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  1. Allthough the project is over I've started making matching gear for my pc now. It never ends does it:D So I made a custom lamp all it needs is some varnish. Metal went to the chromer yesterday. Some pictures below! Some fairly hardcore materials metalwise:D Here's some 4 inch solid pipe and a 3 inch shaftsteel. I then proceedes to watercut and lathe everything and here's the lamp assembled. Parts dissassembled and polished up for chrome! Next update soon! Also I would love for you to vote for my build over at buillds.gg. We can't let an RGB case win! https://builds.gg/builds/the-mahogany-desk-bit-tech-build-of-the-year-2018-940
  2. I'm using a mousepad at the moment I haven't used a mouse that works on glass before:D
  3. Build is finished now. Thanks for following me. Time to hope for a mod of the month nomination! You've been a lovely community for my first project and I will continue with this hobby and take it further. I hope you will follow then again as you did now.Pictures in no particular orderHusky bongs
  4. My pc won the Dreamhack Summer 2018 Masters modding competition!!Final photos of the computer and finish of the build will come in the start of next month. I wanna thank everyone at the Dreamhack crew for helping me move this monster back and forth. Special thanks to Erik, DH Pontus and Alfred you know who you are
  5. So I was invited to compete at the Dreamhack Masters modding competition. And some problems had to be solved so here's some pictures on how you move a pc that weighs well over 200kg when packagedTruck coming Sturdy package. about 500 screws glued waterproof and reinforced. Also coated in dampening materials on the inside Up she goes! By all accounts the lift was succesful, The build will be considered complete at the end of this month where I have some decent photos of it
  6. Will compete with the build att Dreamhack on the 18th of June so come see me
  7. Well small one but here goes: The pipe strengtheners are done. Testmounted them already but you will see them again. Basically drew them up in CAD and watercut some 1365 hardened steel (10mm thick), This is the biggest one holding 3 pipes but there's about 16 parts total to this system.I tried to rock the pipes really hard but they didn't move so hopefully they will hold for transportation. Also the ODAC and usb hub is ready for use. And also the custom Headphone stand to match Also here I was worried about strength so the plate (6mm) between the odac and the usb hub is welded to the frontplate which is 4 mm. Then bolted through with m5 screws hopefully this will survive daily use. Not to make marketing but I love these cans. Pure delight
  8. Time for final assembly. Bit time consuming but fun So everything went out and the wood got polished a final time with some carvarnish and canvas. Then the cable combs were predrilled and installed. Then taken out again Then panels were put in and the cables thrown there. Bad picture but that small box keeps all the 230 volt. So we get cables for the screen, DAC and psu while using minimal space After a few hours of getting frustrated the combs were installed. This is a 2 man job:D one guy holding the comb while the other inserts 72 cables in order Still got to watercut a comb or 2 for the 24pin atx and satapower so this is a bit of a mess still. Good enough to get running though. Apologies for those expecting the newest coolest gpus etc. This is my old trusted 3930k-i7 and 2 gtx 980s. I trust this rig and there wasn't money to buy brand new stuff Work continues but not that much longer left
  9. Not a lot left no, just gotta get the waterjet to cut out my pipe strengthener bits and get those powdercoated and final assembly can commence. Here's a small sneakpeak
  10. Got the hinges finally glued and glass works I gotta say though this was by far the hardest part of the build for us. Like really time consuming and really challenging. Took 3 people to mount this thing and figuring out how to do these hinges was a pain but I'm so happy it's done ¨This is fully enough so you can reach the components if need be Parts getting installed. The pumps the Psu and the 360 rad are now bolted down. With the first official hardline pipe as well Bad picture but here's how I'm getting through the wood, There's no joint at all actually The pumps.
  11. Time for a small update. Parts will start to get installed tommorow Anyways let's get going, repainted and extended the black to now have any wood show in bad places from the outside We made a part for the ethernet and power cable. This way you can easily connect and disconnect the cables with 4x m8 bolts. Obviously this gets powdercoated too This will hold a lot of weight if need be. No chance of power cable coming loose Pumps arrived, remade the stands for them as well. You'll see how they're mounted very soon (Mainframe m7 ) Hinges mounted Love how it reflects everything Testing the 2 component epoxy glue on some other glass. Supposedly an area of 56 square centimeters should hold 7000kg of tension force. Protecting the wood and hinges from the glue if we get it wrong and use too much. I recommend this specific frozen pizza package for this Wide shot with the hinges in. No picture with the glass glued because i'll let it cure overnight just to make sure Thanks man. Watched your stuff for years
  12. For those who liked the hinges here's how they ended up, I'm pretty pleased with them
  13. It is time then. Second to last assembly. This time every single thing will be built into the table with the exception of putting in the water. Then disassembly one final time prep the parts and go to town and hope the end result was worth it.With that being said here we go. I just love how nickel plating looks and feels. I had to clean them up a bit with window cleaner but they were looking fantastic in general Starting from scratch again pretty much 1 LEG! Had to change the type of bolt for aesthetic reasons 2 legs now and some interior panels Time for the radiator grills Portside And Starboard Installing the big ones With the special fasteners Also put in a bit of a cheat to make sure they didn't sag at all. Screw wont be visible Key mechanism installed Had to cut a hole out of the back panel to feed motherboard cables to the screen etc. This won't be visible either Painted the reinforcement All chromed parts in place Key in place as well as the usb/audio plate also that nickel plated. Key as previously made from flaming birch. 5 or 6 layers of 2 component varnish to not stain the wood. I like the color scheme Monitor back on with the glass A lot of photos. Outside is pretty much finished except the wood needs to get that nanosanding done to gloss it up a bit more Made a video for you so you can get a feeling for moving around the build. I suck at photography so it's hard for me to capture the grandure