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  1. So, in summary: Update to W10 Create recovery Install new drive Install OS from recovery Right? I've never created and installed OS from recovery. Any suggestions on how to (learn to) do it?
  2. Hi! I have a laptop with Windows 7 pre-installed. I do not have an OS backup or restore copy. I would like to install a new SSD and upgrade to Windows 10 (using the free upgrade) at the same time. How can I do so by using original software? I have never formatted my pc or did an OS re-install, so if anyone would be so kind to briefly explain how to do this (or redirect me to a page where I can learn it...) I'd be very grateful! Thanks!
  3. Hi! I'd like to build a machine in an Ncase M1 with: A noctua NH-U9S cooler A blower style GTX 970 A SilverStone SX500-LG I would like to achieve a positive air pressure which would intake fresh air from the bottom of the case and exhaust it through the top. I believe this vertical flow would be good as it would follow and therefore be enhanced by the natural rising of warmer air. My questions are: Is this vertical bottom-up airflow a good idea? If so, is it ok to intstal the CPU cooler in a vertical orientation in push towards the top? Can I add a second fan in pull in the CPU cooler? (does it fit?) Can I add one NF-S12A on top of the case, above the cooler (even with a second fan in pull on the CPU cooler)? Can I create the positive pressure with two NF-S12A on the bottom? Any comments and suggestions very highly appreciated!