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  1. I have the linksys wrt120n. as far as i know everything is forwarded correctly.. I live in Malta and my isp is Melita.... ( http://www.melita.com/ )
  2. I have no idea.. the last time i set one of these up was 2 years ago and it just worked... Edit - I saw some people with similar problems that said that their ISP was blocking UDP access but other servers just work...
  3. It tells me Error: I could not see your service on ... on port (9987) Reason: Connection timed out
  4. What i meant to say is that is the correct private ip because i use it for other server that work fine ... and i have tried running ts3 server on my main pc which gave me exactly the same error...
  5. I managed to get mumble setup but teamspeak is just better made so i would prefer using it
  6. It is because i run other servers of it such as a minecraft server for my friends.. that works fine...
  7. They are both connect to the same network via Ethernet.. i can join with localhost but i cant with the wan ip meaning friends cant join..
  8. I am quite sure i portforwarded everything correctly on my router and that i have the correct wan ip but the only way i can connect is through localhost. Here are a few screenshots and the logs of the server and client. I am running Windows 10 pro 64-bit on my main pc while windows 8.1 pro 64-bit on the server pc. Hope its ok if i blacked out the ip... I also dont know why it says windows 7 on server log and windows 8 on client log. My router is the linksys wrt120n
  9. Msi z97 gaming 5 works great with mine!
  10. Are your radiators being cooled well? No obstructed airflow to radiators or anything? Also you could try re applying thermal paste... I know it is a hassle with hardline but check it out.
  11. To be honest i still have an old gpu lying around but the reason i posted this topic was to see if anyone had an idea so I wouldn't have to troubleshoot to much.. It doesn't matter though because its pretty old so... Thanks anyway
  12. Recently I had a friend of my mum bring me his old pc to update from Windows XP to Windows 7 it worked fine but a few days later that the PC didn't start at all and so he brought it to me to check it out... I noticed that it was coming from the power supply as there was a burnt smell and told the guy to buy a cheap 400W power supply of ebay for €20 as the PC was old and he anyway wanted to upgrade later on... As I got the power supply and installed it, the computer switched on, fans spun and LEDs were on but it was not outputting anything to the monitor. I tried using an old crt Monitor that I had lying around.. still nothing. Not exactly sure as to what is in it but I know it is an AMD cpu, an nvidia geforce card and 2gb of ddr2 RAM. Even though he decided to buy a laptop and told me to keep it for spare parts, I would still like to know what happened. Does anyone have an idea??? Thanks
  13. Yes you can, as long as you set the benQ monitor as the main one, the game will always launch fullscreen on the main monitor and outside of gaming you can use all three
  14. No it is the clock the gpu automatically clocks its self at when more performance is needed... so it starts of at 1149mhz and it will overclock its self automatically up to 1279mhz for better performance. You can overclock the gpu all you want as long as you provide enough cooling and voltage.
  15. To be honest you are not going to find much to upgrade on that pc.. I would just save up around 400$ and get a mid-spec pc. I would definetly not upgrade that pc.. what you could also do is just get ideas from scrapyard wars .
  16. New SSD Maybe an extra monitor Lighting for case A few games...
  17. 50$ discount for already overpriced computers... great discount
  18. Apple just cant stop digging ... shame on you, apple !!!!!
  19. I found a thread on the corsair forum ( http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=130853 ).. I think you should either try to update the .net Framework or see if you can roll back the corsair link firmware update.. *btw is it weird to post links to other forums on here?
  20. Minecraft was back when i had my old pentium and gt 720 ... now i play other games after i built my rig...