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  1. [Solved] Best budget 1000 mbps ethernet switch??

    Hold on, that's NOT a 1000Mbs, or Gigabit, switch It's just 100Mbs If you want Gigabit (1000Mbs), get the TL-SG105 EDIT: $H!T, I thought you wrote SF1005D SG1005D is Gigabit allright
  2. what is ”polling rate”?

    pretty much, unless you're in BIOS or use some legacy SW/hardware
  3. extension power supply cord?
  4. Is there a great solution to password storage?

    Not necessarily, but it's usually configured and maintained by the organization's IT department. I remember I used to have a work issued login card, but that required a password on top of physically plugging it to the slot in the computer as well.
  5. Is there a great solution to password storage?

    That's ~60USD for the YubiKey Neo. It's possible that cheaper alternatives exist. It's also the reason why I wanted to look into making my own using my CA issued certificate, since that works on the same principle.
  6. Is there a great solution to password storage?

    Plus the upfront cost of the U2F token itself, which is ~60USD, and is the reason I'm not really going to go for it unless I fell like I absolutely need to have that additional authentication step. However, while I believe that password managers (and the companies that run them) don't do shady stuff with your personal information (after all they'd face a lot of trouble with GDPR now in effect), $25 a year doesn't seem like an unreasonable amount to pay
  7. Why do people have so many browser tabs open?

    Also when $h!t gets real, I switch the browser to full screen window, which on my glorious 21:9 ultrawide allows for A LOT of open tabs
  8. Is there a great solution to password storage?

    LastPass does on it's Premium service, and others (surely?) do to, but @Linus_is_a_Badass wants it to function as a substitute to the master password, while it works as an addition to that
  9. Is there a great solution to password storage?

    There's an inherent tradeoff between security and comfort. Can't have everything from both at once, but you can set it up in a way that's a reasonable compromise for you
  10. Is there a great solution to password storage?

    It doesn't 'store' your master password, it works as an additional verification step, and only with Premium LastPass. I don't think the idea is that you just plug this in and log in wherever. I was thinking a while back about using something like an old USB drive with a personal certificate loaded onto it to log into some services, but most (almost none) support logging in with a certificate and it would probably require some sort of scripting or coding - a skill that I do not posess
  11. Why do people have so many browser tabs open?

    how many is "too many" Normal browsing for me is 5-10, plus about the same amount for "saved for later" articles and research topics and whatnot. Then about 5 for YT or shopping sites, and if I'm studying (like I should right now instead of commenting on this forum) or researching some topic I can easily open over 20 new tabs for that. Also when I work from home I tend to open about 15 new tabs, but I move it to a different browser window
  12. Is there a great solution to password storage?

    Yeah, U2F key:
  13. [Solved] Best budget 1000 mbps ethernet switch??

    whatever has the ammount of ports you need and is currently on sale? If you don't need a smart (manageable) switch, you pretty much can't go wrong with the cheapest thing you find, provided it's from a reputable brand and retailer with solid warranty coverage
  14. Is there a great solution to password storage?

    I mean it's better than keeping it not protected at all, but even better would be if you encrypted the phone
  15. Is there a great solution to password storage?

    And I was just looking into this and you can also set up a recovery phone number...