4. LordOTaco


      @firelighter487 I think Brave has that same exact feature I just haven't fiddled with it yet.

  10. Tilt moves are far easier on the Gamecube controller though the Pro Controller works quite well too for general gameplay. I personally cannot play very well using the joycons though they are usable and you can still have fun with the game.
  11. The older I get the more interested I get in older hardware especially in consoles rather than the new stuff coming out.  Perhaps I'm going senile.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Paddi01


      @CUDAcores89 Make more remasters of games that were great back in the past. 🙂    Fortunately there are many on PS4.

    3. LordOTaco


      @CUDAcores89 component cables and HDMI converters/mods for older consoles are highly overlooked there are some getting into the market now like Castlemania games.  But remember people in general will be tough to sell to if they can't even hook up to their TV. 


      Speaking of Castle.  If you find any Castlevania titles especially the ones for the DS they are getting increasingly rare like stupid rare. 

    4. Schnoz


      @LordOTacoIllegally pirated ROMS

  12. LordOTaco

    Which consoles and handhelds do you own?

    Wii U Nintendo Switch Gamecube NES Classic SNES Classic Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo 3DS XL PlayStation 4 Slim I used to own a Xbox 360 and N64 but no more
  13. LordOTaco

    Metroid Prime 4 Delayed

    Honestly if they told the story more in the vein of Metroid Fusion it would have fixed alot of problems. Hell it would even tie in alot better too.