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  1. Age old question. With a twist 8) Now, 8gb ram is normally enough for gaming and general use altogether. But. For motion design, namely After Effects, would opting for 16gb be a good investment? Personally, I have 8gb ram and I've noticed that I normally hit around 60 - 70% ram usage while doing ram previews and shoot up to ~80% during final renders, the number of frames ranging anywhere between 300 - 900 frames. Now, is that as much as ae will use? Or will opting for 16gb show a noticeable improvement?
  2. It's because I do commentary and I can't afford click-a-de-clack in the microphone's recording.
  3. I'll think about the displays and the x99. Thanks :3 Guess it is quite better
  4. I'll think about it. Can you put the 4790k and 6700k into proportion gaming wise so I can decide easier?
  5. I need dual screens. Vital. My one screen cracked so I'm back to my one laptop screen and it's very difficult to work around. Another thing, I was never really a fan of curved monitors. Not sure why. And also, you wrote monitor twice 8) :3 Same reason. Can't find a significant use for x99. Also, I need 2 displays. Vital.
  6. Can't really find a use for ddr4/5th/6th gen intel cpus. I'll consider it, but I"m trying to keep a black and white color scheme. Reason being? Got no use for Skylake. Improvement isn't very significant over Haswell Refresh. There may be one, but I don't see a reason for me needing it.
  7. Alright. I've spent a bit of time working on this and I'd appreciate your input on it :3 http://pcpartpicker.com/user/GroundHound101/saved/#view=NnZtt6 [Some explanations before you post - My attempt of answering questions that I think will be asked] 1. Q: What exactly are the purposes? 1. A: Gaming, motion design and editing. 2. Q: Why 144hz? 2. A: Osu, GD, and Cs:Go. 3. Q: Where's the mech keyboard? 3. A: Too loud ;3; 3.1. Q: But why not get MX Silent switches or an Apex M800? 3.1. A: Well, because I don't like the look of mx silent keyboards and I've heard stories about how the M800 isn't good for typing etc. 3.2. Q: If you don't want the M800 because it's not good for typing, then why the Apex? 3.2. A: It looks nice, has features I'd like such as macros and customization backlight, isn't very loud and it's rubber dome, something I'm used to. 4. Q: Back on the story of monitors, why two 144hz monitors? Why not 1 144hz and 1 60hz and spare some money? 4. A: Because I like symmetry :3 4.1. Q: You're doing motion design. Why not IPS? 4.1. A: Response time, or whatever it's called, is generally above 1ms, so nope. 5. Q: 1tb black. 1tb blue. Why... 5. A: 1tb black for main stuff. 1tb blue for recording videos and motion design. It uses more data than you think. 6. Q: Um... Headphones... 6. A: I use earphones because I find headphones break easily 8) 7. Q: Gtx 980? Where's the R9 390/X? 7. A: Alright. Personal preference says Nvidia. It's just a personal preference. Not trying to be a fanboy or anything like that. If you see me as one, then, okey 8) Got anymore questions? Ask away 8)
  8. I've managed to remove the virus by using Malwarebytes, removing it in reg edit, then temp, then booting safe mode and removing it from program files. Thanks for all the help :3
  9. I'll use this as a last resort. I'm scanning with windows defender and malwarebytes as we speak. If no result, I'll slowly backup and wipe.
  10. There's a lot of things that I need on this drive. Is there another alternative? Reinstalling windows?
  11. OK. This virus is on crack or something. I've never had such a bad virus. There are three of them that were installed without my notification. I came back to my computer today to find windows spamming "Windows Defender has found some malware. Removing it". I was interested to see this. I just ignored it. I opened my browser, and a massive stream of pop ups appeard on my screen and my default browser had been changed. I was able to remove two of them, but one still remains, continuing to say there are updates that need to be installed for every application I launch. It is also tracking my location by displaying ads saying that I've won something. Random installers can also be seen opening without me doing anything. THere is also this random browser that has opened without me doing anything. I crashed it twice in task manager, but I cannot crash it anymore for some reason. Windows Defender says there's malware, but when I open the application, it says there's nothing wrong with the pc. A video below can be seen to illustrate what's happening. I cannot uninstall the third virus that's crating the ads and updates and crap since it's in a different language. Please someone save me from this hell hole... I've signed out of everything just in case I'm being tracked. Once I get rid of this, I will be changing all passwords.
  12. Wow. Nevermind. The .aec file actually generated... I'm really surprised, yet relieved 8)
  13. I really don't know how to generate the .aec file alone. There are two more frames before it's complete. But I don't know how to create a .aec alone. Do I have to re-render? ;-;
  14. I was rendering a png sequence. Normally, after it's completed, it would generate a .aec file. But it's crashed about 20 frames before finishing. If I render the last 20 frames, will it still create the .aec file? Or do I have to re-render the entire sequence?
  15. I don't really know the price as the website doesn't state it. I found it on amazon for $3000... Tell me there's a cheaper place to get it...
  16. Not exactly. I'm able to with different softwares. but I have to leave it uninstalled for several months. So, am I out of luck?
  17. When I say 'renew', I mean restart. Reason being is that I need it for certain reasons and I just plain don't have the budget to fork out $20 monthly. One of my friends says I should cut out the middle man and just crack it. But I have a bad eye for cracking. ie. Illegal. The last resort I've come down to is just using the trial. But it expires. Question is: Is there any method I can use to reset my trial?
  18. There's an editor that I've purchased some time back. Now, with a recent update, I have to keep entering my old registration code each time I launch the editor, which is often. Once I register it, it opens the thank you page. Now, wherever I go on Youtube, when there are ads, it's always ads of the same editor. Any idea how I can change/fix this? It's getting repetitive/old.
  19. I haven't been able to find any reviews on pcpp. And It's the cheapest above-60hz-solution that I've found that I can actually afford without having to blow through my wallet. (I'm getting two of either of them. That's what I mean by blowing through my budget) http://pcpartpicker.com/part/aoc-monitor-g2260vwq6 It's either that or this: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-monitor-vx228h
  20. Nice new layout, Linus 8)

  21. It appears to only be my device. How does one set a static ip?
  22. On average with my 40mbps line, I'd get an up speed of 16-20 and down speed of 30-40mbps. But lately, it started slowing down noticeably. I did a test today and my up speed is 4mbps and down speed is 8mbps. The ping is 4ms, which is normal. Any ideas on how I can fix it?