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  1. After releasing only one major product (the Essential Phone) and a few accessories, Essential Products will be shutting down. It's nice that they're releasing their software on Github; but given the device wasn't that successful anyway, it doesn't really help that many people. Personally I'm not too surprised at this given how badly the Essential Phone went and how little we've heard from them as a company since. Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-51482380
  2. At 9:15 Linus mentioned the attempt to fill 2TB of memory with Chrome tabs they did a while ago. Was there ever a video published on that? I only saw a clip on social media.
  3. It's not that they don't work or that they aren't compatible, but simply that Nvidia doesn't think they're 'worthy' of being given the label. This would include monitors with really narrow (aka practically useless) variable refresh rate ranges for example. Personally I think this is something AMD should have done from the start. Rather than let manufacturers slap AMD's logo on any old garbage monitor, AMD should have outlined some requirements beyond supporting the Vesa adaptive sync standard for such products. This wouldn't stop manufacturers from making a cheap monitor supporting Vesa adaptive sync that doesn't meet AMD's requirements, but would incentivise them to do so to be allowed to stick AMD's brand name on the box.
  4. As it says in the title, the GT 1030 using DDR4 rather than GDDR5 is getting framerates up to 40-50% lower in games, compared to the original GDDR5 version. First two games he benchmarks are: Overwatch Med-High settings, 1080p: GDDR5 GT 1030: Avg 57, 1% 45, 0.1% 35 DDR4 GT 1030: Avg 28, 1% 26, 0.1% 20 Fortnite Low-Med settings, 1080p: GDDR5 GT 1030: Avg 52, 1% 40, 0.1% 29 DDR4 GT 1030: Avg 29, 1% 25, 0.1% 17 Go watch the video and support the creator if you want to see more. This is terrible news as those who aren't aware of the two variants and the massive difference between them will likely be caught out and ripped off with these cards, far more so than with the GTX1060 3GB. Unless you absolutely need the lower 20W TDP vs the 30W of the original, I see no real reason to pick up one of these cards.
  5. These are partner cards that are unreleased as of yet, but they all conform to a price bump of £100 Source: https://www.scan.co.uk/shop/computer-hardware/gpu-amd/amd-radeon-rx-vega64-graphics-cards
  6. If this price is real then I can't see Vega succeeding at all. A GTX 1080 that it is apparently on-par with at best is over $100 cheaper. Either this price is wrong, or AMD has fucked up these prices big time.
  7. Laptops can't really be upgraded beyond the storage medium (hard drive/SSD) and the RAM capacity. You can't just drop in a new CPU or GPU to make it more powerful. I'd recommend searching for a new laptop if your current one isn't powerful enough for your needs.
  8. You will have to reinstall all your programs yes as even those installed on the other drive to your OS will not link correctly with your new installation. Most of them simply will not run, citing registry errors or asking for missing dependencies. Assuming you're running windows 10 and that it is installed on your SSD: 1. Back up all the files you want to keep (from both the SSD and HDD) to an external hard drive. 2. Go here and download the correct windows 10 installation media for your PC. I recommend using a USB drive. 3. Load into your bios and ensure that the USB drive is the preferred boot option. You may need to look up how to do this for your motherboard. 4. Boot to the USB drive. When asked for a licence key, press SKIP - windows will automatically activate from your motherboard when installation is complete. When asked where to install it, select your SSD drive's windows install partition (the largest one on your SSD most likely). 5. This should now install windows. Set it up as you wish. Check your PC properties to ensure Windows has activated correctly. You then have 2 options with your secondary drive. Either reformat it and replace with the files you backed up earlier, or just delete the broken installations and unwanted junk. Everything should now, fingers crossed, work correctly.
  9. This or CPUID's HWMonitor are both great pieces of software which will give you practically all the information you'll ever need. I believe you can also link them to rainmeter skins if you want applets on your desktop.
  10. That makes it sound like somethings fucked with your windows install. I'd recommend a full system rebuild as it'll just be the easiest solution. Remember to backup everything you need.
  11. As well as this, I'd try reinstalling .net framework and C++ redistributable . just to wipe them out as potential causes. It looks like steam can't find a DLL file it needs for startup and judging by the strange file name something along the way has gotten corrupted.
  12. I've never used anything more than £30 headphones with the internal sound card before so I don't really know how any of that stuff works sorry. I'd try the headphones with a different device, see if you get the same interference. Could be something with the noise cancellation I guess?
  13. I googled it and found an Official Microsoft Download for it... You just need to look carefully that's all
  14. Just google "Windows XP 32/64 bit ISO", should find what you're after. You have a licence key for it I assume?
  15. I'd also assume DOA. Is there any mention of any drivers that need installing for it to work correctly?