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    ryzen 1700
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    msi b350 tomahawk
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    corsair vengeance lpx 16gb 3000
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    gigabyte 1080 waterforce
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    pure base 600
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    samsung 850 evo 250gb
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    evga supernova nex650 watt
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    2 x acer 24in
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    noctua nh-u12s
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    razer croma v2
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    razor deathader croma
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    razer man o war
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    windows 10 pro

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  1. thanks! they dont make this stuff very clear on their website
  2. i was looking into getting this coolant for my loop, it looks sick, and would look amazing in my rig, wondering if anyone here have used it before and have had good or bad experiences with it. if it clogs up, turns different colors, etc. im running the a240g kit which is all aluminum. if this coolnate sucks should i go with the regular concentrate from ek. let me know if theres better coolants too. looking for a really nice coolant that will last me a least 6 months before i change it out
  3. so dont over tighten is what your saying got it im also adding a 240 expansion pack so should cool my 8700k and 1080 amazing, Pog. any tips installing this kit, should i flush the system once with distilled water, if so how should i do it. brand new to custom loops so any tips are Pog
  4. hey need some help building a custom loop, have a 1080 sc acx, 8700k, and a corsair 400c case, i would go for either 1 360mm rad or 2 240mm rads, either one fine, im new to custom loops so it would be a great help if u have any suggestions for what block i should get, pumps, res,etc any help would be great. i need a silent loop but also a high performing loop so keep that in mind. also i want to go soft tubing for my first loop. a would target price range around $300-400 but if u need too max $500 for everything. thanks to everyone who help
  5. i want to start to get into custom loop watercooling, and this kit seemed like an absolute amazing deal. i one want to expand with an additional 240mm rad from newegg(yes matching aluminum rads), now the problem is i have a 1080 sc acx card and ek says on their configuration tool says that the block in the kit doesnt fit but the block seems like it would fit cuz dosent the sc has the reference pcb. also are there long term problems with this kit, i want this kit to work for a long time and cool well for a long time ( 1 year clean and repeat ). ive tried going full custom and with everything thats cheap but good comes out to over $400. help!!!
  6. im using 5g on this new card
  7. its pcie its a ac1300 from tp link
  8. so on my phone i get 100mb down and 10 up using 5g from my router and i before i bought a 5g wifi card i was using a 2.4g card and i was getting 20mb down and 10 up. after i bought my new card its only getting 10 down and 10 up. someone help me and yes i installed the drivers
  9. ive had 2 h115i both brand new ( i got one replaced) and the pump is a lil nosiy idk how to fix it b/c corsair link wont let me do my own custom pump speed, ive turned off my fans and its 100% the pump
  10. i have an asus z370 board and it has a aio pump header and always keeps the pump speed at 100% so
  11. ya thanks good to know cuz the default pump speed was at half speed LUL
  12. so i just got myself a h115i and i was wondering when i set my profile on it with corsair link do i need to keep that usb cable attached to keep the profile on it or can i unplug and it will keep that profile on there and then i replug it in when i want to change the profile.