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Everything posted by blackmage1134

  1. same, feels off when my poor 970 is soo cold. been folding for years for the glory of the LTT team
  2. I remember wanting to see the LTT team back in the top 10 now number 4, feels a bit unreal. wish my computer could do more. anyone got any spare WU's
  3. Was kinda hopeing the drop off would be slower. But we did do a lot of points this year.
  4. 1st time checking, I am way down the list from last year's. My 970 is showing its age compared to the 20 cards
  5. I am rejoining the fight as now it is cooling down a bit in Texas. still on my 6600 and my heater gtx 970. so not a ton of daily points
  6. Almost about 4 more weeks of folding and my little 970 will get me 100 million points, 60 million done with its little brother 960
  7. i jumped up a few i think it may be that a lot of people stopped folding already
  8. Yeah I have been waiting for a 2060 as that may work for a cheaper way for me to upgrade from a 970, but will wait for the trusted reviews see how it goes.
  9. i feel yeah. with it being at 20c my gtx960 mini would hit about 61c with fan set at 80% and getting 180k ppd my newish hand me down gtx970 2 fans, with fan at 80% hits about 67c and getting 350k to 400k ppd.
  10. we could even take in the top 10 but we would have to keep this level of folding till end of the year.
  11. Don't have to worry about me. I've been folding at Full power 24/7 for the last 30 days. and at your output you will pass me up soon.
  12. Been a long 3 years of on and off folding. Going to take about 90 days of folding to hit that 100 million points.
  13. this part of the LTT forum is a great read for that i am glad i am holding strong in the top 100. folding 24/7
  14. So I have been Avg about 180k per day on my GTX 960, but now i got a hand me down GTX 970 no time to fine tune that overclock,it is running at 1479MHz right now with a 100+ to the core clock. In the end it will get me higher points per day. I'll be happy to just stay within the top 100 for this contest.
  15. well for me i got my best rig going 24/7 that has a gtx 960. i can only hope to hold top 100.
  16. i like the timing. i just started up ones again, we shall she what my ageing gtx960 can pump out. its still warm here in Texas so i dont have my Overclock too high plus F@H doesn't always like it anyway.
  17. good to know. my F@H points are down hill after the update
  18. i did have to stop folding due to no money for power bills, but now back at it. and got back to the top 100 with my little gtx960, would wanna be top 10 but i think i'll need a better gpu for that.
  19. GPU all the way for Folding, CPU does help but barely compared to a good GPU, i rock a i5 6600 (only wish i got the overclockable one) got a 960 4gb card does good but i wanna go to a 1060
  20. It was great to see. That said i am sad i have to put folding on hold for now. Power bill got a little crazy.
  21. i should hit 45 Mil this weekend. and @Ithanul you should have the silver badge as that is 25 Mil to get.
  22. we get to reclaim our spot. i will admit to playing more pc games and there for less F@H was done for it.
  23. Oh i understand, i replaced the with a WD black drive and that one has yet to fail me. I am guessing it was bad luck or the line wasn't QAed as much as Seagate replaced that line.
  24. @Imakuni i can give that a try, i can game at that clock with no issues for some time now. however i have seen f@h is a bit pickier about GPU overclocks.