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  1. Check out V1Tech.com, they make custom backplates for basically any GPU model!
  2. But will the win10 key work with win7 iso?
  3. Is there any way to downgrade from Windows 10 to 8 or 7? It is installed on a brand new prebuilt Lenovo, so so the built in option "go back to Windows 7" is not available. Sure, I could buy a standalone license of Windows 8 or 7 from Newegg or Best Buy, but that is super expensive (like 200 CAD or 140 USD). And kinguin etc. is not an option because the person I'm doing this downgrade for would never spend money on something that has a small chance of not being 100% legit. Hope we can find a cheap or free way to do this and thanks in advance.
  4. I live in Germany, and this is slowest speed they are even offering many people in my area got like 200 down / 12 up I'm so sorry for the ones who have less than me
  5. M45 looks great aswell, but it has red lighting only which makes it pretty unsuiting to my system in a green/blue color scheme. And the sniper button/a button which can be programmed as one is really important since I do a lot of 3d modelling. So a 'sniper' button is great for changing between fast travel over the complete project and detail modeling.
  6. Majority seems to like the G502 netter... Whats about the building quality since I dont wanna change the mouse out in near Future?
  7. Hi there! I know there are many other topics like this, but this one is more about the poll, so feel free to leave your vote and your opinion down in the comments I need some help on the decision of which of the two mice I should get. My grip type is CLAW while gaming and some mix of claw and palm while working on projects for school etc. And one more thing: please dont leave suggestions for other mice, since I decidided to choose between these two. If you are of the opinion none of these two mice will fit claw grip, just send me a personal message with your suggestion (it shouldnt be more than $150)
  8. Cool Service offered there! But Since im German, the shipping would be at least the price of the product, so... But thank you
  9. THanks for your creative ideas! I might go with Redfuz suggestion. And actually, my Kb doesnt has Rubber feet,so I might get a New one there.
  10. Was using a normal-sized mousepad for years now. On my New desk I experienced my Kb slipping around. So im curious now if I should get an extended mousepad or something like a desk Pad. So does anyone got good/Bad experiences with extended Mousepads? And any opinions on the razer goliathus extended, bcs i thougt about buying IT Thank you in advance
  11. Why I want this Box... Idk but looks great and and Im just too poor to afford on myself :[