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  1. Yes. But at this moment in time load times doesnt really matter to me.
  2. Well most of the stuff in the PC will only be temporary so ill basically be upgrading most stuff like the PSU/GPU/CPU etc
  3. I had friends telling me that the 750ti wouldnt be great but thats why i came on here, thanks for your help pal!
  4. I dont NEED an SSD though so theres no point in spending the extra money..
  5. So recently ive been really wanting to play CSGO but i dont have a computer to play it on at the moment. So i made a PCPartPicker list and want some advice on it. Link: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/LVfZTW Keep in mind ill be getting better parts 4-5months after building when i come into a bit more money. So this will only be a temporary build. Thanks!
  6. Nice build for the provided budget, again just get a different power supply. I would strongly recommend EVGA's power supplies. Other than that nothing else needs changed!
  7. I already have a disc for 8.1 dont think i will need 10
  8. Thanks for your help pal! Only query is, could i go for the 4690k and a 4gb gtx 960 and get similar performance?
  9. I was wondering if i could get people to help me with a £600-£650 gaming PC build as i have know idea what im doing when it comes to deciding what to buy. Keep in mind this will be temporary parts as i will plan to upgrade 6-8months after building. Preferably spend a bit more on the CPU and get a mid range GPU. Games i want to be able to run: -Arma 3 (mods taken into consideration) -DayZ - 20-35FPS Any help is greatly appreciated!
  10. It isnt meant to be a high end build
  11. I dont need it to be that overkill
  12. I know I've been posting on here a lot about different high end PC's and stuff like that. But then i realised that what i was gonna be building wasn't necessary. So i would like people to build me a PC that can run the games i would play at a somewhat consistent 50-60 FPS. Games i will more than likely play and what FPS i would like -CS:GO - consistent 200-300FPS -Any CoD - consistent 50-60FPS -Arma 3 - 60FPS (Around 20-30 on Arma mods) -DayZ - 20-30FPS There is more than likely more games i would want to play but these 4 are just some examples i could think of on the spot. (Keep in mind THIS ISNT MEANT TO BE EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE £650 GBP MAX.) Thanks for your time!
  13. Instead of just getting people to comment where theres a lot of different mixed opinions ill just do a strawpoll for which GPU i should get. Whatever has most votes shall be bought. Poll: http://strawpoll.me/5301632 Thanks!