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  1. Yes if it's meant for a WiFi card it will be mini PCI express which is the same physically as msata but offers a 1x pci-e connection. The best card for this connection would be something like the Intel 7260ac card (be warned that also came in m.2)
  2. Which is known for it's warranty and support?
  3. You wont find a supported 4th gen system now, the platform is 5 years old. We are just at the point where those systems are going to start kicking the bucket.
  4. If you are worried about it failing getting one with a decent warranty is a big plus.
  5. 5kg machine + 2.6KG for both power bricks.
  6. https://www.3dmark.com/fs/15717412 This was pushing the system to 5.1Ghz CPU and 2025/10864 for both GPUs. It gets very expensive quickly for each extra 100Mhz so this is benchmark only and needs all board power limits removed and makes the CPU max all the time.
  7. 17.3" 1440p 120hz 8086k 2x8gb 3000mhz 16-18-18-18 sodimm 2X GTX 1080 8GB SLI 1TB SM961 SSD Intel 8260 WIFI 85-90c repeating cinebench.
  8. Took a bit of modding (Got some help on the firmware side from Prema and some power settings from Johnksss) but running at 48x104 with a -150mv undervolt. Does cinebench and the XTU stress test just fine, it does slow down in Prime95 AVX but I am fine with that. I got the skylake bitspower lid and dremmeled out the milled channel for the core to fit the larger die. It's about 1.5mm taller than the normal IHS so I can be confident to use liquid metal: This gives me the following contact on the heatsink: This all sits on my custom made laptop cooler with thermal probes and self adjusting fans:
  9. Usually there are no options really for such and upgrade, did they offer a larger cell for your machine? Is it removable? The CPU is soldered so you can't change that out. When you are looking to have it as a gaming machine then the equation changes drastically of course.
  10. It depends what you want to do, the latest 8th gen had the biggest jump with the u series going to quad core. If you are just checking emails and browsing just make sure you have an SSD and you are set for now.
  11. Full disclosure I am actually a Sager representative over at NBR and reddit. You can get our latest -S model with dual 1080s, 7700k, 2TB NVME SSD and 120hz 1440p display for that price shipped with our -S model So hunt around for good deals as usual.
  12. @AlexTheGreatish Hey, did you actually measure the weight of the laptop? You quote 5.2lbs in the video (which is what asus quote, but all the reviewers who actually weighed it found it at 5.73lbs. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Asus-ROG-Strix-GL502VS-Notebook-Review.171567.0.html
  13. Because everything needs RGB. First prototype: We have the basics here, a pair of 120mm corsair SP120 fans screwed into a Cooler Master U2, Aquaero 5 LT and Fabwerk RGB controller bolted on and sensors tacked in around. This was enough to get a general calibration of the software: Moving onto cutting into the metal and adding the high airflow grating: Fans also swapped out for corsair magnetic levitation 140mm units. Oven lining sheet cut to rough shape. Holes cut in sheet, vibration damping added to both sides. General tidy up, all screws added, rubber stands to prop up rear of machine. Tests of unit: