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  1. Thanks for helping guys. I'm now sure Monitor is the best choice.
  2. Random selection of AAA and indies. Now I'm playing games like Watch Dogs 2, Forza Horizon 3, Car Mechanic Sim 2018, Wrekfest and a bit of Sims 4. And yes i saw that monitor but it's TN. But still will take it under consideration. GPU market in my country (Poland) is stabilising quick so GPU prices went back to somewhat decent prices so i.e I can get 1080ti (Strix) for about 3,5k zlotys (970USD - dam'n you 23% TAX'es). @Vespertine @Brennan_Price @TheKDub That's why I'm closer to buying monitor. In extreme situation i could even drop down to 1080 and use that sweet g-sync around 45-60FPS. @crysilis That's what all my friends saying. Buy GPU. I'm tempted as some games i play now like to drop under 30FPS sometimes (WD2 or FH3). I'll need to think this through. I'll drop additional questions: 1. GPU's: What would you choose? Very Cool looking F.E. with a bit of worse performance or giants like Strix or AMP! (Extreme) with cooler temps and better performance? 2. Monitors: 4k60 or 1440p165 both IPS and g-sync?
  3. Hello I think about upgrading my gaming experience but I can't decide what path I should follow. I want a new monitor and gpu but I'm not that bonkers to buy them together. Especially if they both quite expensive. My specs now: Xeon E3 1230v3 (with slight OC) 8 gigs of DDR3 1600 ram GTX 780 650W CM PSU Generic 1080 TN monitor My desired upgrades are 165hz 1440p IPS G-sync display (AOC Agon) and 1080(ti) (and yes I know I don't need such a powerful gpu). So cutting to the chase I can't decide what should I buy first. I'm closest to buying monitor as prices of monitors rarely goes down and I will still be able to enjoy g-sync even with lower resolution/quality. So... What do you gust think?