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  1. its been an internal debate with me weather to hold off on buying and going for the 980 but from what ive seen the 980 is a lot better as a single gpu but once you sli them there really isn't that much of a difference between 970 sli and 980 sli except the price is way more.
  2. you and synd convinced me to upgrade as i did have concerns about the psu
  3. i own a crappy pc now and i will be putting the hdd that i have in my old one into the new build i forgot to mention that Thank you for helping me finally solve the issue of a better psu i was a little concerned about it but even when i add the sli and a few storage drives i got it up to 520w so i wasnt sure if i should upgrade to 650w but i think that i will just to be sure as far as silent, the pc will be in my room and i had heard that those coolers were a tad noisy but i decided to see if the case helped before replacing the fans
  4. thanks for all the comments and as far as hdd i forgot to mention that i have one on the pc that i own now and will be removing that and putting it in the new build
  5. Crap i forgot about that i chose the doms because i was having fun and they would have looked good on my old MB (ive been building this for about 2 years for the fun of it) so thank you for catching that
  6. Gaming mostly (as for what games assume everything) but also will use it for movies and video editing. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Fsr6f7 Also a 2tb hdd in old computer that im transferring to the new my thoughts for the future is that this is the starting point with this i now have my foot in the PC door and can upgrade as i go (ie SLI and RAID configs, more RAM or whatever) its been really fun for me toying with the idea of building a computer and doing research but now that i have some money saved up ive decided to go for it and i dont just want to stop here i want to keep expanding as i go along until its time for a complete overhaul (hopefully not any time soon) than do it all over again! Any help/comment is appreciated