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  1. LG 27UD88-W flickering w/ Intel NUC over USB-C

    Hey guys, I've got some updates to the situation. I've spent a while waiting for the cable to arrive (apparently in Czech Republic no major tech retailers tend to keep a large stock of 30€ cables) and trying the monitor with it. I also tried disconnecting all peripherals from the monitor and plugging them back to the NUC directly, which seems to have had some positive effect, however can't say how great since I don't have physical access to the monitor anymore (Monitor is in my father's office I'm in a different city for uni) Unfortunately neither seems to have solved the issue as it's still going on. One thing that occured to me is that the issue might be memory related. The NUC is outfitted with 1*8GB DDR4 memory stick from Kingston, of which (if I understand it correctly) 4 GB are shared with the integrated Intel GPU. When simulating a typical workload the system hit about 3,8 GB of system memory usage. I'm frustrated and at a loss. Do you guys think it's an issue with the monitor itself and I should RMA it? Or could increasing the RAM help? Note that we neither own nor have easy access to any other devices with DisplayPort over USB-C / Thunderbolt 3, so there's no way to test teh Type C connection with a different configuration, and my father's home desktop is Sandy Bridge based and neither it's iGPU nor the AMD HD5770 support 4K at all, so I can't test the regular DisplayPort input at 4K. Also I know it's stupid, but I really can't remember if we tested it at FHD, so I'll do that and update this thread. I'll be grateful for any suggestions Cheers, Vojta
  2. Hi everyone, I recently bought a new monitor for my dad, the LG 27UD88-W (4K, USB-C, adjustable stand etc.). He was using it with his home office PC for a while over HDMI, no issues except for his old and tired GPU not being able to output 4K. So yesterday I installed it in his office where he has an Intel NUC 7i5BNK (or something like that) that has Thunderbolt 3 over USB-C port. I plugged it in using the C-to-C cable provided with the monitor, and shortly this strange thing started to occur every couple seconds. The monitor momentarily flickers. It's not image flickering, more like the monitor loses signal for a second and then gets it back up. This happens randomly every couple of seconds, rendering the monitor basically useless and potentially making it an epilepsy hazard. I tried searching online and discovered one article where the person was trying to hook the monitor up to the 12" Macbook with the same issue, who solved it by attaching a different C-to-C cable. Some other users reported similar issues with monitors plugged into the USB-C port of an Intel NUC, which in some instances was solved by changing the refresh rate to 30Hz - a valid option since the monitor is to be used for office work, but unfortunately one that doesn't work at all in my case. I updated the Thunderbolt drivers, installed the LG monitor drivers on the office PC, tried (unsuccessfully for some reason) to update the BIOS (another suggested solution) and started downloading other updates and drivers so that I can investigate further. Unfortunately I can only work on this after dad closes the office and since I also needed to perform a system backup and the internet in his office is not exactly lightning fast there weren't many updates that I actually managed to install. Apparently Windows itself is somewhat aware of the connection issues since each time after logging in a message "a USB device may be limited due to connection" or something along those lines pops up and directs to a Windows help page where various type C connections and troubleshooting steps are described. I'd also like to point out that connecting the monitor over both USB-C and HDMI solves the issue (the input is still USB-C - verified that) and the PC thinks there are two monitors. I'd like to hear from you guys, has anyone experienced similar issues with this particular monitor, or with monitors connected via USB-C to an Intel NUC? Could it be the cable? Could it be the NUC? What do you think I should do? Can you suggest some troubleshooting steps? Also (I know it's a long shot) I think LMG uses these monitors (a lot of them), did anyone there experience this issue? @jakkuh_t @James @nicklmg I'll be grateful for any suggestions and tips, and if you managed to read this far, thanks for your interest. Sincerely, Vojta
  3. I'm sorry, but does he? I admit that it is possible, and that I didn't even know about the new APUs coming out recently, so thanks for bringing me up to speed there. Nontheless, the context of his post suggests to me that he talks about an older CPU.
  4. Hi, I don't think an easy comparison of the three even exists due to the fact that the A10 is quite obsolete and not suitable for it. The Core i7 should perform significantly better than the i5 due to its hyperthreading, and both will blow the A10 out of the water.
  5. German Amazon

    No problem. No it's not. I only started using it in 2017 too.
  6. German Amazon

    Here's Amazon's shipping rates for Croatia:
  7. German Amazon

    It says this: "Dispatched from and sold by Amazon", so yeah, it's shipped by Amazon directly. If you plan to order more stuff, I'd suggest you make sure that all of it is shipped by Amazon, so that you don't have to pay 2 shipping fees. Also when your order is shipped by Amazon, even if there's stuff from multiple retailers, you can choose if you want it in a single package or if you want it separately (for example if one of the things you order are not immediately available), but it automatically selects a single package delivery.
  8. German Amazon

    Also you can make changes to the order even after you've finalized it, though it might slow down delivery.
  9. German Amazon

    Hey man, Amazon will alter the price of whatever you're buying when you select where you want to ship it, depending on the VAT rate in that country. The difference is really small though, so you don't have to worry too much about that. As for shipping, I'm not sure how much does it cost to ship it to Croatia, so I'll use Czech Republic as my point of reference. Here, there's free shipping on orders above 30€ if it's shipped by Amazon, and expedited delivery costs about 10€.
  10. 2 500GB or 1TB

    Unless you're willing and prepared to have a really strict daily backup policy I wouldn't recommend RAID0
  11. HyperX Cloud X or Cloud II headset

    Thank you all for your input, i will be getting the Cloud X while it's still on sale.
  12. HyperX Cloud X or Cloud II headset

    Yeah I believe that's what the USB connector is for. However I'm talking about the cloud X, which should be based on the cloud 2, so the earpads should be there. Just without the 7.1 virtual surround.
  13. HyperX Cloud X or Cloud II headset

    Hi, The Cloud X is currently 65€, the Cloud II 80€. Should I go with the cloud X? AFAIK it doesn't have the USB connection but other than that it should be the same. Opinions?
  14. Hi everybody, I didn't have time to keep up lately, but I'm wondering if anyone has heard about AM4 m-ITX motherboards? Are they going to be a thing? Is there an ETA?
  15. MX Blues or Reds?

    Why not browns?