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    Mr.Humble reacted to Spotty for a status update, Hey Nick, me again... Corsair RM750x (2018) states that it only comes with 1x EPS12v   
    Hey Nick, me again...
    Corsair RM750x (2018) states that it only comes with 1x EPS12v cable. The model should come with 2x EPS12v cables. I have a Rm750x 2018 on hand and can confirm that it does indeed come with 2 cables (unless Corsair has made a change to the included cables).
    The Corsair RM850x (old one, not the 2018) also incorrectly states that it comes with 3x EPS12v connectors when it should only come with 2x EPS12v connectors.
    Just a reminder from earlier that the TX550M is showing 4x PCIe connectors when it should only have 2.
    Not so much an error, but if you're browsing the 2018 version of the RMx series PSUs and you select a different wattage from the drop down box, it directs you to the older RMx series instead of the other wattages RMx 2018 series.
    So if I'm on the RM750x (2018) page and I select the 850w option it takes me to the RM850x (old one) page rather than the RM850x (2018).
    Would be nice if I can browse the 2018 versions without constantly being redirected to the older models.