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  1. Im worried Android Auto will be treated like a typical Google product and get left in the wastelands, making every single automaker think twice about continued support.
  2. 2 is a big one for RSI. They've had their way with the engine and tore it apart where needed, for good reasons. They didn't have the know how to built a new engine, but they had the know how to manipulate an engine to do what they needed, as much as we love EPIC, they wouldn't have allowed RSI to bastardize UE3 to that degree.
  3. You want tp know something really amusing? Back during the Monster ownership days, they came out with the Turbine series of in ear headphones. People wrote them off as "meh, its Monster, its probably even worse". The truth? The Turbines, especially the Coppers, were rated on the exact same level as their Shure counterparts, IIRC the Coppers were actually better than the SE 530s. Yea, Monster. That company. Their Turbine lineup was top grade stuff and priced very well. But did people give them any consideration? Nope. They just assume "overpriced and stupid".
  4. From my testing, not much. Just the slim nature might appeal if you intend on keeping the thing shoved in at all times. I use mine as a very handy Photoshop Scratch Disk, since I don't need raw speed when working with astrophotography on the go, so it comes in handy to have 128GB of random space for PS to populate its temporary files with.
  5. I don't pay attention to such people who think SC is a scam because of KS, or because of its crowd funding. That is poor logic. ANYTHING can be a scam, funded by the public or funded privately. SC could crash and burn. Right now, it isn't. Its a expansive project that had its goals clearly laid out for all to see. All the add ons for this game were SUGGESTED AND VOTED ON BY THE COMMUNITY. WE wanted all this crap, RSI obliged and is working towards it. How is that bad? We wanted more, RSI said we get more. That is now a crime? Misanthrope has this flawed idea of how people should spend their money. People are free to spend how they please on whatever they please; people here need to get off their high horses and stop telling others how to spend their money. Doubly ironic since some users here live off their parents income, so telling others how to spend their money is just spectacularly sad.
  6. You will see national ads for the Apple Watch. Please tell me the last time you saw an ad for Android Wear or Pebble. I'll wait. Good god, this forum gets sooooo salty when Apple and success are in the same sentence. What the hell is wrong with people? I find more rational views towards Apple in /r/Android for crying out loud! The Watch right now makes little sense, like most wearable tech. I'm happier with a dedicated fitness watch. To each their own however, and clearly Apple did something right if they earned that many sales. Like a lot of products, one that makes sense for me might not for someone else. People are open to buy what they want. So sue Apple for advertising their product and for people for actually buying it. I've seen normal people using it. I've seen watch nerds admit they see its place and admire the quality of construction. I know, shocker. Normal people who don't have a knee jerk reaction to be jaded and cynical towards Apple and their success.
  7. M50s lol. You want real reference quality, use those damn Sonys that studios actually employ...
  8. I find PC users funny. Game is exclusive to them - DAE THIS IS GREATEST Game isn't exclusive to them - Oh who cares it looks like shit anyways You guys are legit children at the playground who get mad when someone has a newer toy than you.
  9. Do people enjoy spreading FUD? They are PCIe blade SSDs. You can remove as you wish. Barring the 2014/2015 Pros which have newer SSDs that no one currently makes apart from OWC who should be stocking them soon. So much salt in this thread over a promotion.
  10. Yes, it does. Adder all is a miracle drug in post grad scenarios because of how effective it is. And no one cares in academia how much you take it, I'd argue that is far more important than "e-sports" Also, lets not ridicule Armstrong. He cheated in a field of cheaters. Is it cheating if everyone is cheating? Or is that staying competitive? Nearly every top 10 biker dopes like mad, among other things. People get too worked up over "disadvantages". Sheesh, just to be in contention for the TDF, you need to be a doper. Winning still requires a lot of effort.
  11. You were saying? That is a S1000+ carrying a RED Epic, which can be fitted and controlled with whatever long range zoom lens you care to mount onto it. The S1000 itself has a range of...a lot...and is exceptionally stable. It too can hover at helicopter ranges to get footage. So all this "DAE DEATH TO DRONES" hysteria is pretty pathetic and sad. A lot of misinformed people using it as a chance to strike down against most users who have the common sense not to fly over populated areas and highways in the first place.
  12. Force Touch is amazing, I'm glad its being rolled out into other devices. It takes the crummy haptic feedback and actually makes use of it in a meaningful way, so this is good. I'd also love to see a 256GB option. I have 128GB and I routinely burn through it from videos and photos alone. With the mp upgrade and the potential 4K sensor, I'd love to have even more space. RAM? I see some issue with 1GB, but 2GB is also at the "its fine" point. iOS is just plain better with it and its a solid feat that they've only now reached the limit of what 1GB can do in their devices.
  13. Firefighters have trouble doing their job because of aerial machines...so how did the news channels have their choppers up there? Does that not bother firefighters too? Lols
  14. He will never die. He can't. As shrewd and evil as he is, the fact that F1 has such ludicrous (by extension, all the FIA properties) TV contracts is because of him. F1 owes its hilarious media revenue to him. Bittersweet feelings towards him. He's a dick, but he's a dick that has protected and promoted F1 since he took the reigns.
  15. Just curious as to why that term, especially given the definition of it having little to do with people who play on consoles... So please, answer the original question and don't deflect.