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  1. pickledpie45

    Basic Networking

    Well I do have access to the network at work, it's a really basic small office. The issue is that I'm not even aware of the possibilities. I don't know what options are there to even try!
  2. pickledpie45

    What happened to Starcraft 2?

    Well spectator wise, those clan vs clan things were acutally very entertaining for me. Gave a bit more insight into individual player personalities.
  3. pickledpie45

    LoL VS. DotA 2?

    It depends how hardcore you play the games. On the surface LoL focuses a lot more on teamwork. The characters are slower, the spells have low cool down and the stuns are MUCH shorter than DotA. This means that catching a person off guard usually requires more than one person to gank them. In DotA, you still have teamfights, but overall it's less engaged than with LoL. A hero can more easily tumble out of control and most pubbies tend to do the one man carry kind of thing. If you are really hardcore into the game, like 4-8 hours daily into a game, then they are both exactly the same more or less. Team games always revolve around teamwork. In most pro-level play, the difference in mechanics between is much less important to the distribution and understanding of duties.
  4. pickledpie45

    Basic Networking

    Hello, so I'm trying to learn basic networking skills for possible future jobs. I was wondering how you guys picked up your skills?
  5. pickledpie45

    What VPN do you use?

    I'm using PIA, only one I've ever used. The speeds don't really keep up my 100mb/s internet connection, but at least i have piece of mind.
  6. pickledpie45

    Fallout Shelter on Android

    Any iphone users out there have feedback on this game?
  7. pickledpie45

    Okeanos Reeven?

    Well I have a weird custom loop anyway. 1x140mm and 1x240mm on a fractal r4. Push or pull only. It's silence orientated and I was just wondering how this would subsitute while I do some much needed maintenance on the loop.
  8. pickledpie45

    Splitting sound outputs between programs

    Anybody know if this is possible? For example if I had earphones in for gaming but my other screen had a movie for someone to watch with my speakers. Thank you!
  9. pickledpie45

    Okeanos Reeven?

    Anybody ever heard of the Okeanos Reeven? I recently came across one and was thinking about pulling out my custom water cooling loop for it. Just wondering of anybody had experience with this cooler or even this brand.
  10. pickledpie45

    What Monitor should I get for 300$ or less?

    Go for one of the korean 1440p monitors w/o the glass.
  11. pickledpie45

    Best smaller case for many harddrives

    I took a look at that, I was also considering the antec matx quiet case (forgot the product name).
  12. pickledpie45

    Older Pc looping without posting

    Hello, I have an older custom pc that I can't seem to fix. Specs generally as follows: i7 920 w/ hyper 212 asus x58 mobo 8gb ddr3 2x4 from corsair asus gtx 760 2gb 800 watt corsair psu I apologize for not knowing the exact parts, it's not my own pc. Anyway, it's looping at the start, everything spins up but i get no video output whatsoever Tried switching psu, ram, and gpu with no luck. I'm suspecting the memory controller might have given up on life.
  13. Well I'm not sure if it'll be as strong as an i3 with out a proper overclock. That i3 is a great processor as well, but it eats up a lot of budget. I'm a bit out of the loop in terms of gpu pricing. But basically the way i see it, If you save $50 between the cpu+mobo, that might be enough to push you one or two brackets up in terms of gpu budget. Also, I don't really like overclocking other peoples hardware, too troublesome to stress test and maintain!
  14. pickledpie45

    Stuck on Asus logo when restarting

    if its a memory problem, it would either boot all the way a crash randomly or not even try to post. Are there any beeping sounds or error codes (i haven't looked up your mobo).
  15. pickledpie45

    I only get the BSOD when I play a game

    Any error code? Beeps? You can try to mem-test it and see if it passes but it sounds a lot like one of the vram chips might be dead.