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    GPU Addicted


  • CPU
    Ryzen 3700X
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Arous Elite X570
  • RAM
    16GB Corsair Vengance DRR4 3600mhz
  • GPU
    RTX 2070 Super
  • Storage
    Samsung 860EVO 500GB
  • PSU
    Corsair RM650X
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70

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  1. ACatWithThumbs

    Best x570 mobo for a 3900x

    The Elite has a internal USB C port, so you can actually add USB C via cable/case. Also ASUS currently has a 10-35€/$ cashback on their motherboard purchases, so a more expensive ASUS board could actually be cheaper or the same price as the other boards.
  2. The RTX2060 is $399 MSRP, the RTX2070 Super will be $499 MSRP and the 2080 super at $699. https://videocardz.com/81149/nvidia-geforce-rtx-super-series-final-pricing-and-availbility-date-leaked
  3. ACatWithThumbs

    Gaming screenshots

    Shadow Of The Tomb Raider maxed with RTX on: Quantum Break maxed:
  4. ACatWithThumbs

    Alleged GeForce RTX Turing "SUPER" Refresh Specs Leaked (Update 2)

    Can't you return it? I bought an RTX2070 a week before the teaser and as soon as I saw the video and the rumors pop up I returned it. At least in Europe, we have 14-day return right and Amazon even offers a 30-day return period.
  5. ACatWithThumbs

    AMD RX 5700 Navi New arch

    Yep, and during Fermi and early Kepler days, AMD was extremely strong. Many people bought the HD7970 and HD6970 over the 680 and 580, especially since they had more Vram at the same or better performance and price. Their cards just haven't been competitive since 2013, either in price, performance, or they were too hot. And AMD not having any high-end cards kills their entire marketing, everyone on youtube or twitch is using Nvidia and if you want to see game showcases they will always be on Nvidia. People don't often think about this but the high-end market dictates the entire profile of the company and the perception on the lower end as well. What we need is AMD to come back with a full line up like the 7000 series, so 6+ GPU's at once against Nvidia's entire lineup. High-end models, mid-range, low-end and all need to be on par with Nvidia features wise and be competitive in price and performance.
  6. ACatWithThumbs

    -ENDED- AMD Next Horizon Gaming E3 2019 Live Thread

    Great CPU lineup definitely upgrading my CPU next month, but the GPU's were extremely underwhelming, I was hoping for at least feature parity. I wouldn't touch those GPU's with a foot pole without RT as we already know the new consoles will have it. The GPU's are guaranteed to be behind the consoles by next year, which could have really bad implications for future performance. The price is also not very competitive as $50 less at those price points is nothing, we have price differences just based on the cooler design of $50-120. So an Asus RX5700 will likely cost the same as a Gigabyte or Zotac RTX2070.
  7. ACatWithThumbs

    Quake II RTX is out now for free

    Well, Microsoft just announced hardware-based RT for the new Xbox and with that confirmed support for hardware-based RT on Navi. RT is likely going to be the new base for all upcoming AAA games, so Nvidia might double down on it and increase space for RT in favor of traditional raster performance. Now it's going to be really hard to tell what will happen in the next few years as we might see a shift in GPU architecture.
  8. ACatWithThumbs

    Gtx 1070ti or 1080?

    Go for an RTX2060, Microsoft just announced ray tracing support for the new Xbox, same goes for the new Playstation, so new games will likely all start using ray tracing this gen. This could have a big impact on future game performance if your GPU does not support it. Also, the price is supposed to drop soon or a new super refresh according to rumors, so I'd just wait this week and see if Nvidia announces something.
  9. No it isn't. It's not even a new engine; Lumberyard is just Cryengine with extended network features. They basically just slapped on Lumbyard to their already modified Cryengine (Star Engine). Now the engine is basically Cryengine with upgraded physics, 64bit precision, and networking but it's still very much Cryengine at its core.
  10. ACatWithThumbs

    President Donald J Trump

    My prediction for the next 4 years: - US debt sky rockets due to his tax reductions. - US foreign relations will reach an all time low. - Military expenses even more bloated and useless than ever before. - Veterans will not get better care. (Republicans have been blocking VA bills for decades.) - Social programs will get even more cut. - Middle class will shrink more and more. - Healthcare will stay shitty. - No fix for college debt and prices will rise even more. - No TTIP/TTP (That can be a good thing depending on your industry.) - War on drugs will become worse. - Police force will not get even more militarized. - Campaign finance will not be fix. - Climate will get worse. - Discrimination against minorities will rise be it religious, racial, or sexual orientation related. Trump won't fix anything, half of his policies will wreck the middle class just based on the math and the few positive policies he does have go against GOP policy so they'll never make it through congress. Trump is just George W. Bush on steroids I'm expecting another recession by the time he leaves office.
  11. ACatWithThumbs

    Scrub who only speaks 2 languages

  12. ACatWithThumbs

    Star Citizen Single-Player Delayed Indefinitely

    They just released a behind the scenes video showing the prep before Citizencon. The chapter is clearly already done and was supposed to be shown, but they had some AI pathing issues and animation issues like characters floating in the air while sitting. That's not really bad considering those are common bugs in nearly every game I've ever played.
  13. ACatWithThumbs

    Star Citizen Single-Player Delayed Indefinitely

    It's kind of slower than expected and at the same time it's also faster. I backed in 2013 and the game was no where near the scope of what it is today. As an example procedural generation was simply a concept planned for long after the full game release , but now it's already coming in the alpha. When I backed the game looked like this: Now the game looks like this: And the development really picked up steam since the Frankfurt Studio opened.