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    Mr.Humble reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Day Three - Placeholder   
    With our fearless leader @GOTSpectrumindisposed I'll try to fill in with Today's stat's update ...
    Team LTT has produced almost a billion points in the first three days of the event and since today are posting the most points per day of all Folding@Home teams with 423MPPD versus CureCoin's 392MPPD today.
    A fierce battle is still raging for the lead but @miker07 remains in 1st place at 39 Miliion points and is slowly increasing their lead over @Gorgon at 38 million. @Den-Fi has ramped up production leading the pack over-all today but is still in third place overall at almost 36 million points. Its 32C in Glacock County Georgia and 5C in the Great White North. Will that be enough of a Delta-T for @Gorgon to stave off the advance of the Georgians? Will Mainfest Destiny come to realization?
    @catawalks is in 4th at almost 22 million with @_Rlocke next at almost 17 million. @GOTSpectrum is in sixth place with 13.6 million with @DUW1G1T on his heels less than 100,000 points behind. @Lucky7 is on his own in 8th for now at 11.3 million and @palespartan in 9th at 9.7 million has 10th place @Yabdat just 80,000 points behind him.
    @yaboistar in 11th place at 8.4 million but he better watch his six as @SpecialService is coming up fast in 11th place and bagged 3.2 million in the last day passing @TVwazhere who has fallen to lucky 13th at just a titch over 13 million but all is not well as @porina is swimming fast on his tail and is a little over 400,000 points behind but gaining by half a million PPD.
    @Cbwgoose, @viperssxt, @RollinLower, @Corrupt_Liberty, @sopordave and, @sanya567xxx round out the top 20.
    The top 10 contestants are producing 21.5%, the top 50 45.4% and, the top 100 61% of the Competition's points. More than 700 out of 1750 registered participants are actively folding.
    Don't forget you must fold for 20 over the 35 days of the event to be eligible for prizes so if you haven't started yet you've still got a little under two weeks to get started.
    Keep on Foldin'
    And now, the stats: