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    Mr.Humble got a reaction from Schnoz in I wonder what will happen to LMG once Linus either retires or dies in a few decades.   
    Their parent company Nvidia will send someone to take over. 
    Realistically, in 20 years the online video industry changes will be much bigger issues for the company than this
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    Mr.Humble got a reaction from pizapower in So apparently Czech Republic, the EU member, land of beautiful Prague and good inexpe   
    @pizapower nope, don't have a need for a car ?

    @imreloadin exactly! thanks for understanding, I'm really shocked to my core... /s
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    Mr.Humble reacted to Corsair Nick in Hey Nick, me again... Corsair RM750x (2018) states that it only comes with 1x EPS12v   
    Thanks again guys.  I informed our respective teams for all of those inquiries, and they should get corrected soon.  Some of these issues might have been carry over from our website migration about a year ago.  Keep me posted if you see anything else that our web team might have missed.  Thanks again for all your help, we really appreciate it.
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